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Paper: 86 GHz SiO Maser Survey and Kinematics in the Galactic Bulge
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 85
Authors: Sjouwerman, L.O.; Messineo, M.; Habing, H.J.; Sevenster, M.N.; Omont, A.; Menten, K.M.; Phillips, C.J.
Abstract: We have searched color-selected AGB stars from the ISOGAL and MSX mid-IR surveys in the Galactic Bulge and Plane for 86 GHz (v=1, J=2-1) SiO maser emission with the 30-m IRAM telescope. The SiO masers instantaneously reveal the line-of-sight velocity of the stars, which in combination with the less numerous and slightly different population of OH/IR stars, can be used as kinematic probes of the Inner-Galactic gravitational potential. The 86 GHz SiO maser results of the survey are described in Messineo et al. 2002, Astronomy & Astrophysics Volume 393, p 115-128; the data are available electronically. This poster shows the main result of the survey: the longitude-velocity diagram of our detections in the longitude range of −4 to 30 degrees overlaid on the CO data of Dame et al. (2001).
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