Title: Calibrating Large Surveys and Future Facilities
Volume: 503 Year: 2016 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Deustua, S.; Allam, S.; Tucker, D.; Smith, J. A.

Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, IL USA
16–19 April 2012

In the Spring of 2012, a group of 65 researchers gathered at Fermilab to discuss their work, exchange ideas, and form new collaborations in the important area of the calibration and standardization of large surveys and missions in astronomy and astrophysics. The primary goal of this conference was to foster communication among the various large surveys and missions – allowing for the exchange of information regarding calibration requirements, methodologies, and strategies for meeting those requirements – for the benefit of all.

The intent of this volume is to document the state-of-the-art of the science of calibration in this critical area and, we hope, to begin to lay the foundation for establishing common, minimum standards for calibration across the electromagnetic spectrum. Topics include the broad areas of astrometry, photometry, and spectrophotometry. A relative novelty of this conference and these proceedings is coverage of these topics spanning wavelength regimes from the very short (x-ray) to the very long (radio and millimeter), and not restricting discussion merely to the traditional ultraviolet, visible, and near-infrared wavelengths. Common issues discussed include the definition and maintenance of standard systems, inter-calibration between systems, the effects of Earth’s atmosphere on calibrations, and the calibration of instruments and telescopes before and after deployment. As a whole, the papers in this volume cover the challenges in providing the accurate and precise calibrations necessary to achieve the demanding science objectives of 21st Century surveys and missions.
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Book Cover
Front Matter   
Front Matter 1 Deustua, S.; Allam, S.; Tucker, D.; Smith, J. A.
Conference Photo 2 Deustua, S.; Allam, S.; Tucker, D.; Smith, J. A.
Part I. Talks   
The Science of Calibration 3 Kent, S. M.
Comments on Optical Photometry and the Generation of Standard Stars 13 Landolt, A. U.
aTmcam: A Simple Atmospheric Transmission Monitoring Camera For Sub 1 Percent Photometric Precision 25 Li, T.; DePoy, D. L.; Kessler, R.; Burke, D. L.; Marshall, J. L.; Wise, J.; Rheault, J.-P.; Carona, D. W.; Boada, S.; Prochaska, T.; Allen, R.
Addressing the Photometric Calibration Challenge: Explicit Determination of the Instrumental Response and Atmospheric Response Functions, and Tying it All Together. 37 Stubbs, C. W.; Tonry, J. L.
DECal: A Spectrophotometric Calibration System for DECam 49 Marshall, J. L.; Rheault, J.-P.; DePoy, D. L.; Prochaska, T.; Allen, R.; Behm, T. W.; Martin, E. C.; Veal, B.; Villanueva, S.; Jr.; Williams, P.; Wise, J.
Precision Calibration via Artificial Light Sources Above the Atmosphere 59 Albert, J. E.; Fagin, M. H.; Brown, Y. J.; Stubbs, C. W.; Kuklev, N. A.; Conley, A. J.
Calibration of the Atacama Large Millimeter Array 69 Mangum, J. G.
PreCam: A Step Towards the Photometric Calibration of the Dark Energy Survey 85 Allam, S. S.; Tucker, D. L.; PreCam Team for the DES Collaboration
Calibrating the PAU Survey's 46 Filters 99 Bauer, A.; Castander, F.; Gaztañaga, E.; Serrano, S.; Sevilla, N.; Tonello, N.; PAU Team
The CALIFA Survey: Calibration Plan 111 Husemann, B.; Sánchez, S. F.; Falcón-Barroso, J.; Mast, D.; García-Benito, R.; CALIFA Collaboration
“Lyra” Space Stellar Survey and Establishing a Large Grid of Photometric Standards 123 Mironov, A.; Zakharov, A.; Prokhorov, M.
SI-Traceable Calibrations of Celestial Objects 135 Cramer, C. E.; Lykke, K. R.; Woodward, J. T.
A Path to NIST Calibrated Stars over the Dome of the Sky 145 Zimmer, P.; McGraw, J. T.; Zirzow, D. C.; Cramer, C.; Lykke, K.; Woodward IV, J. T.
Sloan Digital Sky Survey Photometric Calibration Revisited 157 Marriner, J.
(Sn)DICE: A Calibration System Designed for Wide Field Imagers 165 Regnault, N.; Barrelet, E.; Guyonnet, A.; Juramy, C.; Rocci, P.-F.; Le Guillou, L.; Schahmanèche, K.; Villa, F.
The International Celestial Reference System 177 Fomalont, E.
Panchromatic Calibration of Astronomical Observations with State-of-the-Art White Dwarf Model Atmospheres 193 Rauch, T.
From Hubble's Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL) to Absolute Fluxes 211 Heap, S. R.; Lindler, D.
ACCESS: Design, Calibration Strategy, and Status 221 Kaiser; E., M.; ACCESS Team
SkyProbe: Real-Time Precision Monitoring in the Optical of the Absolute Atmospheric Absorption on the Telescope Science and Calibration Fields 233 Cuillandre, J.-C.; Magnier, E.; Sabin, D.; Mahoney, B.
The Flux Calibration of Gaia 243 Pancino, E.
Assessing the Photometric Calibration of the ASAS Survey 261 Berdnikov, L. N.; Dambis, A. K.
Cloud Computing with Context Cameras 265 Pickles, A. J.; Rosing, W. E.
Part II. Posters   
The Gaia-ESO Survey Astrophysical Calibration 275 Pancino, E.; Gaia-ESO Survey consortium
Back Matter   
Author Index 283 Deustua, S.; Allam, S.; Tucker, D.; Smith, J. A.
Subject Index 285 Deustua, S.; Allam, S.; Tucker, D.; Smith, J. A.
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