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Paper: The BU-FCRAO Galactic Ring Survey: Third Data Release
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 103
Authors: Shah, R.Y.; Rathborne, J.; Simon, R.; Jackson, J.M.; Bania, T.M.; Clemens, D.P.; Johnson, A.M.; Flynn, E.S.; Heyer, M.H.
Abstract: The Boston University-Five College Radio Astronomy Observatory Milky Way Galactic Ring Survey continues to map J = 1 → 0 13CO emission in the First Galactic Quadrant with an excellent combination of sensitivity (0.2 K), angular resolution (45″), and spectral resolution (0.2 km s−1). The GRS constitutes a superb database to investigate molecular cloud structure since it covers large areas of the sky on a completely sampled grid. Here we present images from our Third Release data (, covering 50 square degrees from 15° > l > 52° & | b | ≤ 1°.
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