Title: Completing the Inventory of the Solar System
Volume: 107 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Rettig, Terrence; Hahn, Joseph M.
ISBN: 1-886733-27-9 eISBN: 978-1-58381-443-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Provenance of the Spacewatch Small Earth--Approaching Asteroids 3 Bottke, W. F., Jr.; Nolan, M. C.; Melosh, H. J.; Vickery, A. M.; Greenberg, R.
Observations Constraining the Origins of Earth--Approaching Asteroids 13 Rabinowitz, D. L.
Main Belt Asteroids: Present and Future Inventory 29 Zappala, V.; Cellino, A.
Asteroid Families, Old and Young 45 Farinella, P.; Davis, D. R.; Marzari, F.
Ejecta Reaccretion on Rapidly Rotating Asteroids: Implications for 243 Ida and 433 Eros 57 Geissler, P.; Petit, J. M.; Greenberg, R.
On the Secular Evolution of Asteroids 69 Scherer, K.; Neutsch, W.
Meteoroids: an Item in the Inventory 75 Ceplecha, Z.
Searching For Vulcanoids 85 Campins, H.; Davis, D. R.; Weidenschilling, S. J.; Magee, M.
Infrared Observations of Distant Asteroids 97 Davies, J. K.; Tholen, D. J.; Ballantyne, D. R.
Near--Earth Object Surveying in the late 20th Century 107 Scotti, J. V.
High Ecliptic Latitude Asteroid and Comet Surveying With the Catalina Schmidt 115 Spahr, T. B.; Hergenrother, C. W.; Larson, S. M.; Campins, H.
Navy Prototype Optical Interferometer: Applications and Limitations to Solar System Observations 123 White, N. M.; Mozurkewich, D.
Unusual Dynamics of Circumplanetary Dust 129 Horanyi, M.
A New Insight in Uranus Rings: A Wavelet Analysis of the Voyager 2 Data 137 Petit, J. M.; Bendjoya, Ph.
The Solar System's Lagrangian Points in the Framework of the Relativistic Restricted Three--Body Problem 147 Maindl, T. I.
Struggles to Find the Ninth Planet 157 Tombaugh, C. W.
Pluto and Planets X 163 Standish, E. M.
Comet Taxonomy 173 Levison, H. F.
Searches for Planets and Comets 193 Marsden, B. G.
The Historical Development and Status of Kuiper Disk Studies} 209 Stern, S. A.
On the Dynamical Lifetimes of Planet--Crossing Objects 233 Dones, L.; Levison, H. F.; Duncan, M.
Enlarging the Solar System: the Kuiper Belt 245 Luu, J.; Jewitt, D.
The Plutinos 255 Jewitt, D.; Luu, J.
Jupiter Gravity Assist Trajectories to Objects in the Kuiper Belt 259 Bender, D. F.
The Oort Cloud 265 Weissman, P. R.
Small Comets (SCs): an Unstudied Population in the Solar System Inventory 289 Brandt, J. C.; A'Hearn, M. F.; Randall, C. E.; Schleicher, D. G.; Shoemaker, E. M.; Stewart, A. I. F.
The IHW Large--Scale Phenomena Network and Observations of Comets to Support the ULYSSES Mission 299 Petersen, C. C.; Brandt, J. C.
Analysis of Preimpact Hubble Space Telescope Images to Determine the Nature of Comet Shoemaker--Levy 9 Fragments 309 Rettig, T. W.; Mumma, M. J.; Disanti, M.; Sobczak, G. J.; Hahn, J. M.
Planetary Accretion 337 Ward, W. R.
Solar Nebula, Resulting in the Lack of a Planet in the Kuiper Belt 363 Ruzmaikina, T. V.
Looking Beyond -- The Search for Other Planetary Systems 377 Cochran, W. D.