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Paper: Numerical Reproduction of Longitude-velocity Diagrams for the Gas in the Galaxy
Volume: 317, Milky Way Surveys: The Structure and Evolution of Our Galaxy
Page: 317
Authors: Amores, E.B.; Lepine, J.R.D.
Abstract: We constructed a model of gas distribution in the Galaxy that reproduces the l-v diagrams of both the neutral and molecular hydrogen. A procedure has been developed that calculates the amount of gas along a line of sight as a function of observed velocity, taking into account the interception of arms, and therefore reproduces the observed spectra. We compared the predicted spectra with those observed in HI and CO surveys (Parkes, Leiden, NRAO and Berkeley surveys for HI, and Columbia survey of CO) at intervals of 10 degrees in longitude. The direct comparison of spectra complements the model with construction of l-v diagrams. With this procedure we obtained the terminal velocity as a function of longitude, and we constructed 2D maps of the Galaxy as it would be seen face-on, with the main spiral structure and details such as bridges, bifurcations, and segments of arms.
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