Title: Stellar Dynamos: Nonlinearity and Chaotic Flows
Volume: 178 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Nunez, Manuel; Ferriz-Mas, Antonio
ISBN: 1-58381-002-1 eISBN: 978-1-58381-514-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Numerical Simulations of Dynamos Associated with ABC Flows 1 Archontis, V.; Dorch, B.
Simulations and Observations of Stellar Dynamos: Evidence for a Magnetic Alpha-Effect 13 Brandenburg, A.
Nonlinear Dynamo Action in a Time-Dependent ABC Flow 23 Brummell, N. H.; Cattaneo, F.; Tobias, S. M.
The Origin and Role of Twist in Active Regions 35 Fisher, G. H.; Longcope, D. W.; Linton, M. G.; Fan, Y.; Pevtsov, A. A.
Highly Supercritical Magnetoconvection 43 Julien, K.; Knobloch, E.; Tobias, S. M.
Battery and Dynamo Theory in the Kerr Metric 57 Khanna, R.
Analytic Results in a Simple Nonlinear Dynamo Model 69 Kim, E.
Evolution Equations for Thin Twisted Flux Tubes 79 Klapper, I.; Longcope, D.
Dynamos in Fully Convective Stars 87 Küker, M.; Rüdiger, G.
Fast Dynamo Equilibration in a Simplified Nonlinear Model 97 Maksymczuk, J.; Gilbert, A. D.
Dynamo Action in Convection 107 Matthews, P. C.
Magnetohydrodynamic Evolution and Force-Free States 119 Núñez, M.
The α-Effect of Toroidal Fluxtubes and its Application in a Mean-Field Solar Dynamo 127 Ossendrijver, M.
Boundary Effects and the Role of Noise in Stellar Dynamos 139 Proctor, M. R. E.; Knobloch, E.; Tobias, S. M.
Turbulent Dynamo Action and the High-Conductivity Limit: a Hidden Dynamo 151 Rädler, K.-H.; Geppert, U.
A Two-Layer αω Dynamo Model, and its Implications for 1-D Dynamos 165 Roald, C. B.
Intermittency as a Possible Underlying Mechanism for Solar and Stellar Variability 173 Tavakol, R.; Covas, E.
Symmetry Considerations in Stellar Dynamos 185 Tobias, S. M.; Knobloch, E.; Weiss, N. O.
Nonaxisymmetric Stellar Dynamos 195 Tuominen, I.; Berdyugina, S. V.; Korpi, M. J.; Rönty, T.
A Turbulent Dynamo for Stars Lacking Convection 203 Zita, E. J.