Title: Numerical Modeling of Space Plasma Flows: ASTRONUM - 2008
Volume: 406 Year: 2009 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Pogorelov, Nikolai V.; Audit, Edouard; Colella, Phillip; Zank, Gary P.
This volume contains the papers based on talks given at ASTRONUM-2008—the third in the series of international conferences organized by the Institute of Geophysics and Planetary Physics of the University of California and Institute for Research of the Fundamental laws of the Universe in the French Commissariat of Atomic Energy. The subjects of the conference included such topics as turbulence and cosmic ray transport; astrophysical flows; space plasma flows; kinetic and hybrid simulations; numerical methods, algorithms, and frameworks, data handling and visualization. All of these are of great importance for scientists investigating solar structure, the great importance for scientists investigating solar structure, the heliosphere, Sun-Earth connection, and various astrophysical phenomena. The problems discussed at the conference involved significantly different scales, regions, or particle populations, for which more than one set of defining equations or concepts are necessary to understand the physical system in its entirety. This book will be of interest for specialists in applied mathematics, astrophysics, space physics, and computer science working on the application of novel numerical algorithms to contemporary problems arising in these fields. It can also be used by graduate students to get acquainted with the fundamental approaches to solving fluid dynamics and Boltzmann equations governing space plasma flows.
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 406 Cover Pogorelov, N.V.; Audit, E.; Colella, P.; Zank, G.P.
Front Matter   
Volume 406 Front Matter 1 Pogorelov, N.V.; Audit, E.; Colella, P.; Zank, G.P.
Part 1.
Turbulence and Cosmic Ray Transport
Galactic Cosmic-Ray Transport in the Global Heliosphere: A Four-dimensional Stochastic Model 3 Florinski, V.
Numerical Simulations of MHD Turbulence in Accretion Disks 9 Fromang, S.; Papaloizou, J.; Lesur, G.; Heinemann, T.
Simulations of Supersonic Turbulence in Molecular Clouds: Evidence for a New Universality 15 Kritsuk, A.G.; Ustyugov, S.D.; Norman, M.L.; Padoan, P.
Model of Reconnection of Weakly Stochastic Magnetic Field and its Testing 23 Lazarian, A.; Vishniac, E.; Kowal, G.
Numerical Experiments with Shock-Turbulence Interaction 31 Lele, S.K.; Larsson, J.; Bhagatwala, A.; Moin, P.
Subgrid Models in Turbulent Mixing 42 Lim, H.; Yu, Y.; Glimm, J.; Li, X.-L.; Sharp, D.H.
Numerical Cosmic-Ray Hydrodynamics 47 Miniati, F.
Propagation of Solar Energetic Particles in 3-dimensional Interplanetary Magnetic Fields 53 Zhang, M.
On Challenges for Hypersonic Turbulent Simulations 61 Yee, H.C.; Sjögreen, B.
Part 2.
Astrophysical Flows
Long Duration GRBs and the Birth of Magnetars 73 Bucciantini, N.
Numerical Simulations of the Wardle Instability 80 Falle, S.A.E.G.; Hartquist, T.W.; van Loo, S.
Relativistic Simulations of Magneto-rotational Core Collapse 86 Font, J.A.; Cerdá-Durán, P.; Müller, E.; Antón, L.
Simulations of the Gravitationally Confined Detonation Model of Type Ia Supernovae for Multiple Ignition Points 92 Jordan, G.C.; Meakin, C.A.; Hearn, N.; Fisher, R.T.; Townsley, D.M.; Lamb, D.Q.; Truran, J.W.
An Approach to Solve the Difficulties in the SPH Modeling of Viscous and Free-Boundary Layers 98 Lanzafame, G.
Numerical Simulations of Radiative Shocks in Herbig-Haro Objects with the PLUTO Code 105 Mignone, A.; Tesileanu, O.; Zanni, C.
3D MHD Simulations of Disk Accretion onto Magnetized Stars: Numerical Approach and Sample Simulations 112 Romanova, M.M.; Koldoba, A.V.; Ustyugova, G.V.; Kulkarni, A.K.; Long, M.; Lovelace, R.V.E.
