Title: 2nd ATST-EAST Workshop in Solar Physics: Magnetic Fields from the Photosphere to the Corona
Volume: 463 Year: 2012 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: T. R. Rimmele, A. Tritschler, F. Wöger, M. Collados Vera, H. Socas Navarro, R. Schlichenmaier, M. Carlsson, T. Berger, A. Cadavid, H. Gilbert, P. R. Goode, and M. Knolker
Washington, DC
9–11 November 2011
Ground-based solar astronomy is currently experiencing a Renaissance. A generation of 1m class solar telescopes, which has served the scientific community well for decades, is being replaced by new, large aperture solar telescopes. Adaptive optics has enabled routine diffraction limited observations of the solar atmosphere from ground based telescopes. The full scientific potential of large aperture optical and infrared telescopes equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation can thus be realized. The size and complexity of these new telescope systems is immense and affordable and maintainable only as ground-based facilities.

Large aperture solar telescopes are about to open up new windows for scientific advances and discovery. The new 1.6m NST at BBSO and the 1.5m GREGOR on Tenerife have already demonstrated the potential for advancing our knowledge of the physics of the solar atmosphere providing significantly improved resolution. The 4m Advanced Technology Solar Telescope (ATST) located on top of the 3000m Haleakala on Maui, HI, and currently under construction, as well as the 4m EST will enable solar astronomers to resolve solar magnetism on its intrinsic scales and thus make these telescopes the world’s leading ground-based resource for studying solar magnetism that controls the solar wind, ares, coronal mass ejections and variability in the Sun’s output.

In November 2011, about 100 scientists, engineers and students met in Washington, DC for the 2nd ATST-EAST Workshop. They emphasized the connectivity provided by solar magnetic fields of the classical atmospheric layers, photosphere, chromosphere and corona and the new capabilities large aperture solar telescopes will provide for measuring magnetic fields and their dynamic behavior. This volume captures the presentations given at the workshop.
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Front Matter   
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Front Matter 1 Rimmele, T. R.; Tritschler, A.; Woger, F.; Collados Vera, M.; Socas Navarro, H.; Schlichenmaier, R.; Carlsson, M.; Berger, T.; Cadavid, A.; Gilbert, H.; Goode, P. R.; Knolker, M.
Conference Photos 2 Rimmele, T. R.; Tritschler, A.; Woger, F.; Collados Vera, M.; Socas Navarro, H.; Schlichenmaier, R.; Carlsson, M.; Berger, T.; Cadavid, A.; Gilbert, H.; Goode, P. R.; Knolker, M.
Part I. Magnetic Coupling through the Solar Atmosphere   
Magnetometry with Large Solar Telescopes: Beyond the Photospheric Boundaries 3 Pietarila, A.
Chromospheric Magnetic Fields: Observations, Simulations and their Interpretation 15 de la Cruz Rodríguez, J.; Socas-Navarro, H.; Carlsson, M.; Leenaarts, J.
He I Spectropolarimetry with FIRS: Towards Vector Magnetometry of Chromospheric Fibrils Plus New Diagnostics of Coronal Rain 25 Schad, T. A.; Penn, M. J.; Lin, H.; Tritschler, A.
IBIS: High-Resolution Multi-Height Observations and Magnetic Field Retrieval 33 Del Moro, D..; Berrilli, F.; Stangalini, M.; Giannattasio, F.; Piazzesi, R.; Giovannelli, L.; Viticchiè, B.; Vantaggiato, M.; Sobotka, M.; Jurčák, J.; Criscuoli, S.; Giorgi, F.; Zuccarello, F.
Photospheric and Chromospheric Measurements of a High-Speed Flow near the Light Bridge of a δ-Spot 43 Choudhary, D. P.; Deng, N.
Spectro-polarimetric Observations of Moving Magnetic Features around a Pore 51 Zuccarello, F.; Berrilli, F.; Criscuoli, S.; Del Moro, D.; Ermolli, I.; Giannattasio, F.; Giorgi, F.; Romano, P.; Viticchiè, B.
