Title: Evolution of Binary and Multiple Star Systems: A Meeting in Celebration of Peter Eggleton's 60th Birthday
Volume: 229 Year: 2001 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Podsiadlowski, Ph.; Rappaport, S.; King, A. R.; D'Antona, F.; Burderi, L.
ISBN: 1-58381-061-7 eISBN: 978-1-58381-565-6
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Paper Title Page Authors
Low-Mass Red Giants as Binary Stars without Angular Momentum 3 Faulkner, John
Eggleton '71 Revisited 15 Cannon, Robert C.
Stellar Structure and Magnetic Fields from Pre-Main Sequence to Cataclysmic Binaries 21 D'Antona, Francesca
Thermal Pulses and Dredge-up in AGB Stars 31 Pols, Onno R.; Tout, Christopher A.; Lattanzio, John C.; Karakas, Amanda I.
Origin of the Rotation Rates of Single White Dwarfs and Neutron Stars 43 Spruit, Henk C.
Star Cluster Parameters without Isochrones 49 Wilson, Robert E.
The Local Galactic Mass Injection from Cool Winds and Superwinds of the 1 to 2. 5 M Mass Stars 59 Schröder, Klaus-Peter
The Formation of Binary Stars 67 Bodenheimer, Peter
The Formation and Evolution of Multiple Star Systems 77 Aarseth, Sverre J.; Mardling, Rosemary A.
Not-So-Simple Triple Systems 91 Kiseleva-Eggleton, Ludmila; Eggleton, Peter P.
Stability in the General Three-Body Problem 101 Mardling, Rosemary A.
A Hierarchical Triple Star System in M4 117 Rasio, Frederic A.
Tidal Evolution of Massive, Eccentric Binary Systems: Effects of Resonance Locking 133 Savonije, Gerrit J.; Witte, Marnix G.
On the Pre-RLO Spin-Orbit Couplings in LMXBs 145 Tauris, Thomas M.
The Braking of Wind 157 Eggleton, Peter P.
A Self-Regulating Braking Mechanism in Black Hole X-ray Binaries 167 Meyer, Friedrich; Meyer-Hofmeister, Emmi
Magnetic Activity and Dynamic Phenomena in Close Binaries 177 Lanza, Antonino F.; Rodonò, Marcello
The Eclipsing Binary Millisecond Pulsar PSR B1744-24A - Possible Test for a Magnetic Braking Mechanism 187 Ergma, Ene; Sarna, Marek J.
Case A Binary Evolution 193 Nelson, Cailin A.; Eggleton, Peter P.
A Self-Consistent Binary Population Synthesis Model 205 Han, Zhanwen; Eggleton, Peter P.; Podsiadlowski, Philipp; Tout, Christopher A.; Webbink, Ronald F.
The Initial - Final Mass Relation for Close Low- and Intermediate-Mass Binaries 217 Han, Zhanwen; Tout, Christopher A.; Eggleton, Peter P.
The Formation and Properties of Helium-Degenerate Dwarfs 223 Nelson, Lorne A.; Mac Cannell, Keith A.; Davis, Aaron
Orbital Period Behaviour of Some Semi-Detached Eclipsing Binaries during the Last Decades 229 Rovithis-Livaniou, Helen; Kalimeris, Anastassios; Kranidiotis, Athanassios; Athanassiades, George; Rovithis, Peter
Radial Velocity Monitoring of Possible Close Red Giant Binary Systems 233 Wood, Peter R.; Axelrod, T. S.; Welch, Doug L.
Common-Envelope Evolution and Stellar Mergers 239 Podsiadlowski, Philipp
Testing Common-Envelope Binary Evolution with Measurements of the 12C/13C Isotopic Ratios 251 Catalán, Maria S.; Smalley, Barry; Exter, Katrina M.; Wood, Janet H.; Sarna, Marek J.
On the λ-Parameter of the Common Envelope Evolution 255 Dewi, Jasinta D. M.; Tauris, Thomas M.
Common-Envelope Evolution: the Nucleosynthesis in Mergers of Massive Stars 261 Ivanova, Natalia; Podsiadlowski, Philipp; Spruit, Henk
Measuring Vrot sin i in Post Common Envelope Binaries 267 Wood, Janet H.; Bleach, James N.; Catalán, Maria S.; Welsh, William F.; Robinson, Edward L.
The Progenitors of Type Ia Supernovae 275 Tout, Christopher A.; Regös, Enikö; Wickramasinghe, Dayal; Hurley, Jarrod R.; Pols, Onno R.
