Title: Star Formation Through Time: A Conference to Honour Roberto J. Terlevich
Volume: 297 Year: 2003 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Perez, Enrique; Gonzalez Delgado, Rosa M.; Tenorio-Tagle, Guillermo
ISBN: 1-58381-144-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-632-5
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Paper Title Page Authors
20 Years of Fundamental Planes 3 Melnick, Jorge
Structural Properties of HII Regions 15 Kennicutt, Robert C., Jr.
Modeling High-metallicity Extragalactic HII Regions: A Test for Hot-star Models 25 González Delgado, Rosa M.
The Role of Shocks and Photoionization in Star Forming Regions 33 Viegas, Sueli M.
A Multiwavelength Vision of Star Forming Regions 43 Cerviño, Miguel
The Effect of Density Structure and Aperture on Nebular Diagnostics 49 Luridiana, Valentina; Cerviño, Miguel
High Resolution Simulations of the Global and Local ISM 55 de Avillez, Miguel A.; Breitschwerdt, Dieter
Star Formation Within Galaxies. Discussion Session 61 Oey, Sally; Muñoz-Tuñón, Casiana
Quasars and Starbursts in Young Giant Elliptical Galaxies 69 Ferland, Gary
Seven Problems Related to the Determination of the Primordial Helium Abundance 81 Peimbert, Manuel; Peimbert, Antonio; Luridiana, Valentina; Ruiz, María Teresa
Effective Yields and Loss of Metals in Star-Forming Galaxies 91 Garnett, Donald
Modeling the Emission Line Sequence of HII Galaxies 97 Stasińska, Grażyna; Izotov, Yuri
Regions of Star Formation: Chemical Issues. Discussion Session 103 Díaz, Ángeles I.; Edmunds, Michael G.; Terlevich, Elena
The H band Stellar Luminosity Function in the Centre of the 30 Dor Cluster 115 Andersen, Morten; Zinnecker, Hans
Emission Line Analysis of two Giant HII Regions in M33 117 Jamet, Luc; Stasińska, Grażyna; Pérez, Enrique; González Delgado, Rosa M.; Vílchez, José M.
Star Formation and the Homogeneity of the Abundances in the ISM of Dwarf Galaxies 121 Skillman, Evan D.
Star Formation in the Large Magellanic Cloud 131 Dottori, Horacio
On the Arduous Search for IZw 18 Lookalikes 137 Terlevich, Elena; Terlevich, Roberto; Skillman, Evan
HII Galaxies 143 Telles, Eduardo
The ages of HII galaxies. 149 Terlevich, Roberto; Terlevich, Elena; Rosa-González, Daniel; Silich, Sergiy
Star-forming Galaxies: from their ISM to the IGM 155 Kunth, Daniel
Metallicities of Starburst and Seyfert Galaxies 165 Ivanov, Valentin D.; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Rieke, Marcia J.
The Hydrodynamics and Chemical Evolution of Starburst-driven Outflows 171 Silich, Sergiy; Tenorio-Tagle, Guillermo
Lyman α Emission in Starbursts: Kinematical and Geometrical Effects 177 Mas-Hesse, J. Miguel; Kunth, Daniel; Tenorio-Tagle, Guillermo; Terlevich, Elena; Leitherer, Claus; Terlevich, Roberto J.
Starburst Galaxies. Discussion Session 183 Leitherer, Claus
Star Formation Rate Estimators: [OII]3727 vs Hα for Local Star-forming Galaxies 191 Aragón-Salamanca, Alfonso; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Gallego, Jesús; García-Dabó, Cesar E.; Pérez-González, Pablo G.; Zamorano, Jaime; Gil de Paz, Armando
Massive Star Formation in Luminous Infrared Galaxies 197 Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Rieke, George H.; Rieke, Marcia J.; Scoville, Nick Z.
Star Formation History in Rich Clusters of Galaxies 203 Dressler, Alan
Molecular Gas in the Intergalactic Medium of Stephan's Quintet 215 Lisenfeld, Ute; Leon, Stéphane; Braine, Jonathan; Duc, Pierre-Alain; Charmandaris, Vassilis; Brinks, Elias
The Environmental Dependence of Star Formation in the Nearby Universe 221 Sodré, Laerte, Jr.; Mateus, Abílio, Jr.
