Title: Cool Stars, Stellar Systems, and the Sun: Ninth Cambridge Workshop
Volume: 109 Year: 1996 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pallavicini, Roberto; Dupree, Andrea K.
ISBN: 1-886733-29-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-445-1
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Paper Title Page Authors
Olin C. Wilson and the solar-stellar connection 3 Noyes, R. W.
Advances in solar-stellar physics: optical and infrared studies 11 Giampapa, M. S.
Radio emission from cool stars 21 White, S. M.
Advances in solar and stellar physics: space studies 31 Foing, B. H.
A search for substellar companions to solar-type stars via precise Doppler measurements: a first Jupiter mass companion detected 35 Mayor, M.; Quelos, D.
The impact of HIPPARCOS on cool star research 39 Grenon, M.
In memoriam of C.-C. Cheng 43 Pallavicini, R.
Comparison of YOHKOH X-ray and other solar activity parameters for November 1991 to November 1995 45 Acton, L.
Solar flare mechanisms deduced from YOHKOH hard X-ray studies 55 Kosugi, T.
Solar and stellar dynamos 59 Hoyng, P.
Chromosphere and coronal heating mechanisms 71 Ulmschneider, P.
Interaction of magnetic fields and convective flows in the solar atmosphere 79 Title, A.
Progress in helio- and astero-seismology 87 Demarque, P.; Guenther, D. B.
Structure and stability of EUV loops originating from sunspots 93 Peres, G.; Orlando, S.
Proton Temperatures, Electron Temperatures and Outflows in the Extended Solar Corona. 99 Kohl, J. L.; Gardner, L. D.; Strachan, L.; Cohen, C. M. S.; Galvin, A. B.; Gloeckler, G.; Guhathakurta, M.; Fisher, R. R.; Ko, Y.-K.; Geiss, J.; von Steiger, R.
Temporal Variations in Solar Chromospheric Modeling. 105 Avrett, E.; Hoeflich, P.; Uitenbroek, H.; Ulmschneider, P.
YOHKOH observations of solar limb flares 107 Bentley, R. D.; Mariska, J. T.; Sakao, T.
A search for optical proxies for high energy emissions from solar flares 109 Blais, K. A.; Labonte, B. J.
The UV "sun as a star" flare spectrum observed with SOLSTICE 111 Brekke, P.; Rottman, G. J.; Fontenla, J.; Judge, P. G.
PRD vs. CRD CaII K Stokes profiles from solar plage 113 Bruls, J. H. M. J.; Solanki, S. K.; Uitenbroek, H.
Connection between the C IV resonance lines and the quiet sun photospheric magnetic field 115 Brynildsen, N.; Kjeldseth-Moe, O.; Maltby, P.
Nonlocal heat transport in the solar wind 117 Canullo, M. V.; Costa, A.; Ferro Fontan, C.
Solar chromospheric dynamics - Results from numerical simulations 119 Carlsson, M.; Stein, R. F.
Asymmetries in solar active regions and flux emergence models 121 Cauzzi, G.; Moreno-Insertis, F.; van Driel-Gesztelyi, L.
On 3-mm waves in the solar chromosphere 123 Cheng, Q.-Q.; Yi, Z.
On the stark broadening of MG I spectral lines important for solar and stellar spectra investigations 125 Dimitrijevic, M. S.; Sahal-Brechot, S.
Gnevyshev's dual-peak in solar activity cycles 127 Feminella, F.; Storini, M.
Temporal behavior of low L solar p-modes from the IPHIR experiment 129 Gavryusev, V. G.; Gavryuseva, E. A.
Study of electron beam generated plasma turbulence and its associated second harmonic emission during solar flares 131 Gomez, D.; Vasquez, A.
Investigating the non-thermal velocity of small GOES class flares observed by YOHKOH 133 Harra-Murnion, L. K.; Akita, K.; Watanabe, T.
Longitudinal distribution of major solar flares 135 Jetsu, L.; Pohjolainen, S.; Pelt, J.; Tuominen, I.
Wave heating in the solar chromosphere 137 Kalkofen, W.
Test particle acceleration in 2D dynamic coronal current sheets 139 Kleim, B.; Schumacher, J.
Van der Waals damping of neutral iron lines in the solar photosphere 141 Klumper, C.
