Title: From Giant Planets to Cool Stars
Volume: 212 Year: 2000 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Griffith, Caitlin A.; Marley, Mark S.
ISBN: 1-58381-041-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-548-9
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Paper Title Page Authors
Overview 1 N/A
Jupiter's Atmosphere in a Brown Dwarf Context 2 Hunten, D.
Brown Dwarfs and Cool Stars: An Overview 7 Liebert, J.
The Observational Basis 19 N/A
The L and T Dwarf Spectral Sequences: First Steps in Bridging the Gap Between Planets and Stars 20 Kirkpatrick, J. Davy
Discovery of Two Really Cool Field Dwarfs 30 Pier, J.; Leggett, S. K.; Strauss, M. A.; Fan, X.; Gunn, J. E.; Lupton, R. H.; Knapp, G. R.; Geballe, T. R.; Tsvetanov, Z. I.; Zheng, W.; Golimowski, D. A.; Ford, H. C.; Uomoto, A.; Davidsen, A. R.
The L Spectral Type: A New Class of Dwarfs Cooler than M 38 Martín, E.
NIR Spectroscopy of the Candidate Protoplanet TMR-1C 45 Terebey, S.; Van Buren, D.; Padgett, D. L.; Matthews, K.
On The Nature and Origin of Low-Mass Companions to Stars: A Statistical Perspective 54 Black, D.; Stepinski, T.
A Wide Field Search for Proper Motion Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs in the Pleiades 62 Adams, J.; Stauffer, J. R.; Monet, D. G.; Skrutskie, M. F.; Beichman, C. A.
Discovering T dwarfs with 2MASS 65 Burgasser, A.; Kirkpatrick, J. D.; Brown, M. E.; Reid, I. N.; Beichman, C. A.; Cutri, R. M.; Gizis, J. E.; Skrutskie, M. F.; Dahn, C. C.; Monet, D. G.
Astrometry and Photometry for Cool Dwarfs and Brown Dwarfs 74 Dahn, C.; Guetter, H. H.; Harris, H. C.; Henden, A. A.; Luginbuhl, C. B.; Monet, A. K. B.; Monet, D. G.; Pier, J. R.; Stone, R. C.; Vrba, F. J.; Walker, R. L.
Mid-IR Observations of the Pleiades Brown Dwarfs Teide 1 & Calar 3 82 Leech, K.; Altieri, B.; Metcalfe, L.; Martin, E. L.; Rebolo, R.; Zapatero Osorio, M.; Laureijs, R.; Prusti, T.; Salama, A.; Siebenmorgen, R.; Claes, P.; Trams, N.
Searching for Companions to Late Type M Stars 88 Oetiker, B.; Duric, N.; McGraw, J.; Williams, T.; Jackson, D.; Deeg, H.-J.; Scheibner, M.; Tepper, M.; Garcia, D.; Wilcox, E.
Planetary and Stellar Atmospheres from Observations 99 N/A
The Giant Planets from UV to Far Infrared: What Do We Learn From Their Spectra? 100 Drossart, P.
Condensates in Jovian Atmospheres 106 West, R.
Brown Dwarf Atmospheres from Observations and Theory 115 N/A
The Exotic Atmospheres of Substellar-Mass Objects 116 Burrows, A.
Model Atmospheres and Spectra of Brown Dwarfs to Giant Planets 127 Allard, F.; Hauschildt, P. H.; Alexander, D. R.; Ferguson, J. W.; Tamanai, A.
Disequilibrium Chemistry in Brown Dwarfs 142 Griffith, C.
The Role of Condensates in L- and T-dwarf Atmospheres 152 Marley, M.
Ammonia in the T Dwarf Gliese 229B 163 Saumon, D.; Gegalle, T. R.; Leggett, S. K.; Marley, M. S.; Freedman, R. S.; Sengupta, S. K.; Kalinin, Y. V.
Collision Induced Absorption in M Dwarfs and Cool White Dwarfs 173 Borysow, A.; Gråe Jørgensen, U.
The Development of Opacity Databases for Brown Dwarfs and Extra Solar Giant Planets 181 Freedman, R.
Narrow Band Near Infrared Photometry of Brown Dwarfs 187 Stephens, D.; Marley, M.
Chemistry 195 N/A
Photochemistry in Giant-Planet Atmospheres 196 Moses, J.
The Interiors and Tropospheres of Planets and Brown Dwarfs 209 N/A
Dynamics of Giant Planet Interiors 210 Schubert, G.; Zhang, K.
Evolution of Giant Planets and Brown Dwarfs 223 Hubbard, W.
Stratospheres and Scorchers 231 N/A
Photometric Light Curves of Close-in Extrasolar Giant Planets 232 Seager, S.; Whitney, B.
A Radiative Equilibrium Model of 51 Peg-Type Planets 242 Goukenleuque, C.; Bézard, B.; Lellouch, E.
Coronae and Exospheres 251 N/A
Magnetic Activity in Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs 252 Hawley, S.; Reid, I. N.; Gizis, J.
X-ray Emission and Coronal Activity of Brown Dwarfs 262 Neuhäuser, R.
Brown Dwarf Coronae 267 Yelle, R.
Present Detections and Future Prospects 277 N/A
Searching for Weather in Brown Dwarfs 278 Tinney, C.
The Scientific Potential of High Precision Transits of Giant Planets 284 Schneider, J.
A Keck/HST Survey for Companions to Low-Luminosity Dwarfs 291 Koerner, D.; Kirkpatrick, J. D.; Reid, I. N.; Gizis, J.
Differential Phase Observations of Extrasolar Planets with the Keck Interferometer 300 Akeson, R.; Swain, M.
Prospects for Direct Spectral Detection and Characterization of "Hot Jupiters" 308 Deming, D.; Wiedemann, G.; Bjoraker, G.
Improvements in Spectrograph Self-calibration for Planet Search 315 Endl, M.; Kürster, M.; Els, S.
Variability in an Unresolved Jupiter 322 Gelino, C.; Marley, M.
PSF Technique Applied for Extrasolar Planet Search at Young, Nearby Stars 331 Kaltenegger, L.; Rebolo, R.; Rosa-Zapatero, M.
Detection and Characterization of Nearby Giant Planet and Brown Dwarf Companions with an NGST Coronagraph 339 Sahai, Raghvendra; Trauger, J.; Stapelfeldt, K.; Moody, D.; Lunine, J.
Ground-based Search for Specific Molecules in Extrasolar Planetary Environments 347 Vikramsingh, R.