Title: Cosmic Abundances
Volume: 99 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Holt, Stephen S.; Sonneborn, George
ISBN: 1-886733-20-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-435-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Cosmic Abundances: Past; Present; and Future 3 Trimble, V.
Primordial Nucleosynthesis 36 Schramm, D. N.
Testing Big Bang Nucleosynthesis 48 Steigman, G.
Assessing Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis 59 Copi, C. J.; Schramm, D.. N.; Turner, M. S.
Big-Bang Nucleosynthesis and a New Approach to Galactic Chemical Evolution 63 Copi, C. J.; Schramm, D. N.; Turner, M. S.
Cosmic Deuterium and Baryon Density 67 Hogan, C. J.
Future Cosmic Microwave Background Constraints to the Baryon Density 74 Kamionkowski, M.; Jungman, G.; Kosowsky, A.; Spergel, D. N.
Interstellar Abundances of the Light Elements 78 Ferlet, R.; Lemoine, M.
QSO Absorption Lines from Primordially Produced Elements 90 Jenkins, E. B.
Primordial D/H from Q0014+8l3 100 Rugers, M.; Hogan, C.
The Chemical Enrichment History of Damped Lyman-alpha Galaxies 105 Lu, L.; Sargent, W. L. W.; Barlow, T. A.
Understanding the Deuterium Abundance: Measurements with the FUSE Satellite 109 Friedman, S.; Moos, W.; Oegerle, W.; York, D.
The Galactic Center Abundances of Deuterium, Lithium, and Boron 114 Lubowich, D.
Standard Abundances 117 Grevesse, N.; Noels, A.; Sauval, A. J.
Solar Coronal Abundance Anomalies 127 Meyer, J.-P.
Isotopic Abundances in Stars as Inferred from the Study of Presolar Grains in Meteorites 147 Zinner, E.
Radioisotope Production in the Early Solar Nebula by Local High Energy Plasma Winds 162 Spergel, M. S.
Lithium in Stars 165 Thorburn, J. A.
Be Abundances in the Alpha Centauri System 175 Primas, F.; Duncan, D. K.; Peterson, R. C.; Thorburn, J. A.
The Evolution of Boron in the Galaxy 179 Duncan, D. K.; Primas, F.; Coble, K. A.; Rebull, L. M.; Boesgaard, A. M.; Deliyannis, C. P.; Hobbs, L. M.; King, J. R.; Ryan, S.
Boron Abundance of BD -13 3442 184 Rebull, L. M.; Duncan, D. K.; Boesgaard, A. M.; Deliyannis, C. P.; Hobbs, L. M.; King, J. R.; Ryan, S.
Carbon and Oxygen Nucleosynthesis in the Galaxy: Problems and Prospects 188 Balachandran, S. C.
Carbon Stars and Elemental Abundances 196 Rose, W. K.
Spectroscopic Constraints on the Helium Abundance in Globular Cluster Stars 199 Landsman, W. B.; Crotts, A. P. S.; Hubeny, I.; Lanz, T.; O'Connell, R. W.; Whitney, J.; Stecher, T. P.
Selected Elemental Abundances in Five Oxygen-Poor Stars in Omega Centauri 203 Zucker, D.; Wallerstein, G.; Brown, J. A.
Abundance Anomalies in Globular Cluster Red Giant Stars. I. Synthesis of the Elements NA and AL 207 Cavallo, R. M.; Bell, R. A.; Sweigart, A. W.
Chemical Composition of Supergiants in the Magellanic Clouds 211 Hill, V.
X-Ray Measurements of Coronal Abundances 215 Drake, S. A.
ACSA Measurements of Coronal Elemental Abundances in an Active KO Dwarf Star 227 Singh, K. P.; Drake, S. A.; White, N. E.
The r-; s-; and p-Processes 231 Meyer, B. S.; Brown, J. S.; Luo, N.
Nucleosynthesis and the Nova Outburst 242 Starrfield, S.; Truran, J. W.; Wiescher, M.; Sparks, W. M.
Nucleosynthesis in Supernovae 253 Woosley, S. F.
Observational Evidence for Nucleosynthesis by Supernovae 263 Kirshner, R. P.
Inferring Abundances from the Spectra of Supernovae 273 McCray, R.
X-Ray Observations of Supernova Remnants 284 Petre, R.
The Cassiopeia A Supernova Remnant: Dynamics and Chemical Abundances 294 Borkowski, K. J.; Blondin, J. M.; Szymkowiak, A. E.; Sarazin, C. L.
Chemical Evolution of Galaxies 298 Timmes, F. X.
Abundances and Globular Cluster Ages 307 Pagel, B. E. J.
Abundances in the Galactic Halo Gas 315 Savage, B. D.; Sembach, K. R.
The Composition of Interstellar Dust 327 Mathis, J. S.
Abundances in Gaseous Nebulae 337 Dinerstein, H. L.
Temperature fluctuations in the Planetary Nebula NCG 6543 350 Kingsburgh, R. L.; Lopez, J. A.; Peimbert, M.
Abundances and Stellar Populations in Giant H II Regions 354 Waller, W. H.; Parker, J. W.; Malumuth, E. M.
Abundance Measurements in the Outer Galaxy 358 Rudolph, A. L.; Simpson, J. P.; Haas, M. R.; Erickson, E. F.; Fich, M.
Measuring ISM Molecular Abundances in the Direction of Cassiopeia A by Comparing X-ray and Radio Absorption Studies 362 Keohane, Jonathan W.
Energetic Particles and LiBeB 366 Vangioni-Flam, E.; Casse, M.
Abundance Determinations from Gamma Ray Spectroscopy 377 Ramaty, R.
Anomalous Cosmic Rays: A Sample of Interstellar Matter 381 Mewaldt, R. A.; Leske, R. A.; Cummings, J. R.
Galactic Cosmic Ray Source Elemental Composition 385 Duvernois, M. A.
The O/H Abundance Distribution in the Large Spiral Galaxy NGC 4258 389 Dutil, Y.
Abundances in Elliptical Galaxy Hot Interstellar Media 393 Loewenstein, M.
Galaxies in Clusters: Implications for Abundances 397 Silk, J.
Metal Enhancements in the X-Ray Gas Around Central Cluster Galaxies 405 Reisenegger, A.
Abundances in the Intra-Cluster Medium 409 Arnaud, K. A.
RAPPORTEUR: From Solar flares to the Big Bang 419 Ramaty, R.