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Paper: Radio observations of the ISO--ELAIS regions: optical identification of the radio sources with the APM catalogue
Volume: 176, Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
Page: 355
Authors: Ciliegi, P.
Abstract: We have used the Very Large Array (VLA) in C configuration to carry out a sensitive 20cm radio survey of regions of sky that have been surveyed in the Far Infra-Red over the wavelength range 5-200 microns with ISO as part of the European Large Area ISO Survey(ELAIS). The flux limit varies over the area surveyed: from a 5σ limit of 0.135mJy over an area of 0.12deg^2 to 1.15mJy or better over the whole region covered of 4.22 deg^2. A total of 867 radio sources have been detected, 428 of which form a complete sample in the flux range 0.2--1.0 mJy. Using the Automatic Plate--measuring Machine (APM) optical catalogue in R and B bands, 282 (~33 per cent) radio sources have been identified.
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