Step 3. Submitting the Volume

3.1  Pre-Submission Form

3.2  Uploading Files to the ASPCS Server

3.3  Compiling on ASPCS Server and Submission

3.5  Aesthetic Review

3.4  Final Review

3.6  Sending the Manuscript to the Printer

3.1  Pre-Submission Form

When your volume is assembled, please complete the Pre-Submission form linked below. Please email the completed Pre-Submission Form to The Pre-Submission Form allows the ASPCS staff to set up the user account and password you will need to login to the ASPCS linux server, load the volume files, and compile them on the server.

The Pre-Submission Form is available in the following formats:

3.2  Uploading Files to the ASPCS Server

If authors submitted their papers using the author/editor interface and you compiled the volume on the ASPCS server, then no additional file uploads will be necessary. If you downloaded the papers onto your local machine to assemble and compile it there, then you will need to upload the files back onto the ASPCS linux server using the same account and procedures you used to download the files. The username and password will be provided to you by the ASPCS Publication Manager when the files are in place. Please do not submit modified style files, as they will be automatically replaced when compiling on the Conference Series server.

Please notify the Publication Manager any time you upload new versions of files to the server.

3.3  Compiling on the ASPCS Server and Submission

The next step is to compile the volume on the ASPCS linux server and confirm that it compiles without errors (or fix any errors that appear). Additional details on how to login to the linux server and compile the manuscript can be found here. When you log in, you will be in the editor's working directory by default.

Once you have compiled the volume on the ASPCS server, please review it carefully, one page at a time, to look for items that may have changed when compiling on the linux server. If you have questions or if problems arise, please notify the Publication Manager. If the volume compiles correctly and no errors are found, please notify the Publication Manger that the manuscript is ready for the next step, the aesthetic review. The volume is not considered to have been officially submitted until it compiles correctly without errors and the Publication Manager confirms that it does so. The Publication Manager will assign a volume number, copyright date, LCCN, and ISBN numbers only after the submission process is officially complete.

3.4  Aesthetic Review

Upon notification that the manuscript has been successfully submitted and is ready for review, we will run a "Preflight Report" to determine if the PDF will have problems when sent to the printer. The types of problems identified during Preflight include image resolution, hairlines, font issues, color space issues, etc.

We will also inspect the manuscript for aesthetic problems. We do not proofread the entire volume for typos or other corrections; we only check the overall aesthetics of the manuscript, checking items such as margins, running heads, table of contents layout, consistency of author and title names, pagination, image quality, etc.

Following the aesthetic review, editors are responsible for correcting any problems found in the review process. Corrections must be made on the working copy on the ASPCS linux server. If the editor needs help making corrections, the editor may request that we make the changes at a rate of $35.00 per hour. Depending on ASPCS staff availability, having our staff make corrections can delay publication, so this should be considered a last resort for getting problems fixed. Some problems can be fixed more efficiently by our staff, however, so please consult with the Publication Manager about any problems you may experience.

It is important for us to track changes and resolve conflicts that may arise when editors and ASPCS staff make changes at the same time. It is therefore critical that editors notify the Publication Manger when actively editing the volume, either on the ASPCS server or on your local machine.

3.5  Final Review

Once the aesthetic review corrections have been made the editor will compile the volume again on the ASPCS server and review each page of the latest PDF file to make sure everything is exactly as it should be. The editor then notifies the Publication Manager that the manuscript is ready. ASPCS staff will make any final corrections they feel are needed, and the editor and co-editors will have one final opportunity to make any editorial changes before the manuscript is sent to the printers. Once the manuscript goes to the printer for proofs, any further editorial corrections will be billed $50 each.

(See Overview of the Publishing Process for further information on stages of publishing and related costs).

3.6  Sending the Manuscript to the Printer

Once the editors have made their final review, the Publication Manager will send it to the printer. An electronic proof in PDF format is typically returned from the printer within two weeks.

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