Evidence of shear flows in the solar granulation 143 Nesis, A.; Hammer, R.; Schleicher, H.
Nonthermal velocities in the solar transition and coronal region observed with the high-resolution telescope and spectrograph 145 O'Shea, E.; Doyle, J. G.; Dere, K. P.; Keenan, F. P.
Coronal mass ejections and particle acceleration in the high-latitude solar wind 147 Plunkett, S. P.; Simnett, G. M.
Radiatively cooling downdrafts as the origin of redshifts in transition region lines 149 Reale, F.; Peres, G.; Serio, S.
Amplitude and phase stratification of the solar 5-minute temperature and velocity oscillations through the photosphere 151 Rodriguez Hidalgo, I.; Ruiz Cobo, B.; Collados, M.
Solar irradiance at ultraviolet wavelengths; 120 to 420 NM 153 Rottman, G. J.
Empirical model of an average solar granule 155 Ruiz Cobo, B.; del Toro Iniesta, J. C.; Rodriguez Hidalgo, I.; Collados, M.; Sanchez Almeida, J.
Rotation of the solar green corona - Tracer results and their reliability 157 Rybak, J.
Tomography of the solar atmosphere 159 Sarro, L. M.; Montesinos, B.; Jordan, C.
On the possibility of detection of p-modes with L> 3 in the sun-like stars 161 Staude, J.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
Wave trapping in intergranular lanes 163 Stix, M.; Zhugzhda, Y. D.
The Gnevyshev-Ohl rule in green corona data 165 Storini, M.; Sykora, J.
Dynamical study of mesogranular phenomena in the solar photosphere 167 Straus, Th.
New acoustic wave energy computations for late-type stars 169 Theurer, J.; Ulmschneider, P.; Musielak, Z.
VLA observations of interconnected noise storm sources on the sun 171 Willson, R. F.
Oscillations in quiescent filaments from observations in H alpha 173 Yi, Z.; Engvold, O.
Dynamics of thin force-Free flux tubes and heating of star atmospheres 175 Zhugzhda, Y. D.
In memoriam of B.C. Monsignori Fossi 179 Landini, M.
Solar spectroscopy with the BCS on YOHKOH 181 Culhane, J. L.
Stellar X-ray spectroscopy with ASCA 193 White, N. E.
Stellar spectroscopy with the Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer 203 Drake, J. J.
Stellar spectroscopy with HST 215 Ayres, T. R.
Plasma diagnostics from XUV lines 225 Monsignori Fossi, B. C.
EUV spectroscopy and coronal loop models 231 van den Oord, G. H. J.; Schrijver, C. J.; Mewe, R.; Kaastra, J. S.
EUVE Spectroscopy of Active Binaries 237 Dupree, A. K.
Empirical constraints on wind flows and turbulence from HST observations of cool giants and supergiants 243 Carpenter, K. G.
Examining the coronal heating on the RS CVn binary HR 1099 249 Airapetian, V.; Robinson, R. D.; Maran, S. P.; Carpenter, K. G.
New atomic data for the FeXII coronal ion 251 Binello, A. M.; Mason, H. E.; Storey, P. J.; Kohl, J.
The EUV Transition Lines of Capella. 253 Brickhouse, N. S.; Dupree, A. K.; Raymond, J. C.
A comparative analysis of simultaneous ASCA and EUVE spectroscopy of the RS CVn Binary HR 1099 255 Brown, A.; Skinner, S. L.
Detailed fitting of coronal X-ray spectra with loop models: model characteristics and simulations 257 Ciaravella, A.; Maggio, A.; Peres, G.; Serio, S.
Comparison of temperature and density diagnostics in the coronae of a Centauri and the sun 259 Del Zanna, G.; Landini, M.; Landi, E.; Monsignori Fossi, B. C.
TiO Band Measurement of Starspot Temperature and Area on Active Stars. 261 O'Neal, D.; Neff, J. E.; Saar, S. H.
An analysis of the ASCA spectra of the active giants Beta CET and Capella using the new MEKAL coronal plasma code 263 Drake, S. A.; Singh, K. P.; White, N. E.; Mewe, R.; Kaastra, J. S.
ASCA and IUE Time-Resolved Spectroscopy of FK Comae 265 Huenemoerder, D. P.
