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Paper: Southern triplets of galaxies
Volume: 209, Small Galaxy Groups, IAU Colloquium 174
Page: 11
Authors: Karachentseva, V. E.; Karachentsev, I. D.
Abstract: Using the ESO/SERC and POSS-I sky surveys we selected 76 isolated triple systems of galaxies with Dec. <-3o. For each triplet the equatorial coordinates, type of configuration, angular diameters, apparent angular separation of the components, morphological types, total magnitudes and some other characteristics are presented. 33 of 76 triplets have the measured radial velocities for all the components. The median values of basic dynamic parameters: a radial velocity dispersion, mean harmonic separation, an absolute magnitude of galaxies, mass-to-luminosity ratio are very close to those obtained earlier for 83 northern isolated triple systems from the list of Karachentseva et al. (1979).
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