Title: Optical and Infrared Spectroscopy of Circumstellar Matter
Volume: 188 Year: 1999 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Guenther, Eike; Stecklum, Bringfried; Klose, Sylvio
ISBN: 1-58381-014-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-524-3
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Paper Title Page Authors
Laudatio: Josef Solf 3 Sedlmayr, E.
Thirty Years of Partnership - Laudatio 7 Elsässer, H.
Spectroscopic Insight and the Physics of Circumstellar Matter: Josef Solf's Contribution to Astrophysics 11 Böhm, K.-H.; Matt, S.
Circumstellar Disks, Microjets, and Herbig-Haro Objects in the Orion Nebula 25 O'dell, C. R.; Bally, J.
Photoevaporated Flow of the Cometary Knots in NGC 7293 39 López-Martín, L.; Raga, A. C.; Mellema, G.; Henney, W.
Newly Discovered Jets and Outflows Connected with Cometary Nebulae 49 Movsessian, T.; Magakian, T.
Jets from Young Stars 55 Eislöffel, J.
Near-IR studies of Protostellar Outflows: Entrainment and Execitation of Molecular Gas 61 Davis, C. J.; Smith, M. D.; Eislöffel, J.
Flows from Young Stars in Serpens 71 Ziener, R.; Eislöffel, J.
Integral Field 3D Spectroscopy in Outflows 73 Tedds, J. A.; Brand, P. W. J. L.; Burton, M. G.
The Spectroscopic Properties of Embedded Stellar Outflows 83 Noriega-Crespo, A.
CO Line Emission in Pre-Main Sequence Sources 93 di Giorgio, A. M.; Benedettini, M.; Pezzuto, S.; Saraceno, P.; Spinoglio, L.; Correia, J. C.; Griffin, M. J.; Leeks, S. J.; White, G. J.; Molinari, S.; Tommasi, E.; Caux, E.; Liseau, R.; Smith, H.
An approach to the Mass Determination of Outflows from Low-Mass Young Stellar Objects-The special case of L1551-IRS5 97 Fridlund, C. V. M.; Liseau, R.
Multidimensional Continuum Radiative Transfer 109 Steinacker, J.; Henning, Th.
The Evolution of Protostars & their Environments 117 Smith, M. D.
Imprints of Magnetic Fields in Formation and Propagation of Young Stellar Jets 129 Camenzind, M.
X-ray Emission of Pre-Main Sequence Stars and their Spatial Distribution 143 Neuhäuser, R.
X-ray Flares in Taurus-Auriga-Perseus 151 Stelzer, B.; Neuhäuser, R.; Hambaryan, V.
X-ray Flares on the UV Cet Type Stars 155 Hambaryan, V.; Neuhäuser, R.; Stelzer, B.
Spectroscopic Observations of Flares on Young Stars 161 Guenther, E. W.; Ball, M.
Accretion on Classical T Tauri Stars: an Optical Spectroscopic and Photometric Study 167 Fernández, M.; Covino, E.; Alcalá, J. M.; Rostopchina, A. N.
Longterm Variability - First Results from Digitised Photographic Plates 171 Heines, A.
MHD Turbulence in Star-Forming Clouds 177 Mac Low, M.-M.; Klessen, R.; Heitsch, F.
Chemical Signatures of Interstellar Turbulence - The Formation of C+ 187 Gredel, R.
Progress in Infrared Spectroscopy of Solid Matter 199 Henning, Th.
Cosmic Dust Formation and Dust Forming Systems 211 Sedlmayr, E.
A Search for Diffuse Circumstellar Bands 221 Začs, L.; Schmidt, M. R.; Szczerba, R.; Spēlmanis, R.
Diffuse Interstellar Bands and Unidentified Infrared Bands in Young Galactic Clusters 225 Pfau, W.
The Criss-Cross Nebula: an Interstellar Cloud on the Verge of Destruction 231 Zanin, C.; Weinberger, R.
M2-9, the Bête-Noire of Bipolar Planetary Nebulae 241 Balick, B.
Jets and Disks in Young Planetary Nebulae 257 Miranda, L. F.
Planetary Nebulae with ISOCAM 267 Kimeswenger, St.; Geckeler, R. D.; Kerber, F.
Temperature Fluctuations of Small Dust Particles in Planetary Nebulae 271 Koller, J.
The High Excitation Lines in the Planetary Nebula NGC 6302 275 Binette, L.; Casassus, S. P.
Formation and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae 281 Schönberner, D.; Steffen, M.
Circumstellar Environment of Symbiotic Binary Stars 291 Mikolajewska, J.
Integral Field 3D Spectroscopy: Techniques and Prospects 303 Thatte, N.; Eisenhauer, F.; Tecza, M.; Mengel, S.; Genzel, R.; Monnet, G.; Bonaccini, D.
GraF/ADONIS Spectroscopy and Spectro-Imaging with Adaptive Optics 315 Chalabaev, A.; Le Coarer, E.; Le Mignant, D.
LUCIFER-LBT NIR spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research 321 Mandel, H.; Appenzeller, I.; Seifert, W.; Xu, W.; Herbst, T.; Lenzen, R.; Thatte, T.; Lemke, R.; Bomans, D.; Nicklas, H.; Weiser, P.
The FEROS spectrograph 331 Stahl, O.; Kaufer, A.; Tubbesing, S.
Star Formation and Extrasolar Planet Studies with Near-Infrared Interferometry on the LBT 341 Herbst, T. M.; Rix, H.-W.
Predictive Calibration and Forward Analysis of Spectroscopic Data 351 Rosa, M. R.
Concluding Remarks 359 Solf, J.