Requirements for the Analysis of Quiet-Sun Internetwork Magnetic Elements with EST and ATST 57 Orozco Suárez, D.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.; Katsukawa, Y.
Understanding the Role of Small-Scale Flux in Solar Spectral Irradiance Variation 65 Rast, M. P.; Harder, J. W.
Turbulent Fluctuations in G-band and K-line Intensities Observed with the Rapid Oscillations in the Solar Atmosphere (ROSA) Instrument 75 Cadavid, A. C.; Lawrence, J. K.; Christian, D. J.; Jess, D. B.; Mathioudakis, M.
Flux Emergence and Pore Formation: What ATST can See 83 Stein, R. F.; Nordlund, Å.
The Sunspot Penumbra in the Photosphere: Results from Forward Synthesized Spectroscopy 89 Tritschler, A.; Uitenbroek, H.; Rempel, M.
The Influence of Molecular Lines on the Measurement of Photospheric Velocities 99 Uitenbroek, H.; Dumont, N.; Tritschler, A.
Vortices in the Solar Photosphere 107 Shelyag, S.; Fedun, V.; Erdélyi, R.; Keenan, F. P.; Mathioudakis, M.
The Solar Convection over a Solar Cycle 115 Hanslmeier, A.; Muller, R.; Utz, D.
Magnetism of Solar Flares and Prominences 121 Heinzel, P.; Hudson, H. S.
Coronal Seismology with ATST 133 Aschwanden, M. J.
The Prominence/Coronal Cavity System: A Unified View of Magnetic Structures in the Solar Corona 147 Berger, T.
The Build-Up to Eruptive Solar Events Viewed as the Development of Chiral Systems 157 Martin, S. F.; Panasenco, O.; Berger, M. A.; Engvold, O.; Lin, Y.; Pevtsov, A. A.; Srivastava, N.
Alfvén Wave Dynamics in the Expanding Solar Corona 175 Kaghashvili, E. Kh.
The Distributions of UV Solar Explosive Events 181 Mendoza-Torres, J. E.; Niembro-Hernandez, T.
Part II. Tools and Techniques   
Tools for 3D Solar Magnetic Field Measurement 193 Casini, R.
Solar Dark Matter and Dark Energy: How can CryoNIRSP Help? 207 Kuhn, J. R.; Scholl, I. F.; Mickey, D. L.
Extracting Information from the Data Flood of New Solar Telescopes: Brainstorming 215 Asensio Ramos, A.
Interpreting Coronal Polarization Observations 227 Rachmeler, L. A.; Casini, R.; Gibson, S. E.
Beyond Standard Coronal Seismology Tools 235 Kaghashvili, E. Kh.
Towards Measuring the Magnetic Energy Spectrum at Sub-Resolution Scales 243 López Ariste, A.; Sainz Dalda, A.
Comparing Simultaneous Measurements of two High-Resolution Imaging Spectropolarimeters: The ‘Göttingen’ FPI@VTT and CRISP@SST 251 Bello González, N.; Bellot Rubio, L. R.; Ortiz, A.; Rezaei, R.; Rouppe van der Voort, L.; Schlichenmaier, R.
Chromospheric Multi-Wavelength Observations near the Solar Limb: Techniques and Prospects 257 Beck, C.; Rezaei, R.
Sequential Chomospheric Brightening: An Automated Approach to Extracting Physics from Ephemeral Brightening 267 Kirk, M. S.; Balasubramaniam, K. S.; Jackiewicz, J.; McAteer, R. T. J.; McNamara, B. J.
Beyond the Solar Corona: Mercury's Magnetic Fields seen with Large Solar Telescopes 275 López Ariste, A.; Leblanc, F.
Simulations of Chromospheric Heating by Ambipolar Diffusion 281 Khomenko, E.; Collados Vera, M.
