Title: Solar Drivers of Interplanetary and Terrestrial Disturbances
Volume: 95 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Balasubramaniam, K. S.; Keil, Stephen L.; Smartt, Raymond N.
ISBN: 1-886733-16-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-431-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Solar Drivers of Space Weather 1 Antiochos, Spiro K.
Need For Space Weather Models 16 Tascione, Thomas F.; Preble, Amanda J.
Space-Weather Related Activities of CSSP-CSTR 26 Smith, David H.
Directions for Solar and Interplanetary Models and Sensors: A Space Operator' S Perspective 30 Tschan, Chris
Impacts of Solar Activity in Near-Earth Space 34 Sagalyn, Rita C.
Perspectives on Solar Flares 42 Sturrock, P. A.
An Objective Test of Magnetic Shear as a Flare Predictor 55 Smith, Jesse B., Jr.; Neidig, Donald F.; Wiborg, Philip H.; West, Edward A.; Hagyard, Mona J.; Adams, Mitzi; Seagraves, Paul H.
Electrodynamical Model of the Flare and Solar Flare Prognosis 66 Podgorny, Alexander I.; Podgorny, Igor M.
Quasi- Three-Dimensional Magnetohydrodynamic Model of the Photospheric Dynamo and Force-Free Model of the Corona for Flare and CME Probability Predictions 74 Fry, C. D.; Wu, S. T.; Yin, C. L.
Magnetic Reversal in the 22nd Solar Cycle and Spatial Distribution of LDE-type Flares 82 Antalova, A.; Jakimiec, M.
Low-Temperature Soft X-ray Flares, Spectrally Hardening Hard X-ray Flares, and Energetic Interplanetary Protons 91 Garcia, H. A.; Kiplinger, A. L.
Comparison and Relation of HeI 1083 NM Two-Ribbon Flares and Large-Scale Coronal Arcades Observed by YOHKOH 100 Harvey, Karen L.; McAllister, Alan; Hudson, Hugh; Alexander, David; Lemen, James R.; Jones, Harrison P.
Modeling of Active-Region Magnetic Fields 108 Mikic, Zoran; Linker, Jon A.; Schnack, Dalton D.
Long Duration Soft X-ray Events and Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulation 119 Antalova, A.; Rybak, J.; Kudela, K.; Venkatesan, D.
Initiation of Solar Disturbances Due to Emerging Magnetic Flux (EMF) 128 Wu, S. T.; Guo, W. P.
Modeling and Predicting Solar Flares: What do the Customers Want? 137 Bornmann, P. L.; Heckman, Gary; Hirman, Joe; Speich, Dave; Kunches, Joe; Zwickl, Ron
The Role of Coronal Mass Ejections in Solar Activity 148 Low, B. C.
The Solar Mass Ejection Imager (SMEI): Development and Use in Space Weather Forecasting 158 Keil, S. L.; Altrock, R. C.; Kahler, S. W.; Jackson, B. V.; Buffington, A.; Hick, P. L.; Simnett, G.; Eyles, C.; Webb, D. F.; Anderson, P.
Geomagnetic Storms and Heliospheric CMEs as Viewed From HELIOS 167 Webb, David F.; Jackson, Bernard V.; Hick, Paul
The Relation of YOHKOH Coronal Arcades Events to Coronal Streamers and CMEs 171 McAllister, A. H.; Hundhausen, A. J.
High Frequency Radar Detection of Coronal Mass Ejections 180 Rodriguez, Paul
A search for large-scale photospheric flows as drivers of mass ejections 189 Balasubramaniam, K. S.; Keil, S. L.
Observing Large-Scale Solar Surface Flows with GONG: Investigation of a Key Element in Solar Activity Buildup 196 Beck, John C.; Hathaway, David H.; Simon, George W.
Post-Eruption Energy Release in the Solar Corona as an Indicator of CMEs and Associated Disturbances 200 Chertok, Ilia M.
Global Coronal Modeling and Space Weather Prediction 208 Linker, Jon A.; Mikic, Zoran; Schnack, Dalton D.
CMEs as Solar Drivers of Interplanetary and Terrestrial Disturbances 219 Webb, David F.
New Paradigms for Solar Prominences 229 Priest, E. R.
The Relation Between the Formation Dynamics of Laboratory Spheromaks and the Dynamics of Prominence Eruptions 242 Bellan, Paul M.
Two-dimensional Model of a Rotating Solar Prominence I. Observations and Preliminary Approach 251 Kononovich, E. V.; Gorshkov, A. B.; Smirnova, O. B.; Kotrc, P.; Vial, J.-C.
Normal Polarity, Quiescent Prominences: Static and Steady Flow Models 258 Hood, Alan W.; Longbottom, Aaron W.; Del Zanna, Luca
Interplanetary Medium: Solar to Terrestrial Linkage 266 Shea, M. A.; Smart, D. F.
Long Term Behavior of Trapped Relativistic Electrons and their Correlation with Solar Wind Speed 279 Belian, R. D.; Cayton, T. E.; Christensen, R. A.; Ingraham, J. C.; Reeves, C. D.
Transport of Mass. Momentum and Energy from the Sun to the Earth by Different Types of Solar Wind Streams 288 Yermolaev, Yuri I.
On the Need for Solar Wind Monitoring Close to the Magnetosphere 300 Sandahl, Ingrid; Lundstedt, Henrik; Koskinen, Hannu; Glassmeier, Karl-Heinz
The Evolutton Of The Magnetic Structure of the Solar Corona With The Solar Cycle 309 Dikpati, Mausumi; Choudhuri, Arnab Rai; Venkatakrishnan, P.
Helicity Conservation in Expanding Magnetized Plasmas: Flux Ropes in The Solar Wind 315 Kumar, Ashok; Rust, David M.
