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Paper: Tidal Disruption in Nuker Galaxies
Volume: 182, Galaxy Dynamics: A Rutgers Symposium
Page: 71
Authors: Syer, D.; Ulmer, A.
Abstract: We derive the rates of capture dot N of stars by the central massive black hole in a sample of galaxies from Magorrian et al. (1998). The disruption rates are dot N ~ 10^{-4}-10^{-7} per galaxy. A correlation between dot N and black hole mass M is exploited to estimate the rate of tidal disruptions in the local universe. Assuming that all or most galaxies have massive black holes in their nuclei, this rate should be dominated by sub-L_* galaxies. The rate of tidal disruptions could be high enough to be detected in supernova (or similar) monitoring campaigns. We have also estimated the rates of disruption of red giants, which may be significant for M >= 10^8Msun, but are likely to be harder to observe.
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