Title: Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: Astronum-2007
Volume: 385 Year: 2008 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pogorelov, Nikolai V.; Audit, Edouard; Zank, Gary P.
This volume is based on talks given at ASTRONUM-2007. This conference is the second in a series of international conferences organized by the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics of the University of California at Riverside and the Laboratory for Research of the Fundamental Laws of the Universe of the French Commissariat of Atomic Energy. The conference subjects include turbulence and cosmic ray transport, astrophysical flows, space plasma flows, kinetic and hybrid simulations, numerical methods, algorithms, and frameworks, and data handling and visualization. All of these are of great importance for scientists investigating solar structure, the heliosphere, the Sun-Earth connection, and various astrophysical phenomena. The problems discussed at the conference involved significantly different scales, regions, or particle populations for which several sets of defining equations or concepts are necessary to understand the physical system in its entirety. This book will be of interest to specialists in applied mathematics, astrophysics, space physics, and computer science who apply novel numerical algorithms to the contemporary problems in these fields. Graduate students will find it a useful reference of the fundamental approaches to solving the fluid dynamics and Boltzmann equations governing space plasma flows.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 385 Cover Pogorelov, N.V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G.P.
Front Matter   
Volume 385 Front Matter 1 Pogorelov, N.V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G.P.
Part 1.
Turbulence and Cosmic Ray Transport
Density Statistics of Compressible MHD Turbulence 3 Lazarian, A.; Kowal, G.; Beresnyak, A.
Implications of the Hall Effect for Turbulent Molecular Clouds 12 Downes, T.P.; O'Sullivan, S.
Four-dimensional Transport of Cosmic Rays in the Heliosphere 18 Florinski, V.; Pogorelov, N.V.
Magnetic Fluctuation Spectrum in the Interplanetary Medium 25 Galtier, S.
Time-dependent Solar Modulation of GCRs Using a Monte Carlo Simulation 31 Li, G.; Webb, G.M.; le Roux, J.A.; Zank, G.P.; Wiedenbeck, M.E.
Convective, Absolute, and Global Instabilities in Thin Rotating Disks 38 Liverts, E.; Mond, M.
Vorticity and Turbulence in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe 44 Ryu, D.; Kang, H.
Non-Kolmogorov-like Turbulence in the Local Interstellar Medium 50 Shaikh, D.
Cosmic Ray Transport in MHD Turbulence 56 Yan, H.; Lazarian, A.
A Stochastic Differential Equation Approach to Cosmic Ray Transport 63 Zhang, M.
Part 2.
Astrophysical Flows
Fragmentation and Turbulence in the Interstellar Medium 73 Audit, E.; Hennebelle, P.
Magnetic Acceleration of Relativistic Jets 79 Barkov, M.V.
The Advective-Acoustic Instability in Numerical Simulations of Astrophysical Flows 85 Foglizzo, T.
First Comparison of Two Radiative Transfer Methods: M1 and Sn Techniques 91 González, M.; Velarde, P.; García-Fernández, C.
Preliminary Results of Three-Dimensional Simulations of the Deflagration Phase of the Gravitationally Confined Detonation Model of Type Ia Supernovae 97 Jordan, G.C. IV; Fisher, R.T.; Townsley, D.M.; Calder, A.C.; Graziani, C.; Asida, S.; Lamb, D.Q.; Truran, J.W.
Cosmological Shock Waves in the Large Scale Structure of the Universe 103 Kang, H.; Ryu, D.
Magnetar Connection to Hypernovae and GRB: Numerical Simulations 109 Komissarov, S.S.
The Role of Physical Viscosity on Accretion Disc Dynamics in Close Binaries and AGN 115 Lanzafame, G.
Protoplanet–protoplanetary Disk Interaction with a Godunov Method 121 Masset, F.S.
A Combined Spectral/Godunov Code for the Simulation of Gravitational Waves from Stellar Supernova Core Collapse 127 Novak, J.; Dimmelmeier, H.; Font, J.A.
Part 3.
Space Plasma Flows
MHD-hybrid-kinetic Simulations of Solar Wind Interacting with Bodies: Magnetized and Nonmagnetized Planets and Electric Sailing Spacecraft 135 Janhunen, P.
