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Paper: The Galaxy Luminosity and Selection Functions of the NOG sample
Volume: 176, Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
Page: 292
Authors: Marinoni, Christian; Giuricin, Giuliano; Costantini, Barbara; Monaco, Pierluigi
Abstract: In order to map the galaxy density field on small scales in the local universe, we use the Nearby Optical Galaxy (NOG) sample, which is currently the largest, nearly complete, magnitude--limited (B<=14 mag), all--sky sample of nearby optical galaxies (~6400 galaxies with cz < 5500 km/s). We have corrected the redshift--dependent distances of these galaxies for non-cosmological motions by means of peculiar velocity field models. Relying on group assignments and on total B magnitudes fully corrected for internal and Galactic extinctions, we determine the total and morphological-type specific luminosity functions for field and grouped galaxies using their locations in real distance space. The related determination of the selection function is meant to be an important step in recovering the galaxy density field on small scales from the NOG sample. Local galaxy density parameters will be used in statistical studies of environmental effects on galaxy properties.
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