The use of ADAS for XUV / EUV spectroscopy 267 Lanzafame, A. C.; Summers, H. P.; Brooks, D. H.
Loop modeling of ROSAT/PSPC spectra of Hyades and field F-type stars 269 Maggio, A.; Peres, G.; Pye, J. P.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Morley, J. E.
Identification and analysis of UV emission lines observed near 1550 Angstroms in the spectrum of alpha Tau obtained with the GHRS 271 McMurry, A. D.; Jordan, C.; Rowe, A. K.; Carpenter, K. G.; Robinson, R. D.
The corona of AB Dor: temperatures and abundances determined with ASCA and EUVE 273 Mewe, R.; Kaastra, J. S.; White, S. M.; Pallavicini, R.
EM distribution and radiative losses of II Peg and lambda And 275 Mitrou, C. K.; Doyle, J. G.; Mathioudakis, M.; Antonopoulou, B.
A ROSAT and ASCA view of VW-Cep 277 Morley, J. E.; Pye, J. P.; McGale, P. A.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Barstow, M. A.; Makishima, K.
X-ray spectroscopy of RS CVn binaries: the EXOSAT and SSS spectra revisited 279 Ortolani, A.; Pallavicini, R.; Tagliaferri, G.
ROSAT observation of a giant X-ray flare on Algol 281 Ottmann, R.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
ROSAT and ASCA spectral surveys of W UMa-type contact binaries 283 Pye, J. P.; McGale, P. A.; Morley, J. E.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Makishima, K.
Rapid UV spectroscopy of flares on YZ CMi 285 Robinson, R. D.; Woodgate, B. E.; Carpenter, K. G.
ORFEUS FUV spectra of late-type stars 287 Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Krautter, J.; Appenzeller, I.; Mandel, H.; Barnstedt, J.; Golz, M.; Grewing, M.; Gringel, W.; Haas, C.; Hopfensitz, W.; Kappelmann, N.; Kramer, G.; Wichmann, R.
Is the optical depth of stellar coronae really negligible? 289 Schrijver, C. J.; Mewe, R.; Kaastra, J. S.; van den Oord, G. H. J.; Bruls, J. H. M. J.
ASCA X-ray spectra of late-type giants and supergiants: the active G star Beta Draconis (G2Ib - II) 291 Skinner, S. L.; Brown, A.
The flare and quiescent states of M-dwarf coronae 293 Stringfellow, G. S.
An ASCA observation of HD 35850 295 Tagliaferri, G.; Covino, S.; Haardt, F.; Fleming, T. A.; Pallavicini, R.
CIV 1550 transition line observations of AB Doradus with the Hubble Space Telescope 297 Vilhu, O.; Muhli, P.; Huovelin, J.; Rucinski, S.; Collier Cameron, A.; Slee, B.; Budding, E.; Banks, T.; Foing, B.; Tsuru, T.
The X-ray spectra of flares from AB Doradus 299 White, S. M.; Pallavicini, R.; Lim, J.
EUV density diagnostics in solar and stellar spectra 301 Young, P. R.; Mason, H. E.
Open cluster membership; photometry and rotation 305 Stauffer, J. R.
Lithium, rotation and activity in young clusters 315 Soderblom, D. R.
ROSAT observations of stellar clusters 325 Caillault, J.-P.
Light element spectroscopy of cool stars in clusters 335 Garcia Lopez, R. J.
Lithium in old clusters 341 Pasquini, L.
X-ray observations of open clusters 347 Micela, G.
How slow are slow rotators in young open clusters? 353 Allain, S.; Bouvier, J.; Mayor, M.; Queloz, D.; Mermilliod, J. C.; Fernandez, M.; Martin, E. L.
ROSAT PSPC/HRI Observations of the Young Open Cluster NGC 2422 355 Barbera, M.; Bocchino, F.; Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.; Favata, F.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.
VRI photometry of the young open cluster IC 2602 357 Foster, D. C.; Byrne, P. B.; Rolleston, W. R. J.; Hawley, S. L.
ROSAT HRI survey of the Pleiades 359 Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Caillault, J.-P.; Damiani, F.; Kashyap, V.; Micela, G.; Prosser, C.; Rosner, R.; Sciortino, S.; Stauffer, J.
Infrared Photometry of Praesepe Cluster Members 361 Hodgkin, S. T.; Jameson, R. F.; Pinfield, D. J.
