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Paper: Massive Young Star Clusters in NGC 4214
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 221
Authors: Ubeda, L.; Maiz-Apellaniz, J.; MacKenty, J.W.
Abstract: We present the first results of a detailed UV-optical study of the nearby dwarf starburst galaxy NGC 4214. We analyze the massive star population using HST WFPC2 photometry obtained with the F170W, F336W, F555W, F606W, F702W and F814W filters, and NUV STIS spectra and images. The proximity of NGC 4214 (2.94 Mpc) allows us to easily resolve individual stars. We have found that there is a variable extinction throughout the structure of the galaxy. Our first results show that some stars have very high values of RV , and that other objects follow an SMC-like extinction law.
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