Star-Forming Galaxies and their Environment. Discussion Session 227 Vílches, José M.; Tenorio-Tagle, Guillermo
An Updated FUV-Blue Stellar Library for Modelling Stellar Systems 237 Rodríguez-Merino, Lino H.; Chávez, Miguel; Bertone, Emanuele; Buzzoni, Alberto
The Absorption and Emission Kinematics in the z ∼ 0.75 Mg II Absorber Towards Q1331+17 239 Ellison, Sara L.; Mallén-Ornelas, Gabriela; Sawicki, Marcin
Star Formation Histories of Nearby Starburst Galaxies 241 Mayya, Divakara; Bressan, Alessandro; Rodríguez, Mónica; Ramón Valdes, José; Chávez, Miguel
Cluster galaxy infall and tidally-induced star formation 243 Moss, Chris; Whittle, Mark
Studies of Second Byurakan Survey Galaxies 245 Petrosian, Artashes; Gyulzadyan, Marietta; McLean, Brian; Allen, Ronald J.; Leitherer, Claus; MacKenty, John; Panagia, Nino; Kunth, Daniel; Comte, Georges; Stepanian, Jivan
Study of the Interstellar Medium and Star Formation of a Complete Sample of 760 Isolated Galaxies 249 Lisenfeld, Ute; Verdes-Montenegro, Lourdes; Espada, Daniel; García, Emilio; Leon, Stephane
The Nitrogen Conundrum for Old Stellar Populations 253 Burstein, David
Some Issues/Questions in Globular Cluster Formation 263 Zinnecker, Hans
Star Formation and Gas Flow History of Spheroids 265 Friaça, Amancio C. S.; Lanfranchi, Gustavo A.
The Fundamental Properties of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in Clusters 271 Guzmán, Rafael; Graham, Alister W.; Matković, Ana; Vass, Ileana; Gorgas, Javier; Cardiel, Nicolás
The History of the Stellar Population of Bulges 281 Prugniel, Philippe; Simien, Francois; Fioc, Michel; Le Borgne, Damien; Rocca-Volmerange, Brigitte; Ocvirk, Pierre; Lançon, Ariane; Pichon, Christophe; Soubiran, Caroline
The Redshifts of SCUBA Galaxies: Implications for Spheroid Formation 289 Chapman, Scott C.; Blain, Andrew; Ivison, Rob; Smail, Ian
Understanding Early-Type Galaxies. Discussion Session 295 Davies, Roger L.
Instrumentation for the Gran Telescopio Canarias 305 García-Vargas, María Luisa; Hammersley, Peter; Rodríguez-Espinosa, José M.
Surveying Early-type Galaxies in Low-density Environments 313 Denicolò, Glenda; Terlevich, Roberto; Terlevich, Elena; Forbes, Duncan; Terlevich, Alejandro; Carrasco, Luis
Very Massive Star Formation: ULIRGs and QSOs 317 Genzel, Reinhard
INTEGRAL Spectroscopy of Ultraluminous Infrared Galaxies: Gas Inflows and Starbursts in IRAS 15206+3342 319 Arribas, Santiago; Colina, Luis
Luminous Starbursts in the Local Universe 325 Félix Mirabel, I.