An I. K Survey of the Pleiades 363 Jameson, R. F.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Pinfield, D. J.
Constraining the low-mass stellar mass-function 365 Kashyap, V.; Rosner, R.; Harnden, F. R., Jr.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.
Angular momentum evolution in low-mass stars in open clusters 367 Krishnamurthi, A.; Pinsonneault, M. H.; Terndrup, D. M.; Barnes, S.
Radio emission from solar-type stars in the Pleiades 369 Lim, J.; White, S. M.
A 20 CM radio image of the young open cluster IC 2391 371 Lim, J.; Slee, O. B.; Stauffer, J. R.
Orbital circularisation in open cluster red giant binaries 373 Mermilliod, J.-C.; Mayor, M.
A deep R and I survey of the Praesepe open cluster. 375 Pinfield, D. J.; Hodgkin, S. T.; Jameson, R. F.
ROSAT X-ray observations of the young cluster IC 348 377 Preibisch, T.; Zinnecker, H.; Herbig, G. H.
Lithium abundance in the open cluster IC 2602 379 Randich, S.; Aharpour, N.; Pallavicini, R.; Prosser, C. F.; Stauffer, J. R.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
ROSAT observations of open clusters: recent results 381 Randich, S.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Prosser, C. F.; Stauffer, J. R.
Low-mass stars in old open clusters 383 Reid, I. N.; Hawley, S. L.
UBVRI polarimetry of galactic globular clusters 385 Scaltriti, F.; Origlia, L.; Anderlucci, E.
Rotation, activity, and binary influence in the Hyades 387 Stern, R. A.; Stauffer, J. R.
X-Ray emission from the young open cluster NGC 2516 389 Thurston, M. R.; Jeffries, R. D.; Pye, J. P.
Extinction study for the young open cluster M 29 391 Wang, J.-J.; Hu, J.-Y.
The impact of ROSAT observations on our understanding of star forming regions 395 Krautter, J.
X-rays from young stellar objects: from T Tauri stars to protostars 405 Montmerle, T.
A ROSAT pointed observation in Chamaeleon II 417 Alcala, J. M.; Sterzik, M.; Neuhauser, R.; Zinnecker, H.
C IV in classical T Tauri stars 419 Calvet, N.; Hartmann, L.; Hewett, R.; Valenti, J. A.; Basri, G.; Walter, F.
Rotation and lithium of weak-line T Tauri stars in the Chamaeleon star forming region 421 Covino, E.; Terranegra, L.; Magazzu, A.; Alcala, J. M.; Allain, S.; Bouvier, J.; Krautter, J.; Wichmann, R.
X-Ray variability of T Tauri stars in the rho OPH region 423 Damiani, F.; Micela, G.; Sciortino, S.
Pre-main-sequence spectroscopic binaries: models versus observations 425 Figueiredo, J.
Magnetic fields of T Tauri stars 427 Guenther, E. W.; Emerson, J. P.
Eruptive activity of cool young binary stars in Taurus 429 Hojaev, A. S.
Spectroscopic variability of the T Tauri star DF Tau 431 Johns-Krull, C. M.; Basri, G.
Are There Run-Away T Tauri Stars in Taurus? 433 Neuhäuser, R.; Magazzu, A.; Sterzik, M. F.; Alcalá, J. M.; Torres, G.; Martin, E. L.
Young clusters in Cepheus IV 435 Plazy, F.; Menard, F.; Dougados, C.
Infall in Herbig Ae/Be stars: what NA D lines tell us 437 Sorelli, C.; Grinin, V. P.; Natta, A.
The large scale spatial distribution of X-Ray selected WTTS in Taurus 439 Sterzik, M. F.; Neuhauser, R.; Wichmann, R.
Rotation-mass-activity and flux-flux relations among low mass pre-main sequence stars 441 Walter, F. M.
Pointed ROSAT observations in the Lupus dark clouds 443 Wichmann, R.; Krautter, J.; Alcala, J. M.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Neuhauser, R.; Covino, E.; Terranegra, L.
X-Ray Sources and Other PMS Stars Near alpha Orionis. 445 Wolk, S. J.; Walter, F. M.; Freyberg, M.
MHD waves and turbulence in the polar regions of the heliosphere 451 Velli, M.
