Title: Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems XXII

Volume: 475 Year: 2013 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Doug Friedel

University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, USA
4–8 November 2012

These are the proceedings of 22nd annual conference on Astronomical Data Analysis Software and Systems, which was hosted by the University of Illinois. There were 172 attendees from 19 countries who had a broad range of backgrounds including theoretical astrophysics, both ground-based and space-based observational astronomy (optical, radio, infrared, x-ray, etc.), and computer software and hardware development.

A total of 34 talks (9 invited) and 66 posters were presented. The topics at this years’ meeting included: (1) Community Development; (2) Advances in Algorithms; (3) Enabling Research; (4) Large Scale Computing; (5) Astronomy Applications for Handheld Devices; (6) Scientific Archives; (7) Data Reduction Pipelines; (8) Databases, Metadata, and Catalogs; (9) Tools, Libraries, and Toolkits; and (10) Observatory Specific Software. Several demonstration sessions of software and techniques were presented. “Birds of a feather” discussions were also held throughout the week, and are included in this volume. Additionally, the new journal Astronomy & Computing was formally announced at the conference.

This volume will be of interest to anyone with an interest in computing and astronomy.
ISBN: 978-1-58381-834-3 eISBN: 978-1-58381-835-0

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Front Matter   
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Front Matter 1 Friedel, D. N.
Conference Photos 2 Friedel, D. N.
Part I. Community Development   
Practical Informatics: Training the Next Generation 3 Brunner, R. J.
Astronomy and Computing: A New Journal for the Astronomical Computing Community 7 Mann, R. G.; Accomazzi, A.; Budavári, T.; Fluke, C.; Gray, N.; O'Mullane, W.; Wicenec, A.; Wise, M.
OpTIIX Mission Overview and Education/Public Outreach 11 Krueger, T.; Swade, D.
New Organizations to Support Astroinformatics and Astrostatistics 15 Feigelson, E. D.; Ivezić, Ž.; Hilbe, J.; Borne, K. D.
Part II. Advances in Algorithms   
New Probabilistic Galaxy Classification in Large Photometric Surveys 21 Liang, F.; Brunner, R. J.
Data Flow Design for Event Detection and Qualification in TES X-Ray Detectors 25 Ceballos, M. T.; Cobo, B.; Fraga-Encinas, R.; van der Kuur, J.; Schuurmans, J.; Gottardi, L.
Searching for Deeper Blank Fields in the Sky with TESELA 29 Cardiel, N.; Jiménez-Esteban, F. M.; Cabrera-Lavers, A.; Alacid, J. M.
Efficient Catalog Matching with Dropout Identification 33 Fan, D.; Budavári, T.
Quantifying Systematic Effects on Galaxy Clustering 37 Wang, Y.; Brunner, R. J.
Improvement of Time-Series Photometry Based on Multi-Aperture Indexing and Spatiotemporal De-trending 41 Chang, S.-W.; Byun, Y.-I.
Acceleration of Automated HI Source Extraction 45 Badenhorst, S. J.; Blyth, S.; Kuttel, M. M.
DrizzlePac: Managing Multi-component WCS Solutions for HST Data 49 Hack, W. J.; Dencheva, N.; Fruchter, A. S.
GPU-based Acceleration of Radio Interferometry Point Source Visibility Calculations in the MeqTrees Framework 53 Baxter, R. J.; Marais, P.; Kuttel, M. M.
Part III. Enabling Research   
One Hop: In The Right Direction 59 Glotfelty, K. J.
Implementing Probabilistic Photometric Redshifts 69 Carrasco Kind, M.; Brunner, R. J.
A GPU-Based Visualization Method for Computing Dark Matter Annihilation Signal 73 Yang, L.; Szalay, A.
Part IV. Large Scale Computing   
Redefining the Data Pipeline Using GPUs 79 Warner, C.; Eikenberry, S. S.; Gonzalez, A. H.; Packham, C.
Detection of Binary Pulsars with GPU-Accelerated Sinusoidal Hough Transformations 83 Laidler, C.; Kuttel, M. M.
Development of an Astrophysical Specific Language for Big Data Computation 87 Kamennoff, N.; Foucaud, S.; Reybier, S.
