Title: From Stars to Galaxies: Building the Pieces to Build Up the Universe
Volume: 374 Year: 2007 View this Volume on ADS
Editors: Vallenari, Antonella; Tantalo, Rosaria; Portinari, Laura; Moretti, Alessia
These proceedings are of an international conference held in Venice, Italy to honor Cesare Chiosi on his 65th birthday. They provide a comprehensive overview of the most up-to-date information on stellar evolution and its extensive applications.

Stellar structure and evolution has matured greatly as a science since the first numerical models were computed in the late 1960s. Since that time the basic aspects of stars have become rather well understood. While there are still important aspects of the “star” phenomenon that are worth investigating, modern stellar research now also focuses on constructing extensive databases as tools which can be employed in a far-reaching way in the other aspects of astronomy and astrophysics. The 24 invited talks, 33 contributed talks, and 48 poster papers presented in this volume provide an in-depth assessment of the observational and theoretical issues of stellar structure and evolution and their application to other research. Topics include stellar evolution modeling, nucleosynthesis and chronology, analysis of HR diagrams of composite-resolved stellar populations in the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, and the integrated properties and chemical and spectro-photometric evolution of galaxies in general as constraints for cosmology.

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Paper Title Page Authors
Volume 374 Cover Vallenari, A.; Tantalo, R.; Portinari, L.; Moretti, A.
Front Matter   
Volume 374 Front Pages 1 Vallenari, A.; Tantalo, R.; Portinari, L.; Moretti, A.
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Volume 374 Conference Photograph 2 Vallenari, A.; Tantalo, R.; Portinari, L.; Moretti, A.
Part I.
The First Stars, Stellar Evolution and Nucleosynthesis
Primordial Stars 3 Weiss, A.
Stellar Evolution with Rotation: Toward the First Stars 13 Maeder, A.; Meynet, G.; Ekstroem, S.
Where do Metal-free Stars and their Products End Up in our Galaxy? 21 Kawata, D.; Scannapieco, E.; Brook, C.B.; Ferrara, A.; Gibson, B.K.; Martel, H.; Schneider, R.
Turbulent Convection in Stars: Some Recent Advances 27 Demarque, P.; Robinson, F.J.; Straka, C.W.
Population Synthesis Models with AGB Stars 33 Marigo, P.; Girardi, L.
Isochrones for an Extended Region of the Z-Y Plane Including New Asymptotic Giant Branch Models 41 Bertelli, G.; Girardi, L.; Nasi, E.; Marigo, P.; Castelli, F.
Pulsation and Mass Loss in Red Giant Stars 47 Wood, P.R.
The Physics and Astrophysics of Type Ia Supernova Explosions 53 Hillebrandt, W.; Roepke, F.K.
Massive Stars as Progenitors of Supernovae and GRBs 61 Langer, N.; van Marle, A.J.; Poelarends, A.J.T.; Yoon, S.C.
Effective Temperatures, Bolometric Luminosities and Angular Diameters for Low Main Sequence Stars 69 Casagrande, L.
Galactic Chemical Enrichment Ratio ΔY/ΔZ from a Sample of Nearby K Dwarfs 71 Casagrande, L.
S(E)-Factor for (p,α) Induced Reactions on 11,10B 73 Lamia, L.; Pizzone, R.G.; Puglia, S.M.R.; Romano, S.; Carlin, N.; Cherubini, S.; Crucilla, V.
Supernovae Precursor Stars in the Interval of 23 to 33 Solar Masses and their Circumstellar Media 75 Perez-Rendon, B.; Garcia-Segura, G.; Langer, N.
CCD Photometry of the Distant Galactic Globular Cluster NGC 2419 77 Ripepi, V.; Greco, C.; Clementini, G.; Di Criscienzo, M.; Dall'Ora, M.; Federici, L.; Musella, I.
Part II.
Chemical Evolution of Galaxies
On the Primordial Helium Abundance and the ΔYO Ratio 81 Peimbert, M.; Luridiana, V.; Peimbert, A.; Carigi, L.
Chemical Evolution and Abundance Ratios in Different Types of Galaxies 89 Matteucci, F.
Toward a Galaxian Luminosity-Metallicity Relation Spanning Ten Magnitudes 99 Saviane, I.; Bresolin, F.; Salzer, J.
On the Deduction of Galactic Abundances with Evolutionary Neural Networks 105 Taylor, M.; Diaz, A.I.