Mass loss from active dwarf stars 461 Mullan, D. J.
Winds of T Tauri stars 471 Natta, A.
Mass loss and winds from cool giants 481 Harper, G.
Solar wind abundances from ULYSSES 491 von Steiger, R.
GHRS studies of stellar chromospheres, transition regions, and coronae 497 Linsky, J. L.; Wood, B. E.
Chromospheres and winds of C Aurigae binaries 503 Eaton, J. A.
Mass loss and pressure inversion in F and G supergiants 511 Achmad, L.; Lamers, H. J. G. L. M.
The UV binary technique: probing the outer atmospheres of cool stars. I. The method 513 Baade, R.; Kirsch, T.; Toussaint, F.
The UV binary technique: probing the outer atmospheres of cool stars. II. Application to HST observations of sigma Aurigae 515 Kirsch, T.; Baade, R.; Toussaint, F.
The silicate-like mid-infrared spectrum of the C-rich star R SCULPTORIS 517 Bagnulo, S.; Doyle, J. G.; Barlow, M. J.; Skinner, C. J.
Outer atmospheric structures of high-luminosity G/K stars 519 Deeney, B. D.; Brown, A.; Ayres, T. R.
A catalogue of rotational and radial velocities for evolved stars a quick look 521 de Medeiros, J. R.; Mayor, M.
The effect of mass loss intensity on the characteristics of chemically peculiar cool stars 523 Frantsman, Ju. L.
Effects of thermal conduction on the energy balance of open coronal regions 525 Hammer, R.; Nesis, A.; Moore, R. L.; Suess, S. T.; Musielak, Z. M.
Short-period radial velocity variations of K giants 527 Hatzes, A. P.; Cochran, W. D.
Can PAHs support grain-formation in carbon-stars? 529 Helling, C.; Jorgensen, U. G.; Plez, B.; Johnson, H. R.
ROSAT observations of a complete volume-limited sample of late-type giants 531 Hunsch, M.; Reimers, D.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.; Schroder, K.-P.
Conditions for the occurrence of water masers in circumstellar shells 533 Little-Marenin, I. R.; Benson, P. J.
Fluorescent clues for the atmospheres of AGB stars 535 Luttermoser, D. G.
ROSAT observations of hybrid stars 537 Reimers, D.; Hunsch, M.; Toussaint, F.; Schmitt, J. H. M. M.
H-alpha imaging, polarimetry and mass-loss for a sample of AGB and post-AGB stars 539 Roseo, E.; Silvestro, G.; Marengo, M.; Busso, M.; Origlia, L.; Scaltriti, F.
Opportunities for stellar surface imaging via gravitational microlensing 541 Sasselov, D. D.
The chromosphere and evolution of HR 6902 543 Schroder, K.-P.
The influence of dust condensation on the chemical composition of the AGB star circumstellar envelope 545 Shmeld, I.
Vilnius photometry of the red horizontal branch stars 547 Tautvaisiene, G.
Magnetic field measurements in the circumstellar envelope of VX SGR 549 Trigilio, C.; Umana, G.; Cohen, R. J.
Investigating fluorescence mechanisms in the atmosphere of the cool, supergiant star alpha ORI 551 Wahlgren, G. M.; Johansson, S.
Accretion flows in sigma Aurigae 553 Walder, R.; Harper, G.
On radial velocity measurements in Cepheids 557 Albrow, M. D.; Cottrell, P. L.
On the diagnostic contents of NA I lines in M dwarfs 559 Andretta, V.; Byrne, P. B.; Doyle, J. G.
Convection under the influence of rotation 561 Chan, K. L.
Non-LTE effects in models of long period variables 563 de Laverny, P.; Magnan, C.
The mixing length parameter, alpha, for low-mass stars 565 Fernandes, J.; Lebreton, Y.; Baglin, A.
Lithium in brown dwarf atmospheres: EOS, NLTE, spectra 567 Pavlenko, Ya. V.
Departure from LTE in stellar atmospheres. Li I lines in spectra of K-M-C giants 569 Pavlenko, Ya. V.
Pressure broadening in M dwarfs and VB 10 571 Schweitzer, A.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Allard, F.
Spectrum synthesis in polarised light: new light on broadband circular polarisation 573 Stift, M. J.
