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Paper: Self-similar MHD Winds from Discs
Volume: 160, Astrophysical Discs: An EC Summer School
Page: 168
Authors: Ostriker, Eve C.
Abstract: I describe the astronomical and technical motivations for analyzing self-similar MHD winds from accretion disc. I then sketch the basics of the analysis, and state how the requirement of nonsingular asymptotics leads to a parameterization of cylindrically-collimated winds. I present a sample solution for a member of the two-parameter family of winds that are able to negotiate the Alfven point and then collimate, and also describe the variation in properties for other member of this family. The most notable property is slowness - that is, the requirement of self-collimation appears to be incompatible with achieving a final speed comparable to that in observed optical jets from forming stars. Finally, I briefly discuss alternative models for jet/outflow systems which involve broader winds.
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