Title: New Horizons in Astronomy: Frank N. Bash Symposium 2005
Volume: 352 Year: 2006 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Kannappan, Sheila J.; Redfield, Seth; Kessler-Silacci, Jacqueline E.; Landriau, Martin; Drory, Niv
ISBN: 1-58381-220-2 eISBN: 978-1-58381-286-0
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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 352 Cover Umbarger, J.; Kannappan, S.J.; Redfield, S.; Kessler-Silacci, J.E.; Landriau, M.; Drory, N.
Front Matter   
Volume 352 Front Matter 1 Kannappan, S.J.; Redfield, S.; Kessler-Silacci, J.E.; Landriau, M.; Drory, N.
Part 1.
Small Bodies in the Outer Solar System 3 Sheppard, S.S.
What Do Multiple Planet Systems Teach Us about Planet Formation? 15 Ford, E.B.
Massive Star Formation: A Tale of Two Theories 31 Krumholz, M.R.
Probing Chemistry During Star and Planet Formation 47 Kessler-Silacci, J.E.
Dust and Gas Debris around Main Sequence Stars 63 Chen, C.H.
The Local Interstellar Medium 79 Redfield, S.
Large Scale Structures in the Interstellar Medium 95 McClure-Griffiths, N.M.
Stellar Abundances: Recent and Foreseeable Trends 105 Prieto, C.A.
Evidence for Intermediate Mass Black Holes in Ultra-Luminous X-ray Sources 121 Miller, J.M.
Accretion and Jets in Microquasars and Active Galactic Nuclei 129 Markoff, S.
Galactic Chemical Evolution 145 Fenner, Y.
The N-Body Approach to Disk Galaxy Evolution 161 Debattista, V.P.
Galaxy Formation 177 Gawiser, E.
The Lyman-α Forest As a Cosmological Probe 191 Viel, M.
Part 2.
Research Highlights
Non-Axisymmetric Instabilities in Core-Collapse Supernovae 221 Akiyama, S.; Wheeler, J.C.
Studying Distant Dwarf Galaxies with GEMS and SDSS 225 Barazza, F.D.; Jogee, S.; Rix, H.-W.; Barden, M.; Bell, E.F.; Caldwell, J.A.R.; McIntosh, D.H.; Meisenheimer, K.; Peng, C.Y.; Wolf, C.
TEXES Observations of Molecular Hydrogen Emission from AB Aurigae 229 Bitner, M.A.; Richter, M.J.; Lacy, J.H.; Jaffe, D.T.; Kessler-Silacci, J.E.; Greathouse, T.K.; Blake, G.A.
Spitzer Observations of WTTS Disks: New Constraints on the Timescale for Planet Building 233 Cieza, L.A.; the C2D Stars Team
Is Sérsic Index a Good Detector of Pseudobulges? 237 Fisher, D.B.
The Dark Halo in NGC 821 241 Forestell, A.D.; Gebhardt, K.
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopy of Red 2MASS AGN 245 Hao, L.; Weedman, D.; Charmandaris, V.; Keremedjiev, M.S.; Higdon, S.J.U.; Houck, J.R.
White Dwarfs and Stellar Evolution 249 Kalirai, J.S.
Cosmological Implications of a Solid Upper Mass Limit Placed on DFSZ Axions Thanks to Pulsating White Dwarfs 253 Kim, A.; Montgomery, M.H.; Winget, D.E.
Hi-Res Spectroscopy of a Volume-Limited Hipparcos Sample within 100 parsec 257 Lim, P.L; Holtzman, J.A.; Smith, V.V.; Cunha, K.
Mapping Convection Using Pulsating White Dwarf Stars 261 Montgomery, M.H.
Searching for Planets around Pulsating White Dwarf Stars 265 Mullally, F.; Winget, D.E.; Kepler, S.O
Evidence for an Intermediate Mass Black Hole in Omega Centauri 269 Noyola, E.; Gebhardt, K.; Bergmann, M.
Photometry of Near Earth Asteroids at McDonald Observatory 273 Ries, J.G.; Varadi, F.; Barker, E.S.; Shelus, P.J.
The Black Hole Mass – Galaxy Bulge Relationship for QSOs in the SDSS DR3 277 Salviander, S.; Shields, G.A.; Gebhardt, K.; Bonning, E.W.
Double Barred Galaxies in N-Body Simulations 281 Shen, J.; Debattista, V.P.
Washington Photometry and Hectochelle Spectroscopy of Giant Stars in the Leo II dSph Galaxy 285 Siegel, M.H.; Majewski, S.R.
Time Series Spectroscopy: Mode Identification of White Dwarf Stars 289 Thompson, S.E.
Modeling Star Formation with Dust 293 Urban, A.; Evans, N.J. II; Doty, S.D.; Martel, H.
Back Matter   
Volume 352 Back Matter 303 Kannappan, S.J.; Redfield, S.; Kessler-Silacci, J.E.; Landriau, M.; Drory, N.
Photos from Volume 352 999 Kannappan, S.J.; Redfield, S.; Kessler-Silacci, J.E.; Landriau, M.; Drory, N.