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Paper: The VLT-VIRMOS Spectrographs and Deep Survey
Volume: 176, Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
Page: 250
Authors: Le FĂ evre, O.; Vettolani, G.; Maccagni, D.; Mancini, D.; Picat, J. P.; Mellier, Y.; Mazure, A.; Arnaboldi, M.; Charlot, S.; Cuby, J. G.; Garilli, B.; Guzzo, L.; Scaramella, R.; Tresse, L.; Zamorani, G.
Abstract: The VLT-VIRMOS survey is being set to study the formation and evolution of galaxies, large scale structures and active galaxy nuclei (AGNs), over more than 90% of the current age of the universe, with samples reaching more than 150000 galaxies. To reach this goal the VIRMOS consortium is currently building for the ESO Very Large Telescope two high multiplex gain spectrographs allowing to obtain spectra of up to 800 objects simultaneously. These instruments cover the 0.37 to 1.8 microns domain: one operating in the visible (Vimos: VIsible Multi-Object Spectrograph) and the other in the near infrared (NIRMOS).
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