Title: The High Energy Universe at Sharp Focus: Chandra Science
Volume: 262 Year: 2002 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Schlegel, Eric M.; Vrtilek, Saeqa Dil
ISBN: 1-58381-102-8 eISBN: 978-1-58381-598-4
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Paper Title Page Authors
Cometary X-ray Emission: the View After the First Chandra Observations 3 Lisse, C. M.
Chandra HRC Observations of X-rays from the Jupiter System (abstract only) 19 Waite, J. H., Jr.
X-rays from Venus discovered with Chandra 21 Dennerl, K.; Burwitz, V.; Englhauser, J.; Lisse, C.; Wolk, S.
Mass Loss and Magnetospheres: X-rays from Hot Stars and Young Stellar Objects 31 Gagné, M.; Cohen, D.; Owocki, S.; Ud-Doula, A.
Crazy Coronal Abundances 45 Linsky, J. L.
Chandra Observations of Hot White Dwarf Stars 57 Vennes, S.; Dupuis, J.
What are the Sources of X-rays from Hot Stars? Comparing Two Prototypes 63 Miller, N. A.; Cassinelli, J. P.; Waldron, W. L.; Macfarlane, J. J.; Cohen, D. H.
Chandra Observations of O Stars 69 Waldron, W. L.; Cassinelli, J. P.
Looking Broadly Backwards: The Development of X-ray Surveys 77 Trimble, V.
The 1 Ms Chandra Survey of the HDF-N: Populations at the faintest X-ray Fluxes 93 Hornschemeier, A. E.; Cdf-N Team
Exploring the Early Universe with XMM-Newton 105 Lehmann, I.; Hasinger, G.; Murray, S. S.; Schmidt, M.
First Results from the ELAIS Deep X-ray Survey 117 Johnson, O.; Almaini, O.; Lawrence, A.; Manners, J.; Dunlop, J.; Mann, B.; Perez Fournon, I.; Gonzales Solares, E.; Willott, C.; Oliver, S.; Rowan-Robinson, M.; Serjeant, S.; Ciliegi, P.; McMahon, R.
Chandra Observations of Nearby Spiral Galaxies 127 Prestwich, A. H.
High Resolution X-ray Imaging of Starforming Galaxies (abstract only) 139 Ward, M.
X-ray Emission of Dwarf Galaxies: I Zw 18 141 Bomans, D. J.; Weis, K.
Chandra Observations of Diffuse Emission in M31 147 Dosaj, A.; Garcia, M.; Forman, W.; Jones, C.; Kong, A.; di Stefano, R.; Primini, F.; Murray, S.
Stellar X-ray Binary Populations in Elliptical Galaxies 153 White, R. E., III
The Components of the X-ray Emission from a Variety of Early-Type Systems 157 Irwin, J. A.; Sarazin, C. L.; Bregman, J. N.
A Multi-wavelength Analysis of NGC 4038/9 163 Campbell, G.; Hutchinson, A.; Phipps, J.; Keohane, J. W.; Olbert, C. M.
Recent Chandra Results on AGNs &Future Prospects 173 Mathur, S.
What has Chandra told us about Active Galaxies? (abstract only) 185 Nandra, K.
X-ray Point Source Populations in Spiral and Elliptical Galaxies 187 Colbert, E.; Heckman, T.; Weaver, K.; Strickland, D.
High-Resolution X-ray Spectroscopy of the Seyfert 2 galaxy NGC 1068 (M77) with the LETGS on Chandra 195 van der Meer, R. L. J.; Brinkmann, A. C.; Kaastra, J. S.; Behar, E.; Kahn, S. M.; Kinkhabwala, A.; Paerels, F.; Sako, M.
Chandra Grating Observations of Seyfert 1 Galaxies 203 Yaqoob, T.; George, I. M.; Turner, T. J.
Preliminary Chandra/HETG results for NGC 3516 (abstract only) 209 Turner, T. J.
