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Paper: The Giant Pillars of the Carina Nebula
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 153
Authors: Rathborne, J.M.; Brooks, K.J.; Burton, M.G.; Cohen, M.; Bontemps, S.
Abstract: We present results of a multi-wavelength study of the giant pillars within the Carina Nebula. Combining survey data in the near-IR from 2MASS, mid-IR from MSX, 843 MHz radio continuum from the MOST, and molecular line and continuum observations from the SEST, we investigate the nature of the pillars and search for evidence of ongoing star formation within them. We find the giant pillars are dense molecular structures, have PDRs on their surfaces, and are surrounded by warm dust and ionization fronts. Many young clusters, massive young stellar objects, and compact H II regions were identified, confirming that star formation is active within this nebula, contrary to previous conclusions.
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