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Paper: Self-gravitating Eccentric Discs around Black Holes
Volume: 160, Astrophysical Discs: An EC Summer School
Page: 307
Authors: Sridhar, S.; Syer, D.; Touma, J.
Abstract: We consider self-gravitating stellar discs around supermassive black holes in galactic nuclei. The double nuclei observed in some galaxies, such as M31 and NGC4486B, could consist of an eccentric disc of stars orbiting the central black hole. Employing averaging techniques appropriate to dynamics within the radius of influence of the black hole, we derive equations governing the structure of a cold, eccentric disc that precesses steadily. Noting the connection with the Laplace-Lagrange discs of planetary dynamics, we formulate an eigenvalue problem, and present some numerical solutions. We briefly discuss dynamical friction.
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