The NA I resonance lines as a spectroscopic test of cool stars atmospheres 575 Tripicchio, A.; Covino, E.; Gomez, M. T.; Severino, G.; Terranegra, L.
Modeling resonance lines in winds from cool stars 577 Valenti, J. A.; Harper, G. M.; Bennett, P. D.; Linsky, J. L.
Hot water in cool stars: the computation of the water linelist 579 Viti, S.; Tennyson, J.; Polyansky, O. L.; Miller, S.
Models of spottedness of red dwarf stars: large but not numerous high-latitude spots or wide heterogeneous equatorial bands? 583 Alekseev, I. Yu.; Gershberg, R. E.
Flaring activity of newly discovered dMe stars 585 Ball, B.; Bromage, G. E.
Rotation and activity in the coolest stars 587 Basri, G.; Marcy, G.; Oppenheimer, B.; Kulkari, S. R.; Nakajima, T.
Surface inhomogeneities on YY Geminorum 589 Butler, C. J.; Doyle, J. G.; Budding, E.
The chromospheric limit at late-A stars 591 Catalano, S.; Freire Ferrero, R.; Marilli, E.; Gouttebroze, P.; Talavera, A.; Bruhweiler, F.
EUVE right angle program observations of cool stars 593 Christian, D. J.; Drake, J. J.; Mathioudakis, M.
Observation of the rotational modulation effect on flare stars 595 Contadakis, M. E.
Optical counterparts of common and rare EUVE detections 597 Craig, N.
Estimating Rotation Periods Using Pooled Variance. 599 Donahue, R. A.; Dobson, A. K.
Accumulative coronal, chromospheric and transition region radiative power output from late-type stars 601 Doyle, J. G.
Atmospheric models of dM stars 603 Falchi, A.; Pallavicini, R.; Mauas, P. J. D.; Pasquini, L.
A critical analysis of the Wilson-Bappu relationship 605 Freire Ferrero, R.; Lastennet, E.
The sun in time: coronal structuring and evolution 607 Gudel, M.; Guinan, E. F.; Skinner, S. L.
Detection of strong magnetic fields on M dwarfs 609 Johns-Krull, C. M.; Valenti, J. A.
The EUV coronal emission of flare stars 611 Kellett, B. J.; Tsikoudi, V.
Ten years of EV Lac flare monitoring: evidence of a Longitude modulation of flare activity 613 Leto, G.; Buemi, C.; Rodono, M.; Pagano, I.
Rotation periods in very cool dwarfs 615 Martin, E. L.; Zapatero Osorio, M. R.; Rebolo, R.
Atmospheric models of flare stars: the flaring state of AD Leonis 617 Mauas, P. J. D.; Falchi, A.
Nature of late-type stars in the ROSAT all-sky survey 619 Metanomski, A. D. F.; Krautter, J.; Pasquini, L.
TiO Band Measurement of Starspot Temperature and Area on Active Stars 621 O'Neal, D.; Neff, J. E.; Saar, S. H.
A study of a sample of cool stars X-ray selected with EXO SAT using ROSAT data 623 Panarella, A.; Tagliaferri, G.; Pallavicini, R.
Chromospheric activity, stellar rotation and evolution: new results from field and cluster giants 625 Pasquini, L.; Achmad, L.
New measurements of surface magnetic fields with a cross-correlation technique 627 Queloz, D.; Babel, J.; Mayor, M.
Stark-effect in stellar flares 629 Sobolev, V. V.; Grinin, V. P.
Chromospheres and Doppler imaging: a look at the CaI Lambda 6439 absorption line 631 Stout-Batalha, N. M.; Batalha, C. C.
Photometric variability of three noneclipsing active binaries: II Peg, UX Ari and V 1762 CYG 635 Ak, H.; Ekmekci, F.; Albayrak, B.; Ozeren, F. F.; Demircan, O.
A study of the active binary RT And from infrared observations 637 Arevalo, M. J.; Lazaro, C.; Claret, A.
VLBA imaging of RS CVn systems: UX Ari 639 Beasley, A. J.; Bastian, T. S.
Spectral imaging of the HR 1099 chromosphere in December 1992 641 Busa, I.; Pagano, I.; Rodono, M.; Neff, J. E.
A new radial velocity curve for U Geminorum 643 Duemmler, R.
Interpretation of the October 1992 radio light curve of UX Ari 645 Franciosini, E.