Cloud Based Processing of Large Photometric Surveys 91 Farivar, R.; Brunner, R. J.; Santucci, R.; Campbell, R.
Delivering Astronomy Software with Minimal user Maintenance 95 Fabbro, S.; Goliath, S.
A Tale Of 160 Scientists, Three Applications, a Workshop and a Cloud 99 Berriman, G. B.; Brinkworth, C.; Gelino, D.; Wittman, D. K.; Deelman, E.; Juve, G.; Rynge, M.; Kinney, J.
CUDA-Splotch: GPU Aisualization of Astrophysical Data 103 Gheller, C.; Rivi, M.; Krokos, M.; Dolag, K.; Reinecke, M.
Part V. Astronomy Applications for Handheld Devices   
VisIVO: A Web-Based, Workflow-Enabled Gateway for Astrophysical Visualization 109 Costa, A.; Bandieramonte, M.; Becciani, U.; Krokos, M.; Massimino, P.; Petta, C.; Pistagna, C.; Riggi, S.; Sciacca, E.; Vitello, F.
Learning Astrophysics through Mobile Gaming 113 Massimino, P.; Costa, A.; Becciani, U.; Krokos, M.; Bandieramonte, M.; Petta, C.; Pistagna, C.; Riggi, S.; Sciacca, E.; Vitello, F.
Feedback about Astronomical Application Developments for Mobile Devices 117 Schaaff, A.; Boch, T.; Fernique, P.; Houpin, R.; Kaestlé, V.; Royer, M.; Scheffmann, J.; Weiler, A.
A Mobile Data Application for the Fermi Mission 121 Stephens, T. E.
XMM-Newton Mobile Web Application 125 Ibarra, A.; Kennedy, M.; Rodríguez, P.; Hernández, C.; Saxton, R.; Gabriel, C.
Part VI. Scientific Archives   
Enhancing Science Return During the Rapid Expansion of IRSA 131 Teplitz, H. I.; Groom, S.; Roby, W.; IRSA Team
HEALPix Based Cross-Correlation in Astronomy 135 Fernique, P.; Durand, D.; Boch, T.; Oberto, A.; Pineau, F.
An Observation-Centric View of the Chandra Data Archive 139 Winkelman, S.; Rots, A.
Full Tolerant Archiving System 143 Knapic, C.; Molinaro, M.; Smareglia, R.
How to Transplant a Large Archive 147 Haase, J.; Arviset, C.; Osuna, P.; Rosa, M.
The MWA Archive: A Multi-tiered Dataflow and Storage System 151 Wu, C.; Wicenec, A.; Pallot, D.; Checcucci, A.
The GIRAFFE Archive: 1D and 3D Spectra 155 Royer, F.; Jégouzo, I.; Tajahmady, F.; Normand, J.; Chilingarian, I.
Implementing a Common Database Architecture at the CADC using CAOM-2 159 Redman, R. O.; Dowler, P.
Crab: A Dashboard System for Monitoring Archiving Tasks 163 Bell, G.; Jenness, T.; Agarwal, A.
Better Living Through Metadata: Examining Archive Usage 167 Becker, G.; Winkelman, S.; Rots, A.
Results from the Survey of ESA Science Archives 171 Arviset, C.; Baines, D.; Osuna, P.
Part VII. Data Reduction Pipelines   
The CARMA Data Reduction Pipeline 177 Friedel, D. N.
Miriad for SMA Data Reduction 181 Zhao, J.-H.
A Spectral Pipeline for the Green Bank Telescope 185 Masters, J.; Braatz, J.
Data Reduction Pipeline for the MMT Magellan Infrared Spectrograph 189 Chilingarian, I.; Brown, W.; Fabricant, D.; McLeod, B.; Roll, J.; Szentgyorgyi, A.
Online Data Reduction and Quicklook Tool for HAWC 193 Berthoud, M. G.
Herschel Data Processing Development: 10 Years After 197 Ott, S.
Part VIII. Databases, Metadata, and Catalogs   
Hubble Source Catalog 203 Lubow, S.; Budavári, T.
Headerlets: Share HST Astrometric Solutions Without the Data 207 Dencheva, N.; Hack, W.; Fruchter, A.
