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Paper: The Dynamics of the Outer Galaxy from HI Column Densities
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 279
Authors: Foster, T.; Routledge, D.
Abstract: Models of the smooth large-scale radial distribution of the column depth of H I in the thin disk are used to found a new technique of mapping the velocity field of the Outer Galaxy in the second quadrant. The results show common features across this quadrant: a) locally (r ≤ 2 kpc), Galactic H I obeys a flat rotation law (with R0=8 kpc & v0=220 km s−1) b) beyond r=2 kpc, velocities of H I in the plane (|b| ≤ 5° ) show pronounced deviation from velocity fields predicted by flat circular rotation, and c) towards relatively high latitudes (|b| > 5° ), the Galactic H I exhibits “normal” behavior, with observed velocities congruent with those predicted by flat circular rotation.
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