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Paper: Spectropolarimetry of Proto-Planetary Nebulae and AGB Stars
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 34
Authors: Oppenheimer, B.D.; Bieging, J.H.; Schmidt, G.D.; Gordon, K.D.; Misselt, K.A.
Abstract: We have obtained high quality polarization spectra of a sample of PPN's and AGB stars for which we performed model calculations with a 3-dimensional Monte Carlo dust scattering and re-emission code to constrain the distribution and properties of the dust grains. We display our current modeling results of two PPN's, the bipolar IRAS 17441-2411 (the Silkworm Nebula) and IRAS 04296+3429, a reflection symmetric PPN surrounding a partially obscured central star. The results indicate that these two PPN's are physically different objects and not simply viewed from different inclinations. Modeling spectropolarimetry clearly provides strong constraints on the dust geometry and grain types that otherwise would not be possible.
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