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Paper: Observational Evidence of Interactions in Bright, Nearby Galaxies
Volume: 182, Galaxy Dynamics: A Rutgers Symposium
Page: 445
Authors: Malin, David; Hadley, Brian
Abstract: Much current research on the morphology of galaxies is directed toward studying objects which have obvious optical or radio anomalies. The faint surface brightness limits of bright, nearby, and apparently normal galaxies have been relatively unexplored. A survey of such galaxies, based on photographic material from the UK Schmidt telescope, reveals that a modest fraction of bright galaxies have unexpected, large-scale extended features when imaged in a way that reveals structures with a surface brightness of around 28 B mag arc sec^{-2}. I present examples where these features extend well beyond the optical disk and are thus probes of the dark matter halo. In this paper I briefly outline the rationale behind using the photographic process in the electronic age, but in the main I will present examples of galaxies where the morphology seen at faint levels clearly requires further study. The images are the preliminary results from an atlas of deep images of bright galaxies currently in preparation.
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