Prediction of Coronal-Hole Solar Wind Velocities at ULYSSES from NSO/SP Coronal Data 324 Altrock, Richard C.; Henry, Timothy W.
The Triple Current Sheet Model for Adjoining Helmet Streamers 333 Karpen, Judith T.; Dahlburg, Russell B.
The Role of Magnetic Fields and the Heliospheric Current Sheet in the Interplanetary Evolution of Disturbances Caused by Solar Drivers 341 Smith, Zdenka; Odstrcil, Dusan; Vandas, Marek; Fischer, Stanislav; Pelant, Pavel; Dryer, Murray
An Application of Three-Dimensional MHD Interplanetary Modeling: Recipe for the Initial Turning of the IMF Bz-component Following a Solar Disturbance 350 Dryer, M.
The Coronal Temperature Structure and the Current Sheet 358 Hick, Paul; Jackson, B. V.; Altrock, R. C.; Slater, G.; Henry, T.
Calculating Solar Wind Parameters from Solar Magnetic Field Data 366 Obridko, V. N.; Kharshiladze, A. F.; Shelting, D. B.
Dark-Thread Thermodynamics and the Coronal Temperature Structure 375 November, Laurence J.
3-D Structure of Heliospheric Current Sheet Deduced from Eclipse Observations 385 Molodensky, Michael M.; Starkova, Lidia I.; Koutchmy, Serge L.; Ershov, Andre V.
Predicting the Geomagnetic ap Index Using Real-Time Solar Wind and IMF Data 393 Smart, D. F.; Shea, M. A.
Nonlinear MHD Discontinuity Interactions in the Solar Corona and Solar Wind as Drivers of Global Heliospheric Disturbances 399 Grib, S. A.
Understanding and Predicting Solar-Terrestrial Relations:Counterpoint and Debate 408 Holzer, Thomas E.
Near-Space and Terrestrial Models: Current Proxies and Needs for Physical Inputs 410 Singer, Howard J.
Is Our Knowledge of Solar Indices Enough to Explain Satellite Drag? 421 Deminov, M. G.; Nepomnyashchaya, E. V.; Obridko, V. N.; Shelting, D. B.; Shubin, V. N.; Chizhenkov, V. A.
Constraints on Solar Particle Events from Comparisons of Recent Events and Million-Year Averages 429 Reedy, Robert C.
Galactic Cosmic Ray Modulatton and Solar X-ray Parameters During the Maximum Phases of Sunspot Cycles 20 and 22 437 Antalova, A.; Storini, M.; Jakimiec, M.
The Role of Coronal Holes in Linking Solar, Interplanetary and Geomagnetic Activity 445 Bravo, Silvia
The Solar and Interplanetary Causes of Geomagnetic Activity and Quiet 453 Gonzalez, W. D.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Tang, F.
Solar Cycle Variation of the Occurrence of Geomagnetic Storms 462 Ramesh, K. B.
The Influence of Active Regions on IPS measurements near 1 AU 470 Hick, Paul; Jackson, B. V.
Climate Change in Mid-latitude Western Europe Over the Last Two Centuries-Possible Links to Solar Activity (Preliminary Results) 472 Bromage, Barbara J. I.; Butler, C. John
The Influence of Solar Activity on the Earth's Weather 481 Smirnov, Ruslan V.; Kononovich, Edward V.
Some Particle Effects in the Solar- Terrestrial Relations 489 Baranyi, T.; Ludmany, A.
What Are the Solar Drivers Responsible for Helio-Meteorological Effects? 497 Dmitrieva, I. V.; Obridko, V. N.; Zaborova, E. P.
Solar-Cycle Modulation of the Trapped Proton Radiation Exposure Inside the Space Shuttle 505 Golightly, Michael J.; Badhwar, Gautam D.; Dunlap, Mary Joe; Patel, Salil H.
Milagro: an Ideal Detector For Monitoring Space Weather? 518 Ahluwalia, H. S.; Gisler, G. R.; Dorman, L. I.
Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Structure on the Sun Inferred from Geomagnetic Activity 526 Ponyavin, D. I.
White-Light Reflecting Corona graph for the SWATH Mission 531 Smartt, Raymond N.; Dunn, Richard B.; Carmichael, Roger B.; Gregory, B. Scott; Plum, Douglas W.; Neidig, Donald F.; Golub, Leon; Bookbinder, Jay A.; Koutchmy, George U.; Nystrom, Serge L.; Zimmermann, Jean-Paul
An Update on the FIRE (Solar Probe) Mission 539 Randolph, J. E.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Vaisberg, O.; Pitchkhadze, K. M.
Counter Point and Debate: Correlations with Terrestrial Impacts 547 Heinemann, Michael A.
Radiative Influences 555 Mariska, John T.; Lean, Judith
Solar Diameter Variations and Earth Climate Connections 568 Rozelot, J. P.
Application of Singular Spectrum Analysis to Solar Irradiance Variability 576 Pap, Judit M.; Varadi, Ferenc
Studying Solar Irradiance Variability With Wavelet Technique 586 Vigouroux, Anne; Pap, Judit
The Green Corona - an Indicator of the State of Heliosphere 594 Rybansky, M.; Rusin, V.
Determination of Contributions to Irradiances from Plages, Network and the Quiet Solar Atmosphere 598 White, O. R.
Coupling of Total Solar Irradiance and Solar Magnetic Field Variations with Time Lags: Magneto-thermal Pulsation of the Sun 601 Yoshimura, Hirokazu
On Solar Induced Variability in the Earth's Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere 609 Roble, R. G.
Solar Physics and Space Weather: A Personal View 619 Hildner, Ernest