The Taiwan Extragalactic Astronomical Data Center 211 Foucaud, S.; Hashimoto, Y.; Tsai, M.-F.; Kamennoff, N.; TWEA-DC Team
Formal Semantics to Model Experimental Data 215 Viallefond, F.
ESO Catalogue Facility Design and Performance 219 Moins, C.; Retzlaff, J.; Arnaboldi, M.; Zampieri, S.; Delmotte, N.; Forchí, V.; Klein Gebbinck, M.; Lockhart, J.; Micol, A.; Vera Sequeiros, I.; Bierwirth, T.; Peron, M.; Romaniello, M.; Suchar, D.
A New Web Interface for Saada 223 Michel, L.; Mantelet, G.; Motch, C.; Werner, E.
TAPVizieR: A New Way to Access the VizieR Database 227 Landais, G.; Ochsenbein, F.; Simon, A.
CyberSKA Radio Imaging Metadata and VO Compliance Engineering 231 Anderson, K. R.; Rosolowsky, E.; Dowler, P.
Cross-Identification of Astronomical Catalogs on Multiple GPUs 235 Lee, M. A.; Budavári, T.
Part IX. Tools, Libraries, and Toolkits   
The Astropy Project: A Community Python Library for Astrophysics 241 Tollerud, E. J.; Greenfield, P. E.; Robitaille, T. P.; Astropy Developers
The Outer Solar System Origins Survey: VO and Software Perspective 243 Kavelaars, J.
Starlink 2012: The Kapuahi Release 247 Berry, D.; Currie, M.; Jenness, T.; Draper, P.; Bell, G.; Tilanus, R.
VO-Compatible Architecture for Managing and Processing Images of Moving Celestial Bodies : Application to the Gaia-GBOT Project 251 Barache, C.; Bouquillon, S.; Carlucci, T.; Taris, F.; Michel, L.; Altmann, M.
Prototype Implementation of Web and Desktop Applications for ALMA Science Verification Data and the Lessons Learned 255 Eguchi, S.; Kawasaki, W.; Shirasaki, Y.; Komiya, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.
NEOview: Near Earth Object Data Discovery and Query 259 Tibbetts, M.; Elvis, M.; Galache, J. L.; Harbo, P.; McDowell, J. C.; Rudenko, M.; Van Stone, D.; Zografou, P.
Science Mining and Characterization of ALMA Large Data Cubes 263 Teuben, P.; Ip, C. Y.; Mundy, L.; Varshney, A.
A New Python Library for Spectroscopic Analysis with MIDAS Style 267 Song, Y.; Luo, A.; Zhao, Y.
Harmonize Pipeline and Archiving Aystem: PESSTO@IA2 Use Case 271 Smareglia, R.; Knapic, C.; Molinaro, M.; Young, D.; Valenti, S.
Overview of the SOFIA Data Cycle System: An Integrated Set of Tools and Services for the SOFIA General Investigator 275 Shuping, R. Y.; Vacca, W. D.; Lin, L.; Sun, L.; Krzaczek, R.
Spectral Analysis in the Virtual Observatory 279 Rauch, T.; Reindl, N.; Müller-Ringat, E.
New Spectral Analysis Software for Global Analysis of Broadband Line Surveys in MATLAB 283 Radhuber, M. L.; Widicus Weaver, S. L.
Software Toolkit for MEGARA, the Integral-Field Unit and Multi-Object Spectrograph for GTC 287 Pascual, S.; Eliche-Moral, M. C.; Villar, V.; Castillo, Á.; Gruel, N.; Cardiel, N.; Carrasco, E.; Gallego, J.; de Paz, A. G.; Sánchez-Moreno, F. M.; Vílchez, J. M.
The Past 15 Years of RVSAO 291 Mink, J.
Extending Iris: The VAO SED Analysis Tool 295 Laurino, O.; Busko, I.; Cresitello-Dittmar, M.; D'Abrusco, R.; Doe, S.; Evans, J.; Pevunova, O.
astrojs: JavaScript Libraries for Astronomy 299 Kapadia, A.; Smith, A.
Vissage: An ALMA-VO Desktop Application 303 Kawasaki, W.; Eguchi, S.; Shirasaki, Y.; Komiya, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.
PAL: A Positional Astronomy Library 307 Jenness, T.; Berry, D. S.
