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Paper: A 3D Treatment of Radiative Transfer Including Multi-wavelength Scattering; Absorption and Far Infrared Emission; and Arbitrary Geometry
Volume: 176, Observational Cosmology: The Development of Galaxy Systems
Page: 454
Authors: Trewhella, M.; Madore, B.; Kuchinski, L.
Abstract: We have developed a new model that uses a cellular approach to calculate radiative transfer of starlight through dusty media. The model is designed to be user friendly enough to be distributed as a tool for use by the general astronomical community. Its features include treatment of scattering, absorption and far infrared emission; propagating many wavelengths simultaneously; giving 26 views of the output from different direction; and the ability to cope with arbitrary geometry. As an example of the model's use, we have simulated the propagation of starlight through the edge-on galaxy NGC~891. As well as recovering the familiar edge-on view, we have a prediction for what the galaxy may look like if seen at other viewing angles.
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