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Paper: The RMS Survey: A Systematic Search for Massive Young Stars in the Galaxy
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 156
Authors: Hoare, M.G.; Lumsden, S.L.; Oudmaijer, R.D.; Busfield, A.L.; King, T.L.; Moore, T.L.J.
Abstract: We have selected red MSX sources (RMS) that have the colours of massive young stellar objects (MYSOs). Our aim is to generate a large, systematically selected sample to address questions such as their luminosity function, lifetimes, clustering and triggering. Other objects such as UCHIIs, PN, PPN and AGB stars have similar IR colours and a large programme of ground-based follow-up observations is underway to identify and eliminate these from the sample of the red MSX sources. These include radio continuum observations, kinematic distances, ground-based mid-IR imaging, near-IR imaging and spectroscopy to distinguish. We report the progress of these campaigns on the 3000 candidates, with initial indications showing that a substantial fraction are indeed massive YSOs.
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