Challenges of Extreme Computing Using the FLASH Code 145 Dubey, A.; Fisher, R.; Graziani, C.; Jordan, G.C. IV; Lamb, D.Q.; Reid, L.B.; Rich, P.; Sheeler, D.; Townsley, D.; Weide, K.
On MHD Modeling of Coronal Mass Ejections 151 Fichtner, H.; Kopp, A.; Kleimann, J.; Grauer, R.
Magnetic Flux Conservation in Constrained Transport Adaptive Mesh MHD Codes Without Refluxing 158 Loring, B.; Raeder, J.
Numerical Simulations of Solar Wind Disturbances by Coupled Models 167 Odstrcil, D.; Pizzo, V.J.; Arge, C.N.; Bissi, M.M.; Hick, P.P.; Jackson, B.V.; Ledvina, S.A.; Luhmann, J.G.; Linker, J.A.; Mikic, Z.; Riley, P.
Numerical Modeling of Weakly Ionized Plasmas 174 O'Sullivan, S.; Downes, T.P.
MHD-neutral Model of the Outer Heliosphere 180 Pogorelov, N.V.; Zank, G.P.; Borovikov, S.N.; Florinski, V.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Kryukov, I.A.
What Do We Know About the Orientation of the Local Interstellar Magnetic Field? 189 Ratkiewicz, R.; Ben-Jaffel, L.; Grygorczuk, J.
Part 4.
Kinetic and Hybrid Simulations
Modeling the Heliosphere with an Adaptive MHD-kinetic Code 197 Borovikov, S.N.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Pogorelov, N.V.; Kryukov, I.A.; Zank, G.P.
Modeling Kinetic Neutral Atoms in the Solar-Wind/Interstellar-Medium Interaction Region 204 Heerikhuisen, J.; Pogorelov, N.V.; Florinski, V.; Zank, G.P.
An Implicit Particle-in-cell Method 212 Lapenta, G.
Stochastic Numerics for the Boltzmann Equation 219 Rjasanow, S.
Multi-physics Plasma Simulation by the Interlocking of Two Different Hybrid Models 228 Sugiyama, T.; Kusano, K.
Part 5.
Numerical Methods, Algorithms, and Frameworks
Parallel Explicit/Implicit Time Stepping Scheme on Block-Adaptive Grids 237 Tóth, G.; De Zeeuw, D.L.; Ma, Y.; Gombosi, T.I.; Powell, K.G.
Which Numerical Method for Protostellar Collapse? 247 Commerçon, B.; Hennebelle, P.; Audit, E.; Chabrier, G.; Teyssier, R.
A Comparison of Two Intermediate State HLLC Solvers for Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics 253 Gurski, K.F.
Cure for the Carbuncle Instability Based on the Characteristics of the MHD Equations 259 Hanawa, T.; Mikami, H.; Matsumoto, T.
A New, Three-dimensional, Adaptive Mesh Refinement Code for Modeling Flows of Partially Ionized Plasma 265 Kryukov, I.A.; Borovikov, S.N.; Pogorelov, N.V.; Zank, G.P.
A Simple Dual Implementation to Track Pressure Accurately 273 Li, S.
Robust and Efficient Riemann Solvers for MHD 279 Miyoshi, T.; Kusano, K.
Adaptive Staggered Grids in 3D 285 Rosenbaum, W.
Computational MagnetoHydrodynamics, Based on Solution of the Well-Posed Riemann Problem 291 Sokolov, I.V.; Powell, K.G.; Cohen, O.; Gombosi, T.I.
Part 6.
Data Handling and Visualization
Coupled Analysis and Visualization of High Resolution Astrophysical Simulations 299 Rast, M.; Clyne, J.
Visualization of Scalar Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data 309 Weber, G.H.; Beckner, V.E.; Childs, H.; Ligocki, T.J.; Miller, M.C.; Van Straalen, B.; Bethel, E.W.
Parallel Software and Hardware for Capability Visualization of High Performance Computing Results 321 Aguilera, D.; Carrard, T.; Colin de Verdiére, G.; Nominé, J.P.; Tabourin, V.
Interactive Visualization of Astrophysical Plasma Simulations with SDvision 327 Pomarède, D.; Fidaali, Y.; Audit, E.; Brun, A.S.; Masset, F.; Teyssier, R.
Back Matter   
Volume 385 Back Matter 333 Pogorelov, N.V.; Audit, E.; Zank, G.P.