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Paper: Formation and Orbital Evolution of Planets in Protostellar Discs
Volume: 160, Astrophysical Discs: An EC Summer School
Page: 207
Authors: Lin, D. N. C.; Bryden, G.; Ida, S.
Abstract: The present structure of the Solar System suggests that planets within it were formed in a flattened disc of gas and rocky particles. The common sighting of protostellar discs around other young stellar objects indicates that suitable environments for planetary formation are ubiquitous. Recent observations of planetary companions to nearby stars reveal that they are abundant and their dynamical properties are diverse. In an attempt to investigate the origin of planets and planetary systems, we discuss (1) the formation time scale for protoplanetary cores, (2) the termination of gas accretion through gap formation, (3) migration of protoplanets due to planet-disc tidal interaction, and (4) the excitation of planetary eccentricity through long term dynamical evolution of the system.
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