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Paper: The First Adaptive Optics High Resolution Mid-IR Imaging of Evolved Stars: Case Studies of RV Boo and AC Her
Volume: 313, Asymmetrical Planetary Nebulae III
Page: 82
Authors: Biller, B.A.; Close, L.M.; Potter, D.; Bieging, J.H.; Hoffmann, W.; Hinz, P.; Oppenheimer, B.D.
Abstract: We present high resolution (~0.1 arcsec) very high Strehl ratio (0.97±0.03) mid-IR images of RV Boo and AC Her utilizing the MMT adaptive secondary AO system. RV Boo was imaged at 9.8 μm; AC Her was imaged at 9.8, 11.7, and 18 μm. At such high Strehls we can achieve super-resolutions of 0.1 arcsec by deconvolving RV Boo with a PSF derived from an unresolved star. We resolve RV Boo into a 0.16 arcsec FWHM extension at a position angle of 120 degrees. At a distance of 390 pc, this corresponds to a FWHM of ~60 AU. We measure a total flux at 9.8 μm of 145±24 Jy for the disk and star. For AC Her, we find no extension greater than 0.2 arcsec.
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