NIRIS: The Second Generation Near-Infrared Imaging Spectro-polarimeter for the 1.6 Meter New Solar Telescope 291 Cao, W.; Goode, P. R.; Ahn, K.; Gorceix, N.; Schmidt, W.; Lin, H.
A New Technique for Solar Imaging Spectro-polarimetry using Shack-Hartmann and Fabry-Pérot 301 Gosain, S.; Sankarasubramanian, K.; Venkatakrishnan, P.; Raja Bayanna, A.
ATST Telescope Calibration: Summary of Studies and their Conclusions 307 Elmore, D. F.
Active Optical Control of Quasi-Static Aberrations for ATST 315 Johnson, L. C.; Upton, R.; Rimmele, T. R.; Hubbard, R.; Barden, S. C.
Solar Limb Adaptive Optics: A Test of Wavefront Sensors and Algorithms 321 Taylor, G. E.; Rimmele, T. R.; Marino, J.; Tritschler, A.; McAteer, R. T. J.
Expected Performance of Adaptive Optics in Large Aperture Solar Telescopes 329 Marino, J.; Rimmele, T. R.
On Zeeman Diagnostics with a 4 m Aperture 337 Kim, I. S.; Alexeeva, I. V.; Suyunova, E. Z.
Near IR Filter Linear Polarimetry in the Corona with a 4 m Aperture 347 Kim, I. S.; Popov, V. V.; Suyunova, E. Z.
Part III. New Telecope and Instrumentation Efforts   
The 1.6 m Off-Axis New Solar Telescope (NST) in Big Bear 357 Goode, P. R.; Cao, W.
The GREGOR Solar Telescope on Tenerife 365 Schmidt, W.; von der Lühe, O.; Volkmer, R.; Denker, C.; Solanki, S. K.; Balthasar, H.; Bello González, N.; Berkefeld, T.; Collados Vera, M.; Hofmann, A.; Kneer, F.; Lagg, A.; Puschmann, K. G.; Schmidt, D.; Sobotka, M.; Soltau, D.; Strassmeier, K. G.
Construction of the Advanced Technology Solar Telescope 377 Rimmele, T. R.; Keil, S.; McMullin, J.; Knölker, M.; Kuhn, J. R.; Goode, P. R.; Rosner, R.; Casini, R.; Lin, H.; Tritschler, A.; Wöger, F.; ATST Team
India's National Large Solar Telescope 395 Hasan, S. S.
The Chinese Giant Solar Telescope (CGST) 405 Deng, Y.; Liu, Z.; CGST Group
Instrumental Capabilities of the EST 413 Collados Vera, M.; EST Team
The GREGOR Fabry-Pérot Interferometer: A New Instrument for High-Resolution Spectropolarimetric Solar Observations 423 Puschmann, K. G.; Balthasar, H.; Bauer, S.-M.; Hahn, T.; Popow, E.; Seelemann, T.; Volkmer, R.; Woche, M.; Denker, C.
The Visible Broadband Imager: The Sun at High Spatial and Temporal Resolution 431 Wöger, F.; McBride, W.; Ferayorni, A.; Gregory, S.; Hegwer, S.; Tritschler, A.; Uitenbroek, H.
Instrument Design of the Large Aperture Solar UV Visible and IR Observing Telescope (SUVIT) for the SOLAR-C Mission 439 Suematsu, Y.; Katsukawa, Y.; Shimizu, T.; Ichimoto, K.; Takeyama, N.
HELLRIDE: A New Multiline Spectrometer for the Vacuum Tower Telescope, Tenerife 445 Staiger, J.
The Simple Hyperspectral Imaging Polarimeter Concept 453 Barden, S. C.
Author Index 459 Rimmele, T. R.; Tritschler, A.; Woger, F.; Collados Vera, M.; Socas Navarro, H.; Schlichenmaier, R.; Carlsson, M.; Berger, T.; Cadavid, A.; Gilbert, H.; Goode, P. R.; Knolker, M.
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