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Paper: Why Are Halo Density Profiles Stable at Formation?
Volume: 176, Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
Page: 438
Authors: González-Casado, Guillermo; Raig, Andreu; Salvador-Solé, Eduard
Abstract: We analyze the physical justification of the picture proposed by Salvador-Solé et al.~in these proceedings for the time evolution of the universal density profile of dark-matter halos. According to this picture, halos have at formation a stable (i.e.~independent of mass and time) dimensionless density profile, the characteristic length and density scales of the profile depending on the underlying cosmogony. Subsequent evolution is driven by mass accretion onto the outskirts of halos and can be characterized simply by the increment of halo radius with time and the corresponding decrease of the critical density of the universe. We find this picture to be a reasonable good description of the expected evolution of halos in hierarchical models of structure formation.
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