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Electronic access to books and articles is now available to purchase.

All purchases made from this site ( are for electronic access only.

If you would like both a printed copy and e-access, please visit the AstroShop.

Allowed Use--Individual and Institutional

See our Terms and Conditions for complete information on use of electronic access.

Purchase of e-access for volumes or articles is for individual use only. Institutions may purchase IP-authenticated access in two ways:

  1. Subscribe for 1 year of e-access alone or printed books with e-access.
  2. Purchase individual printed books with institution-wide e-access for $120.00 by contacting Customer Service:

Phone: (800) 335-2624 U.S.; (415) 337-1100 Canada/International
Fax: (415) 337-5205

As outlined in the Terms and Conditions, the following is permitted for individual use:

1. Individual Use.

1.1. Any Authorized User may search, download, and save material included in the e-Books for his or her own use. Single printed copies of individual papers may be made for private use or research.

1.2. An Authorized User may transmit a hard copy or electronic copy of any paper to any individual who is not an Authorized User provided such transmission is (i) not for compensation, (ii) for purposes of scholarly exchange of ideas, and (iii) not part of any systematic provisions of e-Book content to such user or any third party. All copyright notices and acknowledgements of the authorship and source as shown at the top of the paper must be maintained.

1.3. Materials from the e-Books may not be recompiled, manipulated, used to prepare derivative works, republished, or published in another format, including mounting or distributing e-Books on the Internet, without prior written permission from the ASP.

1.4. Authorized Users may not authorize use of the e-Books by anyone who is not an Authorized User. Usernames and passwords for access to the e-Books are for the personal use of the individual purchaser and may not be shared.

1.5. The ASP reserves the right to immediately deny access to a username or password if unauthorized use is detected or supspected, and to use its best efforts to notify the individual of any denial of access. The ASP agrees to restore access to the username and password within one business day of successful resolution of the situation.