Abundances in the Most Metal Poor Stars: Nucleosynthesis in the Early Milky Way 111 Hill, V.; Spite, M.; the First Stars collaboration
Lithium Isotopic Abundances in the Early Galaxy 119 Asplund, M.
Metal Enrichment in the Earliest Phases of the Universe: The Very Metal-poor Halo Stars 125 Chiappini, C.
The Role of the IMF in Modelling Clusters of Galaxies 131 Portinari, L.
Spectroscopy of Circumnuclear Star Forming Regions in Early Type Spirals 137 Cardaci, M.V.; Haegele, G.F.; Diaz, A.I.; Terlevich, E.; Terlevich, R.; Castellanos, M.
Inhomogeneous Galactic Halo: A Possible Explanation for the Spread Observed in s- and r- Process Elements 139 Cescutti, G.
Discrepant Gradients in Oxygen from Planetary Nebulae and HII Regions Across the Galactic Disk: Can Radial Flows of Gas Reconcile Them? 141 Chiosi, C.; Perinotto, M.
Effects of the Temperature Structure on the Derivation of Abundances in HII Galaxies 143 Haegele, G.F.; Perez-Montero, E.; Diaz, A.I.; Terlevich, E.; Terlevich, R.
Part III.
Stars as Building Blocks of Galaxies I. The Milky Way
Abundances in Globular Clusters 147 Gratton, R.G.
The First Stages of the Evolution of Globular Clusters 155 D'Antona, F.; Ventura, P.; Caloi, V.
Nuclei in Globular Clusters - A Long-Standing Problem Revisited 163 Charbonnel, C.; Decressin, T.; Meynet, G.; Prantzos, N.; Ekstroem, S.
The Abundance Gradient in Galactic H II Regions 169 Rood, R.T.; Quireza, C.; Bania, T.M.; Balser, D.S.; Maciel, W.J.
Old Open Clusters as Probes of the Galactic Disk: The BOCCE Sample 175 Bragaglia, A.; Tosi, M.
The Nature of the Metal-Rich Thick Disk 181 Bensby, T.; Zenn, A.R.; Oey, M.S.; Feltzing, S.
Do Maser Stars Trace a Rotating Galactic Bar? 187 Habing, H.J.
The Galactic Bulge Mira Population 193 Blommaert, J.A.D.L.; Groenewegen, M.A.T.
The Origin of the Virgo Stellar Over-density: A Tidal Debris from the Sagittarius Dwarf Galaxy? 195 Martinez-Delgado, D.; Penarrubia, J.; Juric, M.; Alfaro, E.J.
The Structure of the Galactic Bulge 197 Ragaini, S.; Vallenari, A.; Chiosi, C.; Bertelli, G.; Schmidtobreick, L.
A Search for New Planetary Nebulae Located at Large Galactocentric Distances 199 Mampaso, A.; Viironen, K.; Corradi, R.L.M.; Drew, J.E.; Greimel, R.; Sabin, L.; the IPHAS Collaboration
Comparison of GAIA and RAVE Spectroscopic Atmospheric Analysis with Orbital Solution of Eclipsing Binaries 201 Sordo, R.; Munari, U.; Zwitter, T.
Radial Velocities and Atmospheric Parameters of Field Stars Suitable for RAVE Tests 203 Valentini, M.; Munari, U.
ARCS: the Asiago Red Clump Spectroscopic Survey 205 Valentini, M.; Barbon, R.; Munari, U.; Fiorucci, M.; Siviero, A.
Part IV.
Stars as Building Blocks of Galaxies II. The Local Group and Beyond
The Outer Galaxy: Stellar Populations and Dark Matter 209 Gilmore, G.
The Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxies Around the Milky Way 215 Tolstoy, E.; Battaglia, G.; Helmi, A.; Irwin, M.J.; Hill, V.
Star Formation Histories of Resolved Stellar Populations: In and Beyond the Local Group 221 Tosi, M.
Clusters and Field Star Formation History in the Small Magellanic Cloud 231 231 Vallenari, A.
The Structure and Content of Galaxy Outskirts 239 Ferguson, A.M.N.
The Stellar Populations of dE Galaxies in Nearby Groups 247 Da Costa, G.S.
Old Main-Sequence Turnoff Photometry of Isolated Local Group Dwarf Galaxies: First Results of the LCID Project 253 Gallart, C.; Monelli, M.; Dolphin, A.; Bernard, E.; Drozdovsky, I.; Aparicio, A.; Cassisi, S.
