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Paper: Adaptive Optics for the 21st Century
Volume: 174, Catching the Perfect Wave: Adaptive Optics and Interferometry in the 21st Century
Page: 55
Authors: Fugate, Robert Q.
Abstract: Key Adaptive Optics Enablers and Drivers; Operation on Large Telescopes; Near Infrared Adaptive Optics Performance; Moving to Shorter Wavelengths; SOR 3.5-in Telescope Adaptive Optical System Description; SOR 3.5-in Telescope Adaptive Optical System Performance; Plans for Laser Guidestars at the SOR 3.5-in Telescope; Near Term Technologies for Improved Adaptive Optics Performance; Real-time, adaptive wave front estimation; Arrays for wave front sensing, tracking, and scoring; Deformable mirror technology; An Exciting Prospect for the 21st Century
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