Title: Blazar Demographics and Physics
Volume: 227 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Padovani, Paolo; Urry, C. Megan
ISBN: 1-58381-059-5 eISBN: 978-1-58381-563-2
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Paper Title Page Authors
Issues in Blazar Research 3 Padovani, P.; Urry, C. M.
Images and Polarization of Compact Jets in Blazars 10 Marscher, A. P.; Jorstad, S. G.
The Parsec-Scale Structure of TeV Blazars 18 Piner, B. G.; Edwards, P. G.; Fodor, S.
Host Galaxies of Blazars and Radio Galaxies 22 Scarpa, R.
Deep NOT Imaging of Radio Selected BL Lac Objects 32 Pursimo, T.; Nilsson, K.; Sillanpää, A.; Takalo, L. O.; Heidt, J.
Intrinsic Differences in the Inner Jets of High and Low Optically Polarized Radio Quasars 36 Lister, M. L.; Smith, P. S.
Spectral Energy Distributions of Blazars: Facts and Speculations 40 Maraschi, L.; Tavecchio, F.
The HST View of the Nuclei of Radio Galaxies: Implications for the Radioloud AGN Unification Models 50 Chiaberge, M.; Celotti, A.; Capetti, A.; Ghisellini, G.
Blazars in Low-Luminosity and Radio-Weak AGN? 56 Falcke, H.; Markoff, S.; Biermann, P. L.
Connection between Superluminal Ejections and γ-Ray Flares in Blazars 69 Jorstad, S.; Marscher, A.; Aller, M.; Aller, H.
The Emission Line Properties of DXRBS Blazars 73 Landt, H.; Padovani, P.; Perlman, E. S.; Giommi, P.
On the Relation between Radio and Non-Radio Elliptical Galaxies 77 Scarpa, R.; Urry, C. M.
Blazar Jets: The Spectra 85 Ghisellini, G.
Jets in Quasars 95 Sikora, M.
On the Energy Content of Blazar Jets 105 Celotti, A.
Beaming in Jets with Evolving Relativistic Features 108 Abraham, Z.
Time Scales of Blazar Variability 112 Wagner, S. J.
Size-Luminosity-Scaling and Inverse Compton Seed Photons in Blazars 116 Georganopoulos, M.; Kirk, J. G.; Mastichiadis, A.
Chandra Detection of an X-ray Jet in 3C 371 122 Sambruna, R. M.; Urry, C. M.; Scarpa, R.; Tavecchio, F.; Maraschi, L.; Pesce, J. E.
Continuous Long-look Observations of TeV Blazars Using ASCA 127 Tanihata, C.; Takahashi, T.; Kataoka, J.; Urry, C. M.
Spectral Energy Distribution of Low Power FR I Radio Galaxies 131 Trussoni, E.; Capetti, A.; Celotti, A.; Chiaberge, M.
BL Lacs at the Blue End of the Blazar Sequence 135 Costamante, L.; Ghisellini, G.; Wolter, A.; Tagliaferri, G.; Fossati, G.; Padovani, P.; Giommi, P.
A Polarization Flare in 3C 273: A Clue to Jet Physics 140 Cross, L. L.; Wills, B. J.; Hough, J. H.; Bailey, J. A.
Simultaneous Optical and X-Ray Observations of BL Lacertae 144 Nesci, R.; Massaro, E.; Montagni, F.; Sclavi, S.; Balonek, T.; Caler, M.; Tremonti, C.; D'Alessio, F.; Catalano, S.; Frasca, A.; Marilli, E.; Tagliaferri, G.; Ghisellini, G.; Ravasio, M.; Giommi, P.; Chiappetti, L.; Kato, T.; Uemura, M.; Kurtanidze, O. M.; Nikolashvili, M. G.; Carini, M. T.; Noble, J. C.; Tosti, G.; Nucciarelli, G.; Mattox, J.
The Physics of Blazar Optical Emission Regions. I. Alignment of Optical Polarization and the VLBI Jet 150 Yuan, M. J.; Tran, H.; Wills, B.; Wills, D.
The Physics of Blazar Optical Emission Regions. II. Magnetic Field Orientation, Viewing Angle, and Beaming 154 Yuan, M. J.; Tran, H.; Wills, B.; Wills, D.
On the AGN Storage Ring Central Engine Model for Blazars 158 Greyber, H. D.
Deep Blazar Surveys 163 Padovani, P.
The BLEIS Project 176 Cagnoni, I.; Celotti, A.; Poccecai, D.
The Reddest BL Lacs? 180 Antón, S.; Browne, I.
Hidden BL Lacertae Objects Near and Far 184 Stocke, J. T.
Radio Properties of REX BL Lacs and Galaxies 190 Wolter, A.; Caccianiga, A.; Maccacaro, T.; della Ceca, R.; Gioia, I. M.; Cavallotti, F.; Minoia, M.
The EMSS Radio Loud Quasar Sample 196 Wolter, A.; Celotti, A.
Surveys and the Blazar Parameter Space 200 Perlman, E. S.; Padovani, P.; Landt, H.; Stocke, J. T.; Costamante, L.; Rector, T.; Giommi, P.; Schachter, J. F.
How Many 'Flavors' Can a BL Lac Have? 208 Marchã, M. J.
Discovery of Hidden Blazars inside Quasars 212 Ma, F.; Wills, B. J.
Demographics of Blazars 218 Fossati, G.
The Cosmological Evolution of BL Lacertae Objects 227 Giommi, P.; Pellizzoni, A.; Perri, M.; Padovani, P.
The Cosmological Evolution of BL Lacs: The REX Point of View 238 Caccianiga, A.; Maccacaro, T.; Wolter, A.; della Ceca, R.; Gioia, I. M.
Extragalactic Radio Source Evolution and Unification: Clues to the Demographics of Blazars 242 Jackson, C. A.; Wall, J. V.
The Connection between BL Lacs and Flat-Spectrum Radio Quasars 252 D'Elia, V.; Cavaliere, A.