Evolved Stellar Populations in Nearby Galaxies: The Near-Infrared Perspective 261 Held, E.V.; Gullieuszik, M.; Rizzi, L.; Saviane, I.; Ortolani, S.; Momany, Y.
Planar Distribution of Galaxies in the Local Group 267 Pasetto, S.; Chiosi, C.
Kinematic Modelling of the Sculptor Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy 273 Battaglia, G.; Helmi, A.; Tolstoy, E.; Irwin, M.J.
Three SMC clusters: NGC 265, K 29 and NGC 290 275 Chiosi, E.; Vallenari, A.
The Double-Barred Galaxy NGC 357: Kinematics and Stellar Populations 277 de Lorenzo-Caceres, A.; Vazdekis, A.; Aguerri, J.A.L.
The Continuous Star Formation History of a Giant HII Region in M101 279 Garcia-Benito, R.; Perez-Montero, E.; Diaz, A.I.
Kinematics of the Stellar Populations of M33 281 Hood, M.; Smecker-Hane, T.; Teig, M.; Ferguson, A.M.N.; Irwin, M.J.
Separating M33 Red Giants From Foreground MW Dwarf 283 Teig, M.; Smecker-Hane, T.; Hood, M.
Surface Photometry of UGC 5889 285 Schmidtobreick, L.; Saviane, I.; Vallenari, A.
Building Galaxies from Clusters: LMC/SMC Clusters as Templates for Empirical Near-InfraredModelling of the Stellar Populations in Star-Forming Galaxies 289 Ivanov, V.D.; Ryder, S.; Alonso-Herrero, A.
Hints of the Star Formation History in a SMC Field 291 Noel, N.E.D.; Gallart, C.; Aparicio, A.; Hidalgo, S.; Costa, E.; Mendez, R.A.
Supersoft X-ray Sources in the Local Group 293 Orio, M.
The Stellar Populations of Halo Substructure Along the Major Axis of Andromeda 295 Richardson, J.C.; Ferguson, A.M.N.; Johnson, R.A.; Faria, D.C.
Infrared Observations of Extragalactic Young Massive Clusters 299 Vanzi, L.; Cresci, G.; Scatarzi, A.; Maiolino, R.; Sauvage, M.; Cabanac, R.; Sterzik, M.
Part V.
Population Synthesis
Stellar Populations: High Spectral Resolution Libraries. Improved TP-AGB Treatment 303 Bruzual, G.
Late Stages of Stellar Evolution and their Impact on Spectrophotometric 311 Buzzoni, A.
Synthetic Ultraviolet Spectroscopic Indices in Stars 319 Chavez, M.; Rodriguez-Merino, L.H.; Bertone, E.; Buzzoni, A.; Bressan, A.
Interstellar Medium, Dust and Extinction 325 Barbaro, G.; Mazzei, P.
Early Type Galaxies in the Mid Infrared 333 Bressan, A.; Panuzzo, P.; Silva, L.; Buson, L.; Clemens, M.; Granato, G.L.; Rampazzo, R.; Valdes, J.R.; Vega, O.
Reconstructing Star Formation Histories of Galaxies 341 Fritze V. Alvensleben, U.; Lilly, T.
Star Formation History of Distant Galaxies 347 Worthey, G.
Effects of Dust on the Galactic Spectral Energy Distributions 355 Piovan, L.; Tantalo, R.; Chiosi, C.
New Roads for Understanding the Stellar Populations in Early-Type Galaxies 361 Vazdekis, A.; Cervantes-Rodriguez, J.L.; Carretero, C.; de Lorenzo-Caceres, A.
Constraining Star Formation in Old Stellar Populations from Theoretical Spectra 369 Peterson, R.C.
New Response Functions for Absorption-Line Indices from High-Resolution Spectra 373 Tantalo, R.; Chiosi, C.; Piovan, L.
Ages and Metallicities of Extragalactic Globular Clusters from Spectral Line Indices: M104 379 Moretti, A.
The Impacts of Horizontal-Branch on the Population Synthesis of Old Stellar Systems 385 Lee, Y.W.
Testing Simple Stellar Population Models Using Open Clusters 387 Deng, L.; Xin, Y.
From Deterministic to Probabilistic Population Synthesis 393 Luridiana, V.; Cervino, M.
Theoretical Mid-UV Spectroscopic Indices for Evolved Stellar Populations 399 Bertone, E.; Buzzoni, A.; Chavez, M.; Rodriguez-Merino, L.H.