CANFAR+Skytree: A Cloud Computing and Data Mining System for Astronomy 311 Ball, N. M.
Using Firefly Tools to Enhance Archive Web Pages 315 Roby, W.; Wu, X.; Ly, L.; Goldina, T.
Introducing the Ginga FITS Viewer and Toolkit 319 Jeschke, E.; Inagaki, T.; Kackley, R.
Part X. Observatory Specific Software   
AGILE/GRID Science Alert Monitoring System: The Workflow and the Crab Flare Case 325 Bulgarelli, A.; Trifoglio, M.; Gianotti, F.; Tavani, M.; Conforti, V.; Parmiggiani, N.
HST Cycle 21 Exposure Time Calculator 329 Diaz, R. I.; Laidler, V. G.; Busko, I.; Davis, M.; Hanley, C.; Sienkiewicz, M.; Sontag, C.; York, B.
2MASS Catalog Server Kit Version 2.1 333 Yamauchi, C.
FRIAA: A FRamework for Web-based Interactive Astronomy Analysis using AMQP Messaging 337 Young, M. D.; Gopu, A.; Hayashi, S.; Cox, J. A.
Automated Removal of Bad-Baseline Spectra from ACSIS/HARP Heterodyne Time Series 341 Currie, M. J.
SAMI Automated Plug Plate Configuration 345 Lorente, N. P. F.; Farrell, T.; Goodwin, M.
Binocular Observations with LUCI at the LBT: Scheduling and Synchronization 349 Pramskiy, A.; Polsterer, K. L.
The Software System for the AAO's HERMES Spectrograph 353 Shortridge, K.; Farrell, T.; Vuong, M.; Birchall, M.; Heald, R.
Early Photometry Studies for Euclid 357 Kümmel, M.; Koppenhoefer, J.; Riffeser, A.; Mohr, J.; Desai, S.; Henderson, R.; Paech, K.; Wetzstein, M.
Migrating an In-Operation Space Observatory Data Processing Chain Towards a SOA Oriented Architecture, and the Benefits for Other Space Missions 361 Perez, O.; Vallejo, J. C.; Perez, R. F.
Software and Computing at LWA1 365 Dowell, J.; LWA Collaboration
The Fly's Eye Camera System: An Instrument Design for Large \'Etendue Time Domain Surveys 369 Csépány, G.; Pál, A.; Vida, K.; Regály, Z.; Mészáros, L.; Oláh, K.; Kiss, C.; Döbrentei, L.; Jaskó, A.; Mezõ, G.; Farkas, E.
Spectral Line Selection in the ALMA Observing Tool 373 Williams, S.; Bridger, A.
LEDDB: LOFAR Epoch of Reionization Diagnostic Database 377 Martinez-Rubi, O.; Veligatla, V. K.; de Bruyn, A. G.; Lampropoulos, P.; Offringa, A. R.; Jelic, V.; Yatawatta, S.; Koopmans, L. V. E.; Zaroubi, S.
Part XI. Demonstrations, Focus Demonstrations, and Birds of a Feather Sessions   
Bring out your codes! Bring out your codes! (Increasing Software Visibility and Re-use) 383 Allen, A.; Berriman, B.; Brunner, R.; Burger, D.; DuPrie, K.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mann, R.; Mink, J.; Sandin, C.; Shortridge, K.; Teuben, P.
Astrophysics Source Code Library 387 Allen, A.; DuPrie, K.; Berriman, B.; Hanisch, R. J.; Mink, J.; Teuben, P. J.
CANFAR+Skytree: A Cloud Computing and Data Mining System for Astronomy 391 Ball, N. M.
Application Interoperability with SAMP 395 Fitzpatrick, M.; Laurino, O.; Paioro, L.; Taylor, M. B.
Filtergraph: A Flexible Web Application for Instant Data Visualization of Astronomy Datasets 399 Burger, D.; Stassun, K. G.; Pepper, J. A.; Siverd, R. J.; Paegert, M. A.; De Lee, N. M.
Web and Desktop Applications for ALMA Science Verification Data 403 Shirasaki, Y.; Kawasaki, W.; Eguchi, S.; Komiya, Y.; Kosugi, G.; Ohishi, M.; Mizumoto, Y.
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