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Paper: Observational Properties of Triple Galaxies
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 1
Authors: Karachentsev, I. D.
Abstract: This report presents basic observational parameters for galaxy triplets selected by criterion of their isolation on the sky (= Catalog of Triple Galaxies, Karachentseva et al, 1979). The CTG sample is compared with a sample of wide triple systems from Nearby Galaxies Catalog (Tully, 1988) as well from a new whole-sky catalog of small galaxy groups in the Local Supercluster (Makarov & Karachentsev, 2000). For all the samples their medians of the virial mass-to-luminosity ratio lie in a narrow range, 31 < Mvir / L < 36 (Modot / Lodot), while the medians of the crossing time occupy a wider range, 0.07 < Tcross < 0.37 (in 1/H units).
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