Title: Quasars and Cosmology
Volume: 162 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Ferland, Gary; Baldwin, Jack
ISBN: 1-886733-83-X eISBN: 978-1-58381-498-7
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Paper Title Page Authors
Workshop overview 1 Wampler, E. Joseph
The Spectral Energy Distributions of Active Galactic Nuclei 15 Wilkes, Belinda
Corona Energy Budget in AGN and GBHC's 43 Nayakshin, Sergei
The Ionizing Continuum of Quasars 55 Laor, Ari
X-Ray Dependencies on Luminosity in AGN 65 Nandra, K.
Evolutionary Baldwin Effect in AGN 75 Wandel, Amri
Pressure Ionization Instability: Connection between Seyferts and GBHCs 87 Nayakshin, Sergei
Introduction to Unified Schemes 101 Wills, Beverly J.
QSOs: Orientation & Cosmology 127 Barthel, Peter
The 7C Redshift Survey - Understanding Radio-loud Quasars and Radio Galaxies 135 Willott, C. J.; Rawlings, S.; Blundell, K. M.
The Spectrum of a Single Photoionized Cloud 147 Ferland, Gary
What's Emitting the Broad Emission Lines? 165 Korista, Kirk
Clues to QSO Luminosities from BAL Outflows 177 Yamamoto, T. M.
Echo Mapping of AGN Emission Regions 189 Horne, Keith
Active Galaxies as Standard Candles for Cosmology from Continuum Reverberations in Accretion Disc Structures 213 Collier, Stefan; Horne, Keith; Peterson, Bradley; Wanders, Ignaz
BLR Modeling: A New Approach 223 Kaspi, Shai; Netzer, Hagai
A Review of Line and Continuum Correlations in AGNs 235 Osmer, Patrick S.; Shields, Joseph C.
Review: Emission Lines and the High Energy Continuum 265 Green, Paul J.
Probing the UV Bump with Emission Lines 293 Zheng, Wei
Continuum Anisotropy from the Line and Continuum Correlation 313 Wang, T.; Lu, Y.; Zhou, Y.
SEDs VS Emission-Line Correlations in Low Redshift Quasars 325 Kuraszkiewicz, Joanna; Wilkes, Belinda J.; Green, Paul J.; Mathur, Smita; McDowell, Jonathan; Czerny, Bozena
Spectral dependence of the Broad Emission-Line Region in AGN 335 Wandel, Amri
The UV Properties of the Narrow Line Quasar I Zwicky 1 341 Laor, Ari
Observational Evidence for an Ionization-Dependent Baldwin Effect 351 Espey, Brian; Andreadis, Steven
Introduction to Principal Components Analysis 363 Francis, Paul J.; Wills, Beverly J.
The PG X-Ray QSO sample: Links between the UV-X-Ray Continuum and Emission Lines 373 Wills, Beverly J.; Brotherton, M.; Laor, Ari; Wills, Derek; Wilkes, Belinda J.; Ferland, Gary J.; Shang, Zhaohui
The Correlation between SI III[ λ1892/CIII] λ1909 and FeII λ 4500/Hβ in Low Redshift QSOs 385 Aoki, Kentaro; Yoshida, Michitoshi
The Intermediate Line Region and the Baldwin Effect 395 Brotherton, M. S.; Francis, Paul J.
Probing the High-Redshift Universe with Quasar Elemental Abundances 409 Hamann, Fred
Toward an Understanding of the Baldwin Effect 429 Korista, Kirk
Quasars and the Cosmological Model 449 Tytler, David
The Next Steps 475 Baldwin, Jack
Epilogue 485 Baldwin, Juani