Title: Fiber Optics in Astronomy III
Volume: 152 Year: 1998 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.; Watson, F.
ISBN: 1-886733-72-4 eISBN: 978-1-58381-488-8
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Paper Title Page Authors
The Astronomical Uses of Optical Fibers 3 Parry, I.
Review of Fiber-Optic Properties for Astronomical Spectroscopy 14 Barden, S. C.
New Silica Fiber for Broad-Band Spectroscopy 20 Schotz, G. F.; Vydra, J.; Lu, G.; Fabricant, D.
Use and Development of Fiber Optics on the VLT 32 Baudrand, J.; Guinouard, I.; Jocou, L.; Casse, M.
Results on Fiber Characterization at ESO 44 Avila, G.
Fiber Sky Subtraction Revisited 50 Watson, F.; Offer, A. R.; Lewis, I. J.; Bailey, J. A.; Glazebrook, K.
Review of Fiber-Optic Instrumentation at NOAO 60 Barden, S. C.; Ingerson, T. E.
FRD Optimization for PMAS 64 Schmoll, J.; Popow, E.; Roth, M. M.
The Anglo-Australian Observatory 2dF Project: Current Status and the First Year of Science 71 Lewis, I. J.; Glazebrook, K.; Taylor, K.
6dF: an Automated Multi-Object Fiber Spectroscopy System for the UKST 80 Parker, Q. A.; Watson, F. G.; Miziarski, S.
Performance of the Fiber-Positioning System for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 92 Siegmund, W. A.; Owen, R. E.; Granderson, J.; Leger, R. French; Mannery, E. J.; Waddell, P.; Hull, C. L.
Status of the Fiber Feed for the Sloan Digital Sky Survey 98 Owen, R. E.; Buffaloe, M. J.; Leger, R. French; Mannery, E. J.; Siegmund, W. A.; Waddell, P.; Hull, C. L.
The WYFFOS/AUTOFIB-2 Multi-Fiber Spectrograph on the WHT: Description and Science Results 104 Bridges, T.
Fiber-to-Object Allocation Algorithms for Fiber Positioners 111 Sourd, F.
Multi-Fiber Spectroscopy at the Observatorio "Guillermo Haro" 117 Carrasco, B. E.; Vazquez, S.; Ren, D.; Sharples, R. M.; Langarica, R.; Lewis, I. J.; Parry, I. R.
Integral-Field Spectroscopy with Optical Fibers on Medium-Size (1.5-4m) Telescopes 123 Vanderriest, C.
The ARGUS Mode of the ALBIREO Spectrograph: Evaluation of Its Performance and First Results 135 Herpe, G.; Sanchez del Rio, J.; Vanerriest, C.; del Olmo, A.
Mapping the Structure and Dynamics of Late-Stage Mergers 141 Chatzichristou, E. T.
INTEGRAL: an Optical-Fiber System for 2-D Spectroscopy on the 4.2-in William Herschel Telescope 149 Arribas, S.; del Burgo, C.; Carter, D.; Cavaller, L.; Edwards, R.; Fuentes, J.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Garcia-Marin, A.; Gentles, B.; Herreros, J. M.; Jones, L.; Mediavilla, E.; Pi, M.; Pollacco, D.; Rasilla, J. L.; Rees, P.; Sosa, N.
2-D Spectroscopy of the Gravitational Lens System Q2237+0305 with INTEGRAL 155 Serra-Ricart, M.; Mediavilia, E.; Arribas, S.; del Burgo, C.; Oscoz, A.; Alcalde, D.; Goicoechea, L. J.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Buitrago, J.
Dynamics and Star Formation Properties of Giant Luminous Arcs 161 Soucail, G.
The PMAS Fiber Spectrograph 168 Roth, M. M.; Laux, U.
Two-Dimensional Stellar Kinematics and Population Analysis of Galaxies 174 Peletier, R.; Arribas, S.; del Burgo, C.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Mediavilla, E.; Gutierrez, C.; Prada, F.; Vazdekis, A.
Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of Active Galaxies 180 Mediavilla, E.; Arribas, S.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; del Burgo, C.
Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy with Optical Fibers: the Kinematics of NGC 1068 185 Garcia-Lorenzo, B.; Mediavilla, E.; Arribas, S.; del Burgo, C.
Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy of M 31 with INTEGRAL 189 del Burgo, C.; Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.; Garcia-Lorenzo, B.
TEIFU: an Integral-Field Unit Optimized for Use with the ELECTRA Adaptive-Optics System at the WHT 193 Haynes, R.; Content, R.; Allington-Smith, J.; Doel, P.
Two-Dimensional Fiber-Bundle Manufacture and FRD Characterization 197 Rasilla, J. L.; Belen-Fragoso-Lopez, Ana; Garcia-Marin, A.
Studies on Bundle Design 203 Garcia-Marin, A.; Rasilla, J. L.; Arribas, S.; Mediavilla, E.
ESPRIT D'ARGUS: an IRAF-based Software Package for the Treatment of ARGUS Data 206 Teyssandier, P.; Vanderriest, C.
Integral-Field Spectroscopy with the GEMINI Multi-Object Spectrographs 213 Allington-Smith, J.; Haynes, R.; Content, R.
The Original FUEGOS Project on the VLT 220 Felenbok, P.
A Wide-Field Integral-Spectroscopy Unit for the VLT-VIRMOS 229 Prieto, E.; Le Fevre, O.; Saisse, M.; Hill, L.; Voet, C.; Mancini, D.; Maccagni, D.; Picat, J. P.; Vettolani, G.
Fiber-Optic Instrumentation and the Hobby-Eberly Telescope 235 Ramsey, L. W.
The Hobby-Eberly Telescope Fiber-Instrument Feed 247 Horner, S. D.; Engel, L. G.; Ramsey, L. W.
Galaxy Kinematics with Integral-Field Spectroscopy and the Hobby-Eberly Telescope 253 Bershady, M. A.; Andersen, D.; Ramsey, L.; Horner, S.
AUSTRALIS:a Multi-Fiber Near-IR Spectrograph for the VLT 261 Taylor, K.
SINFONI: a High-Resolution Near-Infrared Imaging Spectrometer for the VLT 271 Tecza, M.; Thatte, N.
AOIFU: AOB OSIS Infrared Fiber Unit 282 Guerin, J.
SMIRFS-II:Multi-Object and Integral-Field Unit Spectroscopy at the UKIRT 289 Haynes, R.; Allington-Smith, J.; Lee, D.
COHSI: a Lens Array and Fiber Feed for the Near Infrared 300 Kenworthy, M. A.; Parry, I. R.; Ennico, K. A.
Optical Fibers in Astronomical Interferometry 309 Coude Du Foresto, V.
The Impact of Fiber Optics on Photometry: the Design of Two High-Speed Multichannel Instruments 320 Barwig, H.; Mantel, K. H.; Kiesewetter, S.
Overview of Fiber Instruments at ESO 329 Avila, G.
A Two-Beam Two-Slice Image Slicer for Fiber-Linked Spectrographs 337 Kaufer, A.
A Fiber-Linked Four Stokes-Parameter Polarimeter for the SOFIN Spectrometer on the Nordic Optical Telescope 343 Pettersson, B.; Stempels, E.; Piskunov, N.
Conference Overview 349 Felenbok, P.