The Host Galaxies of 26,000 AGN 331 Heckman, Timothy M.; Kauffmann, Guinevere
Starbursts in Radio Galaxies from z = 0 to z = 4 345 Tadhunter, Clive
AGNs and Starbursts at low-z: NGC 4303 and NGC 7469 351 Colina, Luis
When AGN form Stars 357 Cid Fernandes, Roberto; Schmitt, Henrique; González Delgado, Rosa M.; Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Heckman, Timothy; Rodrigues Lacerda, Reiner
Stellar Population Gradients in Seyfert 2 Galaxies 363 Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Raimann, Daniel I.; González Delgado, Rosa M.; Schmitt, Henrique R.; Cid Fernandes, Roberto; Heckman, Timothy; Leitherer, Claus
The Infrared H2 Emission Lines in Seyfert and Starburst Galaxies 369 Pastoriza, Miriani; Rodríguez-Ardila, Alberto; Viegas, Sueli; Prato, Lisa
The Starburst-AGN Connection. Discussion Session 373 Terlevich, Roberto; Cid Fernandes, Roberto; Participants, All
The Variability "Telescope": L-M-M in AGN 383 Netzer, Hagai
Spectropolarimetry and the Geometry of Type 1 Seyfert Nuclei 393 Robinson, Andrew; Axon, David J.; Smith, James
An HST Survey of Extended [OIII] Emission in Seyfert Galaxies 399 Schmitt, Henrique R.; Donley, Jennifer
AGN Variability: the Case for Supernovae. Discussion Session 405 Aretxaga, Itziar
Black Holes and Nuclear Clusters in Spiral Galaxies 411 Hughes, Mark A.; Axon, David J.; Alonso-Herrero, Almudena; Scarlata, Claudia
A Correlation Analysis in the Parameter Space of QSOs 413 Garcia-Rissmann, Aurea; Sodré, Laerte, Jr.
Circumnuclear Morphology and Kinematics of the Seyfert 2 Galaxy NGC 2110 415 González Delgado, Rosa M.; Pérez, Enrique; Arribas, Santiago; Heckman, Timothy
Stellar Population of Liner and Transition Liner/HII Nuclei 417 González Delgado, Rosa M.; Pérez, Enrique; Cid Fernandes, Roberto; Heckman, Timothy; Schmitt, Henrique; Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Schaerer, Daniel; Leitherer, Claus
The Filling Factor in Active Galactic Nuclei Galaxies 421 Martins, Lucimara P.; Viegas, Sueli M.; Gruenwald, Ruth
Dust Extinction in Lens Galaxies 423 Mediavilla, Evencio; Motta, Verónica; Muñoz, José A.; Arribas, Santiago; Falco, Emilio; Kochanek, Christopher
Study of the ENLR in the Host Galaxy of QSO 2237+0305 425 Mediavilla, Evencio; Motta, Verónica; Muñoz, José A.; Arribas, Santiago; Falco, Emilio
Mid IR Obscuring Structures in Seyfert Galaxies 427 Rodríguez Espinosa, José M.; Benítez Cañete, Antonio; Pérez García, Ana; Acosta Pulido, José A.; Prieto, Almudena; Cairós, Luz Marina
The Dense Circumstellar Material Around Type IIn Supernovae 429 Salamanca, Isabel
Feeding the Active Nucleus of NGC 1097 431 Storchi-Bergmann, Thaisa; Nemmen da Silva, Rodrigo; Eracleous, Michael
Star Formation in Seyfert Bulges 433 Whittle, Mark; Nelson, Charles H.
Perspectives on Galaxy Formation 439 Kauffmann, Guinevere
Evidence of Early Star Formation from QSO Absorption Lines 447 Boksenberg, Alec; Sargent, Wallace L. W.; Rauch, Michael
Star Formation Indicators to Star Formation Rate: Uncertainties 453 Rengarajan, Thinniam N.; Divakara Mayya, Y.
Unravelling the Epoch of Dissipation 457 Bland-Hawthorn, Jonathan; Freeman, Ken C.
The Cosmic Infared Background Resolved with ISOCAM Deep Surveys 469 Cesarsky, Catherine
UV Properties and Evolution of High-redshift Galaxies 471 Buzzoni, Alberto
The Teenage Universe 479 Edmunds, Michael
A Star-formation Threshold for the Escape of Ionizing Radiation from Galaxies 485 Oey, Sally; Clarke, Cathie
Towards an Absolute Calibration of the SFR Tracers 487 Rosa González, Daniel; Terlevich, Elena; Terlevich, Roberto J.
Violent Star-Formation: Comments 491 Lynden-Bell, Donald
Summary Talk 497 Pagel, Bernard E. J.