Title: Astrophysical Discs: An EC Summer School
Volume: 160 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Sellwood, A. J.; Goodman, Jeremy
ISBN: 1-886733-80-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-496-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
CV Discs Observed 3 Marsh, R. T.
Observations of Accretion Discs in X-ray Binaries 21 Verbunt, Frank
Accretion Discs: Limit Cycles and Instabilities 33 Livio, Mario
The General Physics of WARPS 53 Pringle, J. E.
Nonlinear Fluid Dynamics of Warped Discs 61 Ogilvie, G. I.
Tidally-induced WARPS in Protostellar Discs 71 Terquem, C.; Papaloizou, J. C. B.; Nelson, R. P.
Propagating Bending Waves in Accretion Discs and the Bardeen-Petterson Effect 81 Nelson, Richard P.; Papaloizou, John C. B.; Terquem, Caroline
Observations of Circumstellar Discs and Jets 91 Chandler, Claire J.; Richer, John S.
Angular Momentum Transport: Local and Global Simulations 108 Hawley, John F.; Balbus, Steven A.
Instabilities in Circumstellar Discs 122 Gammie, Charles F.
The Fate of an Unstable Mode 132 Laughlin, Gregory; Korchagin, Vladimir; Adams, Fred C.
Jets in Protostellar Systems 142 Pudritz, Ralph E.; Ouyed, Rachid
Self-similar MHD Winds from Discs 168 Ostriker, Eve C.
Disc Dispersal Around Young Stars 176 Armitage, Philip J.
Discs and Planetary Formation 186 Papaloizou, J. C. B.; Terquem, C.; Nelson, R. P.
Formation and Orbital Evolution of Planets in Protostellar Discs 207 Lin, D. N. C.; Bryden, G.; Ida, S.
Planetary Rings 228 Nicholson, Philip D.
Phenomenology of Active Galactic Nuclei 246 Leahy, J. P.
Relativistic Accretion 265 Blandford, R. D.
Advection-Dominated Accretion Flows 279 Yi, Insu
Accretion History of Super-massive Black Holes 297 Natarajan, Priyamvada
Self-gravitating Eccentric Discs around Black Holes 307 Sridhar, S.; Syer, D.; Touma, J.
The Kinematics of Galactic Stellar Discs 315 Merrifield, Michael R.; Kuijken, Konrad
Stability and Evolution of Galactic Discs 327 Sellwood, J. A.
Vortices in Astrophysical Discs 341 Fridman, A. M.; Khoruzhii, O. V.
N-body Simulations of Interacting Disc Galaxies 351 Athanassoula, E.