Title: Galactic and Cluster Cooling Flows
Volume: 115 Year: 1997 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Soker, Noam
ISBN: 1-886733-35-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-451-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
X-Ray Observations of cooling Flow Clusters 1 Allen, S. W.; Fabian, A. C.
X-ray Imaging of Cooling Flows 11 Bohringer, Hans
"Listening" To Cluster Cooling Flows: Radio Emission and The Cluster Environment 21 Burns, Jack O.; Loken, Chris; Gomez, Percy; Rizza, Elizabeth; Bliton, Mark; Ledlow, Michael
Line-Strength Gradients in Cooling Flow Galaxies 31 Cardiel, N.; Gorgas, J.; Aragon-Salamanka, A.
High redshift cooling flows 38 Crawford, C. S.
Emission Line Nebulae in Cluster Cooling Flows 48 Donahue, Megan; Voit, G. Mark
The cooling flow fraction to a redshift of 0.3 59 Edge, A. C.
Multiphase Chemical Evolution in Elliptical Galaxies 62 Fujita, Yutaka; Fukumoto, Junji; Okoshi, Katsuya
Numerical Simulations of Rotating Cooling Flow Clusters 68 Garasi, Christopher J.; Loken, Chris; Burns, Jack O.
The Search for Molecular Gas in the H I Cloud between UGC 7636 and the Cooling Flow Galaxy NGC 4472 75 Irwin, J. A.; Frayer, D. T.; Sarazin, C. L.
Cooling Flows and Shocks in the Temperature Structure of Clusters 82 Jones, C.; Forman, W.; David, L.; Churazov, E.; Gilfanov, M.
Cooling Flows and Shocks in the Temperature Structure of Clusters. 83 Jones, C.; Forman, W.; David, L.; Churazov, E.; Gilfanov, M.
Lyman alpha Absorption as a Sensitive Probe of the H I Column in Cooling Flows 92 Laor, A.
Cooling Flows in Elliptical Galaxies 100 Loewenstein, Michael
Optical Properties of Cooling Flow Central Cluster Ellipticals 109 McNamara, Brian R.
Two-Phase Cooling Flows with Magnetic Reconnection 121 Meiksin, Avery
3C295, a Cooling Flow Cluster at z=0.46 128 Neumann, Doris M.; Bohringer, Hans
Cooling Flows: Thermal Instability; Magnetic Fields in the IGM; Galaxy Formation 135 Nulsen, P. E. J.
Constraints on Cold Gas and Magnetic Fields in the IntraCluster Medium 147 O'Dea, Christopher P.; Baum, Stefi A.
Cooling Flows in ROSAT observations of clusters of galaxies 157 Peres, C. B.; Allen, S. W.; Edge, A. C.; Fabian, A. C.; Johnstone, R. M.; White, D. A.
Heat-Flux Induced Magnetic Field Tangling 165 Pistinner, S. L.
Cluster Cooling Flows: Recent Progress and Outstanding Questions 172 Sarazin, Craig L.
Magnetic Fields and Inflow in Cluster Cooling Flows 182 Soker, Noam
Mergers as a cooling-flow alternative 192 Sparks, William B.
Multiphase Cooling Flows 202 Thomas, Peter A.
The Effect Of Cooling Flows On General Cluster Properties - an X-Ray Image Deprojection Analysis Of 207 Cluster Of Galaxies 210 White, D. A.
X-Ray Properties of a Complete Sample of Elliptical Galaxies: Implications for Cooling Flow Models 217 White, Raymond E., III; Davis, David S.