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Paper: Distant Massive Clusters and Cosmology
Volume: 176, Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
Page: 51
Authors: Donahue, Megan
Abstract: We present a status report of our X-ray study and analysis of a complete sample of distant (z = 0.5-0.8), X-ray luminous clusters of galaxies. We have obtained ASCA and ROSAT observations of the five brightest Extended Medium Sensitivity (EMSS) clusters with z > 0.5. We have constructed an observed temperature function for these clusters, and measured iron abundances for all of these clusters. We have developed an analytic expression for the behavior of the mass-temperature relation in a low-density universe. We use this mass-temperature relation together with a Press-Schechter-based model to derive the expected temperature function for different values of Ω_M. We combine this analysis with the observed temperature functions at redshifts from 0-0.8 to derive maximum likelihood estimates for the value of Ω_M. We report preliminary results of this analysis.
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