A Chandra X-ray Study of NGC 1068 (abstract only) 211 Young, A. J.; Wilson, A.; Shopbell, P.
The Chandra View of X-ray Binaries 215 Vrtilek, S. D.
Long-duration Neutron Star X-ray Transients in quiescence: the Chandra Observation of KS 1731-260 235 Wijnands, R.
The Spectrum and Accurate Location of GRS 1758-258 241 Heindl, W. A.; Smith, D. M.
Spatially Resolved Spectroscopy of the Micro-quasar SS 433 (abstract only) 247 Tang, S.; Armwood, R. L.; Keohane, J. W.; Olbert, C. M.
Simultaneous RXTE and Chandra HETGS Observations of Serpens X-1 (abstract only) 249 Markwardt, C.
Chandra Observation of the Shell of Classical Nova Persei 1901 (GK Per): A Miniature Supernova Remnant 253 Balman, S.
Chandra Meets Eta Carinae 267 Davidson, K.
On the X-ray Emission of η Carinae's Outer Ejecta 275 Weis, K.; Corcoran, M. F.; Davidson, K.
X-ray Emission from the Cas A Supernova Remnant 283 Hwang, U.
Cas A's Multiple Plasmas - Catching the Wave 293 Rudnick, L.
Sharper Views of Magellanic Cloud Supernova Remnants (abstract only) 303 Hughes, J. P.
SN1999gi and the X-ray Emission of Type IIP Supernovae 305 Schlegel, E. M.
Spectral Imaging of Cas A using XMM-Newton EPIC MOS 309 van der Heyden, K.; Bleeker, J.; Kaastra, J.; Willingale, R.; Vink, J.
Chandra Observations of the Oxygen-rich Supernova Remnant MSH 11-54 (G292.0+1.8) 315 Safi-Harb, S.; Gonzalez, M. E.
The Small Scale Structure of N103B: Nature or Nurture? 323 Lewis, K. T.; Burrows, D. N.; Garmire, G. P.; Nousek, J. A.; Hughes, J. P.; Slane, P.
A New Compact Object / Remnant Association in SNR G292.0+1.8 331 Olbert, C. M.; Keohane, J. W.; Arnaud, K. A.; Dyer, K. K.; Reynolds, S. P.; Safi-Harb, S.
A Chandra X-ray and ATCA Radio Comparison of SNR N103B in the Large Magellanic Cloud 339 Scronce, G.; Feng, H.; Keohane, J. W.; Olbert, C. M.
A Morphological Analysis of the Supernova Remnant G292.0+1.8 with Chandra and ATCA 343 Jin, S.; Waite-Jones, C. G.; Keohane, J. W.; Olbert, C. M.; Gaensler, B. M.; Wallace, B. J.
Clusters of Galaxies at Sharp Focus: Cooling Flows and Radio Sources Unveiled by Chandra 351 McNamara, B. R.
Chandra Observations of Lensing Galaxy Clusters 367 Bautz, M. W.; Arabadjis, J. S.; Machacek, M. E.; Jeltema, T. E.; Canizares, C. R.; Garmire, G. P.
Chandra Analysis of Abell 496 377 Dupke, R.; White, R. E., III
Dynamics of the Multiple Merger Cluster of Galaxies Abell 85 383 Kempner, J. C.; Sarazin, C. L.; Ricker, P. M.
The Low-Energy Spectral Response of the ACIS CCDs 391 Plucinsky, P. P.; Edgar, R. J.; Virani, S. N.; Townsley, L. K.; Broos, P. S.
The Temporal Characteristics of the Chandra X-ray Observatory High Energy Particle Background 401 Grant, C. E.; Bautz, M. W.; Virani, S. N.
Analysis of On-Orbit ACIS Squeegee Mode Data 409 Virani, S. N.; Plucinsky, P. P.; Grant, C. E.; Lamarr, B.