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Paper: Optical Interferometry - from Ground to Space
Volume: 174, Catching the Perfect Wave: Adaptive Optics and Interferometry in the 21st Century
Page: 211
Authors: Greenaway, Alan H.
Abstract: Introduction; Moon or free-flyers in space?; What about space-borne vs terrestrial interferometers?; Aperture synthetic imaging; Principles of aperture-synthetic imaging; Why do radio and optical interferometric imaging differ?; U, V-coverage; Calibration of interferometers; Phase-closure is not magic; Atmospheric effects; Atmospheric transparency and emissions; Atmospheric turbulence effects; Sensitivity issues; How do we quantify the sensitivity?; What instrumental factors affect the SNR; Sensitivity comparison for space-borne and terrestrial interferometers; Background flux; Source flux; Comparison; Source-flux limited observations; Background-limited observations; Summary; Acknowedgements; References
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