The Phillips Relation of `Normal' Type Ia Supernovae 287 Mazzali, Paolo A.
Recurrent Novae: Type Ia Supernovae in the Making 293 Hachisu, Izumi; Kato, Mariko
Metallicity Dependence of Optically Thick Winds 297 Kato, Mariko
Binary Stars as Gamma Ray Burst Progenitors 301 Belczynski, Krzysztof; Bulik, Tomasz; Rudak, Bronislaw
Supersoft X-Ray Sources as Transient Phases of Cataclysmic Variable Evolution 309 Webbink, Ronald F.
Thermal-Timescale Mass Transfer and CV Evolution 321 Schenker, Klaus
Nova Outbursts and the CV Mass Transfer Rate Spectrum 333 Kolb, Ulrich
The Discovery of Starspots in Cataclysmic Variables 345 Webb, Natalie A.; Naylor, Tim; Jeffries, Robin D.
Is there a Ghost in LX Ser? 351 Vande Putte, Dave; Smith, Robert C.
Archival HST and IUE Study of the Dwarf Novae AH Her and CM Del: Exposed White Dwarfs? 355 Sion, Edward; Lyons, Kelly; Stys, D.; Slevinsky, R.; Wood, Janet H.
Continuing Activity in the Old Novae HR Del and RR Pic 363 Friedjung, Michael; Selvelli, Pierluigi
Optical and EUV Light Curves of Dwarf Nova Outbursts 367 Mauche, Christopher W.; Mattei, Janet A.; Bateson, Frank M.
BZ Cam during its 1999/2000 Optical Low-State 373 Greiner, Jochen; Tovmassian, Gaghik; Lehmann, H.; Chavushyan, V.; Rau, A.; Schwarz, R.; Orio, M.; Casalengo, R.; Conselice, C.
Late Superhumps and the Stream-Disc Impact in IY UMa 379 Rolfe, Daniel J.; Haswell, Carole A.; Patterson, Joseph
On Echo Outbursts and ER UMa Supercycles in SU UMa-Type Cataclysmic Variables 385 Hellier, Coel
Does TV Col have the Longest Recorded Positive Superhumps? 391 Retter, Alon; Hellier, Coel; Augusteijn, Tomas; Naylor, Tim
A 3250-9050 Å Spectrophotometric Atlas of 137 Symbiotic Stars 397 Zwitter, Tomaž; Munari, Ulisse
Rapid Mass Transfer in Detached Binary Systems 403 Iijima, Takashi
Formation of Compact Binaries in Globular Clusters 409 Rappaport, Saul; Pfahl, Eric; Rasio, Frederic A.; Podsiadlowski, Philipp
On the Spin-Up of Neutron Stars to Millisecond Pulsars in Long-Period Binaries 423 Ritter, Hans; King, Andrew R.
The Population of Faint Transients in the Galactic Centre 433 King, Andrew R.
The Violent Past of Cygnus X-2 443 Davies, Melvyn B.; Kolb, Ulrich; King, Andrew R.; Ritter, Hans
Where Have all the Submillisecond Pulsars Gone? 455 Burderi, Luciano; D'Antona, Francesca; Menna, Maria T.; Stella, Luigi
Fundamental Frequencies of Strong Field Geodetic Motion and QPOs in Low-Mass X-ray Binaries 471 Stella, Luigi
Neutron Star Cooling in Transiently Accreting Low Mass Binaries: a New Tool for Probing Nuclear Matter 483 Possenti, Andrea; Colpi, Monica; Page, Dany; Geppert, Ulrich
Harmonic Coupling of Red Noise in SAX J1808. 4-3658 489 Menna, Maria T.; Burderi, Luciano; Stella, Luigi; Lazzati, Davive; Robba, Natale
OAO1657-415: A `Missing Link' in High-Mass X-Ray Binaries? 495 Maxwell, Diana H.; Norton, Andrew J.; Roche, Paul
Properties of Black Holes in Stellar Binary Systems 503 Remillard, Ron A.
Black Hole X-ray Transients: Results from Recent Multiwavelength Observations 515 Haswell, Carole A.; Hynes, Robert I.
Information on Stellar Black Hole Formation Derived from X-ray Binaries and Gamma Ray Bursts 525 van den Heuvel, Edward P. J.
The Formation of Black-Hole X-Ray Transients 537 Kalogera, Vassiliki
The Quiescent Lightcurve and Evolutionary State of GRO J1655-40 547 Beer, Martin E.; Podsiadlowski, Philipp