SBF: Multi-Wavelength Data and Models 401 Cantiello, M.; Raimondo, G.; Blakeslee, J.P.; Brocato, E.; Capaccioli, M.
Simulating CCD Images of Elliptical Galaxies 403 Cantiello, M.; Raimondo, G.; Brocato, E.; Blakeslee, J.P.; Capaccioli, M.
An Optimized Hβ Index for Disentangling Stellar Clusters and Galaxy Ages 405 Cervantes-Rodriguez, J.L.; Vazdekis, A.
Progress Report: Probabilistic and Statistical Bases of Surface Brightness Fluctuations 407 Cervino, M.; Luridiana, V.; Jamet, L.
Hubble’s Next Generation Spectral Library (NGSL) 409 Heap, S.R.; Lindler, D.J.
A Theoretical Simulation for Star Formation History Recovery from Galaxy Spectra 411 Magris, G.; Bruzual, G.; Mateu, J.
Part VI.
Galaxy Formation and Cosmology
The Hubble Sequence 415 Dressler, A.
Tidal Dwarf Galaxies: from Gas to Stars to Galaxies 425 Braine, J.
Cusp-Core Problem on Galaxy Scale 431 Secco, L.; Caimmi, R.; D'Onofrio, M.; Bindoni, D.
On the Formation and Evolution of Early–Type Galaxies 439 Chiosi, C.
The Ages of Early–Type Galaxies at z ∼ 1 449 di Serego Alighieri, S.; Bressan, A.; Pozzetti L.
Spontaneous and Stimulated Star Formation in Galaxies: Ultraviolet Limits on Star Formation Thresholds and Optical Constraints on Λ-CDM Cosmological Simulations of Galaxy Formation 455 Madore, B.F.; Boissier, S.; Gil de Paz, A.; Nelson, E.; Petrillo, K.
GALEX UV-derived Star Formation History of Elliptical Galaxies 463 Yi, S.K.; Kaviraj, S.; Schawinski, K.; Khochfar, S.; the GALEX Team
Stellar Populations in Field Early–Type Galaxies 469 Annibali, F.; Bressan, A.; Rampazzo, R.; Zeilinger, W.; Danese, L.
Supernova Feedback and the Formation of Disk Galaxies 475 Scannapieco, C.; Tissera, P.B.; White, S.D.M.; Springel, V.
The Millennium Galaxy Catalogue: Science Highlights 481 Driver, S.P.; Liske, J.; Graham, A.W.
The Core Fundamental Plane of B2 Radio Galaxies 487 Bettoni, D.; Falomo, R.; Parma, P.; Fanti, R.; de Ruiter, H.
Cusp-Core Problem in the Clausius Virial Dynamical Theory of Fundamental Plane 489 Bindoni, D.; Secco, L.; Caimmi, R.; D'Onofrio, M.
Study of ISM Tracers in Galaxies 491 Casasola, V.; Piovan, L.; Galletta, G.; Bettoni, D.; Merlin, E.
Photometric Properties of Early-Type Galaxies from Simulations 493 Chinellato, S.; Tantalo, R.; Chiosi, C.
MORPHOT: a Tool for Automatic Galaxy Morphology in Wide and/or Deep Fields 495 Fasano, G.; Vanzella, E.; the WINGS team
The Baryonic Bar and the Triaxiality of the Dark Matter Halo 497 Mazzei, P.; Curir, A.
Simulating the Formation and Evolution of Early-Type Galaxies: Multi-phase treatment of the ISM, Star Formation and Feedback 499 Merlin, E.; Chiosi, C.
Imaging Linear Polarimetry of Galaxies Members of Interacting Pairs 501 Rampazzo, R.; Bonoli, C.; Giro, E.
GALEX Observations of the Look-back Time Evolution of the UV Upturn Phenomenon 503 Ree, C.H.; Lee, Y.W.; Yi, S.K.; Yoon, S.J.; the GALEX Science Team
The Clausius Virial and the Energy Conservation Paradigm 505 Valentinuzzi, T.
VESPA: Recovering the Star Formation Histories of Galaxies 507 Tojeiro, R.
Volume 374 Back Pages 509 Vallenari, A.; Tantalo, R.; Portinari, L.; Moretti, A.
Volume 374 Photographs 999 Vallenari, A.; Tantalo, R.; Portinari, L.; Moretti, A.