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Paper: The KW Object - Onset of a Massive Cluster Formation Caught in the Act
Volume: 322, The Formation and Evolution of Massive Young Star Clusters
Page: 385
Authors: Hoffmeister, V.H.; Chini, R.
Abstract: A multicolour high-resolution imaging study of the KW object indicates that this puzzling IR source is a binary system of early B-type stars with a projected separation of 2600AU, associated with a faint IR reflection nebula. The brighter component with an IR luminosity of 4.1 · 103 LSolar is obscured by 25 mag of visual extinction and exhibits a huge IR excess. The system is embedded in a small cluster of about 100 stars of which 25% also show IR excess emission. From the density of OB stars within the central 0.1 pc of 2.4 · 103 stars pc−3 we suggest that a new massive cluster is presently forming in the molecular cloud M17SW.
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