3D MHD Modeling of Accretion Disks in Close Binaries 118 Zhilkin, A.G.; Bisikalo, D.V.
Part 3.
Space Plasma Flows
Adaptive Mesh Refinement on Curvilinear Grids 127 Borovikov, S.N.; Kryukov, I.A.; Pogorelov, N.V.
Recent Advances in Electric Sail Development 135 Janhunen, P.
Numerical Simulation of Interplanetary Disturbances 141 Odstrcil, D.
Multi-scale Fluid-Kinetic Simulation Suite: A Tool for Efficient Modeling of Space Plasma Flows 149 Pogorelov, N.V.; Borovikov, S.N.; Florinski, V.; Heerikhuisen, J.; Kryukov, I.A.; Zank, G.P.
An MHD Solar Wind Model with Turbulence Transport 160 Usmanov, A.V.; Matthaeus, W.M.; Breech, B.; Goldstein, M.L.
Part 4.
Kinetic and Hybrid Simulations
Hybrid Particle–Fluid Methods for Nonequilibrium Gas and Plasma Flows 169 Boyd, I.D.
Tsallis Statistics for Models and Observations of the Heliospheric Magnetic Field 181 Burlaga, L.F.
Kinetic Modeling of Neutral Atom Transport in the Heliosphere 189 Heerikhuisen, J.; Pogorelov, N.V.; Florinski, V.; Zank, G.P.; Kharchenko, V.
Fast Deterministic Methods for the Boltzmann Equation 199 Sergej, R.
Part 5.
Numerical Methods, Algorithms, and Frameworks
High-Order Finite-Volume Methods on Locally-Structured Grids 207 Colella, P.; Dorr, M.; Hittinger, J.; McCorquodale, P.W.; Martin, D.F.
The ECHO Code for Classical and Relativistic MHD 217 Del Zanna, L.
New Developments in Modeling MHD Systems on High Performance Computing Architectures 223 Germaschewski, K.; Raeder, J.; Larson, D.J.; Bhattacharjee, A.
Solving Partial Differential Equations on Overlapping Grids 231 Henshaw, W.D.
Parsek2D: An Implicit Parallel Particle-in-Cell Code 237 Markidis, S.; Camporeale, E.; Burgess, D.; Rizwan-uddin; Lapenta, G.
A New Multidimensional Unsplit MHD Solver in FLASH3 243 Lee, D.; Deane, A.E.; Federrath, C.
Adaptive Mesh Refinement Computation of Turbulent Flows – Pitfalls and Escapes 249 Mitran, S.M.
A Comparison of Spectral Element and Finite Difference Methods Using Statically Refined Nonconforming Grids for the MHD Island Coalescence Instability Problem 255 Ng, C.S.; Rosenberg, D.; Pouquet, A.; Germaschewski, K.; Bhattacharjee, A.
Fast and Robust Integration of N-body Systems 261 Omelchenko, Y.A.; Karimabadi, H.
A Finite-Volume Dynamical Core on the Cubed-Sphere Grid 268 Putman, W.M.; Lin, S.-J.
The Athena MHD Code: Extensions, Applications, and Comparisons to ZEUS 277 Stone, J.M.
Hall MHD on Block-Adaptive Grids 287 Tóth, G.; Ma, Y.-J.; Gombosi, T.I.
Elliptic Solvers For Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement 293 Van Straalen, B.; Colella, P.; Graves, D.; Ligocki, T.; Keen, N.
Part 6.
Data Handling and Visualization
Modern Scientific Visualization is More than Just Pretty Pictures 301 Bethel, E.W.; Rübel, O.; Prabhat; Wu, K.; Weber, G.H.; Pascucci, V.; Childs, H.; Mascarenhas, A.; Meredith, J.; Ahern, S.
A Visual Insight into the Horizon Simulation at MareNostrum 317 Pomaréde, D.; Fidaali, Y.; Teyssier, R.
Back Matter   
Volume 406 Back Matter 323 Pogorelov, N.V.; Audit, E.; Colella, P.; Zank, G.P.