Coronal and transition region structure in RS CVn binaries 647 Griffiths, N. W.; Jordan, C.
Environments of active binaries 649 Gunn, A. G.; Doyle, J. G.
Time resolved H alpha, H beta, and CA II (8492 angstrom and 8542 Angstrom) spectroscopy of short period RS CVn binaries 651 Lazaro, C.; Arevalo, M. J.
Activity in binaries with very hot companions 653 Marilli, E.; Frasca, A.; Catalano, S.; Bellina-Terra, M.
Infrared light curves of the Algol system UX HER 655 Martinez-Pais, I. G.; Arevalo, M. J.; Lazaro, C.; Antonopoulou, E.; Ferentinios, E.
Flux-flux relations between excess H alpha, CA II H and K and H epsilon emissions and other activity indicators in chromospherically active binaries 657 Montes, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.; Cornide, M.; de Castro, E.
Snapshot VLBA maps of Algol at 8.4 GHz 659 Mutel, R. L.; Scharringhausen, B. R.
Flashes from WZ Cygni 661 Rovithis, P.; Rovithis-Livaniou, H.
X-ray emission of RS CVn's versus Algol-type binaries 663 Singh, K. P.; Drake, S. A.; White, N. E.
RS Oph: a recurrent nova explosion inside the outers layers of a cool giant 665 Starrfield, S.; Shore, S. N.; Kenyon, S. J.; Sonneborn, G.
Formation of blue stragglers and FK Com-type stars 667 Stepien, K.
The radio spectrum of Algol-type system RZ CAS 669 Umana, G.; Leto, P.; Trigillo, C.; Hjellming, R. M.; Catalano, S.
Lithium depletion in dwarf and subgiant components of chromospherically active binaries 675 Barrado y Navascues, D.; Fernandez-Figueroa, M. J.; Montesinos, B.; de Castro, E.; Cornide, M.
Non-standard mixing on the red giant branch: influence on chemical anomalies - special look to 12C/13C and 3He 677 Charbonnel, C.
New observations of Beryllium in the galactic halo 679 Deliyannis, C. P.; Boesgaard, A. M.; King, J. R.; Duncan, D. K.
Boron in the Hyades giants 681 Duncan, D. K.; Thorburn, J. A.; Peterson, R. C.; Pinsonneault, M. H.; Deliyannis, C. P.
Spectroscopy of metal poor M-dwarfs 683 Gizis, J. E.
Helium peculiarities as a possible manifestation of the diamagnetic effect 685 Goldstein, U.; Steinitz, R.
Lithium abundances in a solar analog pair 689 King, J. R.; Hiltgen, D. D.; Dellyannis, C. P.; Boesgaard, A. M.
The evolution of abundances in the atmospheres of cool giant stars 691 Komarov, N. S.; Shevchuk, T. V.
On the relation between rotation and lithium abundance on the Sub-giant Branch 693 Lebre, A.; Charbonnel, C.; de Medeiros, J.
Chemical composition of solar-type stars 695 Neuforge, C.; Magain, P.
Theoretical models of lithium depletion in open cluster stars 697 Pinsonneault, M. H.; Narayanan, V. K.
Be abundances in the Alpha Centauri system 699 Primas, F.; Duncan, D. K.; Peterson, R. C.; Thorburn, J. A.
New solar models including element segregation and rotation-induced mixing 701 Richard, O.; Vauclair, S.; Charbonnel, C.
The analysis of the cool star molecular spectra 703 Shavrina, A. V.
Lithium abundance spread in population II dwarfs 705 Spite, F.
Lithium abundance in K and M dwarfs 707 Zboril, M.; Byrne, P. B.; Rolleston, W. R. J.; Douglas, J. J. L.
The first stellar abundances in the Galactic Center: The M Supergiant IRS 7 711 Carr, J. S.; Sellgren, K.; Balachandran, S. C.
Rotational velocity measurements in young stars using the CO V=0-2 bandhead 713 Casali, M.; Eiroa, C.
Hydrogen line emissions from cool young stars: results of a near-IR spectroscopic survey 715 Greene, T. P.; Lada, C. J.
Water and titanium oxide in late-type M dwarfs 717 Jones, H. R. A.; Viti, S.; Miller, S.; Tennyson, J.; Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P.
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