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Paper: 13CO Molecular Clouds and Clumps in the Galactic Plane
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 73
Authors: Lee, Y.; Stark, A.A.
Abstract: Using the 13CO Bell Laboratories Survey for one third of galactic plane, (l, b) = (−5° to 117°, −1° to +1°), and our revised cloud identification code, 13CO clouds have been identified and cataloged as a function of threshold temperature; 1,400 of molecular clouds with 1 K threshold temperature and with a 4-threshold number of pixels, 629 clouds with 2 K threshold temperature, and 263 clouds with 3 K. Clouds with the brightest cores (T*R (13CO) > 3 K) are confined to the 5 Kpc Molecular Ring (l < 40°) and l = 80° region. In addition to cloud identification, dense clump regions can be located using this 13CO survey and then combined with existing UMass-Stony Brook 12CO data for the first quadrant of the Galactic Plane. Numbers of identified clumps are 3,156 with 0.4 threshold 13CO optical depth, 2,134 with 0.6, 1,190 with 0.8, and 662 with 1.0. It is found that the hot clumps are heavily crowded between l = 10° to 20°. Good correlation is found between 13CO integrated intensity and column density. We discuss some statistical characteristics of clouds, cores, and the column density distribution.
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